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100th Infinite Monkey Cage episode is now video to the world:

The other day I put up the podcast link to the hundredth episode of the BBC comedy/science show “The Infinite Monkey Cage”, starring Robin Ince and physicist Brian Cox. Now the video is available to everyone, not just UK residents, and you can see go to its site by clicking  on the screenshot below. Spot […]

Secular Jihadist podcast today: Ali ‘n’ Jerry

Today, as Ali Rizvi’s Facebook page notes below, I’ll be on his Secular Jihadist podcast at 11 AM EST. If you subscribe to Ali’s podcast through Patreon, you’ll be able to see it live (it’s a Skype interview); but even if you don’t, it will be available for free later.  Patrons can see the podcast […]

My podcast with Left at the Valley

This afternoon I did part of a podcast with Left at the Valley, a Canadian secularist-atheist group in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. The entire podcast is below (they’re fast!), and I’m on between 41:05 and 1:14:00 (ca. 33 minutes). We covered a lot of ground, but the emphasis was on educating people about […]

Eiynah on criticizing Islam under Trump

Reader Mike sent me this podcast by Eiynah (“Nice Mangos“) on “The complexity of criticizing Islam under Trump.” He added that it is a discussion that needs to be had, was worth every moment of his attention to the 12-minute podcast, and wanted to know the readers’ feedback. So by all means, proffer some feedback in the comments. […]

My podcast with Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta, the “Friendly Atheist“, waylaid me during the American Humanist Association meetings (he lives in “Chicagoland”) and asked me to do a podcast with him. I readily agreed, as he’s a nice guy, and the podcast, in which I was co-interviewed by Hemant and Jessica Bluemke, was just posted. You can find it by […]

Marathon Man: Joe Rogan talks to Sam Harris

by Grania Spingies In an Homeresque feat of endurance, Joe Rogan (comedian, actor, sports commentator) and Sam Harris (writer and neuroscientist, for the one accidental reader here who doesn’t already know who Sam is) sat down and talked for a mammoth 4.5 hours about cabbages and kings. Joe Rogan hosts a podcast that covers a very wide […]

Open thread: podcast-y goodness

by Grania It’s a cold grey day in Ireland, so an excellent way to spend the afternoon is curled up in your favorite armchair with a mug of coffee listening to podcast or two. I’ve put together a list in no particular order of some of the ones I dip into. Brady Haran: Numberphile – 10 minutes […]

Peter Boghossian on “the regressive left”

“The regressive left” is a term coined by Maajid Nawaz to refer to those leftists in bed with extreme Islamists. In this week’s “The Humanist Hour,” presented by the American Humanist Hour, philosopher Peter Boghossian talks, eloquently, about the regressive left and its attendant tropes (denigration of free speech, concepts of safe spaces, etc).  If […]

The Infinite Monkey Cage: L.A. edition

by Grania Just a heads up that the next episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage is now available. This was the one with astrophysicist Sean Carroll who needs no introduction on this website,  comedian Joe Rogan, Eric Idle (who likewise should need no introduction here) and David X. Cohen (The Simpsons & Futurama). You can stream or download […]

Sam Harris does another Ask Me Anything

by Grania Sam Harris recently did his second podcast on The Tim Ferriss Experiment, it’s a very enjoyable listen for a Sunday morning. From the show notes, these are the questions discussed. What are five books you think everyone should read? [6:53] In The End of Faith, you briefly discuss the challenging reality of having children. […]