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The constitutional crisis: Matthew Cobb’s report from Britain

I asked Matthew to keep us up to date on the big political crisis in Britain, where PM Boris Johnson has suspended Parliament—with the Queen’s assent, so much for you royal-lovers—so that Johnson can get the Brexit deal concluded in the absence of the legislature. Here’s Matthew’s report from today, with his words indented: The […]

Tonight’s debate

I watched half an hour—all about healthcare—and I give up. Harris won’t admit that she’s banning employer-sponsored healthcare, nor tell us where the money for her plan comes from. Biden is being overly polite. And Americans care about other stuff, too. It’s dispiriting.  Something about an internecine squabble, necessary thought it may be, makes me […]

Ilhan Omar blames the U.S. for the turmoil in Venezuela

Ilhan Omar is considered admirable, or even a Congressional hero, simply because, as a hijabi Muslim, she’s seen as an oppressed person of color. My view is that she’s a provocateur and anti-Semite without any substantive accomplishments in Congress (granted, she’s new). Her main job in Congress seems to be making hotheaded statements, often followed […]

Live feed: Uprising in Venezuela

Right now there are huge clashes in Venezuela between the government and the people after the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as the NYT reports, “showed up with soldiers at a military base and called for the population to rise up against the president, Nicolás Maduro.” That’s exactly what they’re doing. Maduro is an autocrat and […]

Weekend reading

It’s supposedly my day off, though with the weather being Arctic, there’s not much to do outside—or even a reason to go outside. But I’ve read a few things that I’ll recommend if you too are housebound today. First, a good column—especially the first part—from Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine (h/t Simon). It’s worth keeping […]

Burned out—before doing any work

Trying to get attention all the time is hard and not cute! And the lady apparently doesn’t know how to chill, so she gets even more publicity by crowdsourcing her leisure: And this is a real gem: I’m taking a few days to take care of myself before what is sure to be an eventful […]

Christopher Browning’s pessimistic take on America’s future

Christopher Browning is an American historian whose expertise is mainly on the Holocaust. His new article in the New York Review of Books is on a related topic: comparing the debilitated state of American politics with what happened during the rise of Nazi Germany. Browning was apparently inspired by the frequent claim that the U.S. is […]

An antagonistic interview with Steve Bannon

In my futile effort to show that people need not fear public presentations of Steve Bannon, I present one interview from the Showtime program “The Circus”. It was sent by reader Paul, who said this: This show is one of my favs as it combines behind the scenes looks at US politics and good food […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Another lionized Democrat cozying up to anti-Semites

Well, my headline may be a tad exaggerated, but I’m pretty sure that the subject of this post is not friendly to Jews (she’s made some remarkably ill informed comments about Palestine). Read on. Many Democrats have been excited about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for the young Hispanic activist (she’s 28) won the Democratic primary for a […]

Yesterday’s poll: Prognostications about Trump

My poll yesterday, “Is Trump toast?” came from my feeling—which I still hold—that he won’t last his first term: that he’ll either resign or be forced out of office.  I asked readers their opinion, and here are the results as of 8 a.m. today: Only about 28% of respondents agree with me, 43% think he’ll get […]