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Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Charles Sawicki sent two orchid photos and commentary (indented): Here are some pictures of my favorite north American orchid, the showy Lady Slipper (Cypripedium reginae). These were taken in Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge in central Minnesota. They grow only in soggy, grassy or forested areas and are threatened or endangered throughout their range, which […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Barbara Wilson sent us a fine passel of bird photos as well as a few plant pix. Her captions are indented: Yellow-rumped Warbler (Setophaga coronata) all decked out in fresh breeding plumage, ready to wow the females. (Corvallis, Oregon, 11 April 2019)” Chestnut-backed Chickadee (Poecile rufescens) feeding on a catkin of Hooker’s Willow (Salix […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader John Harshman sent some photos of bird banding; his notes are indented. On the fourth Tuesday of every month, Edgar del Valle nets and bands birds at the Oaxaca Ethnobotanical Garden. It happens we were there on one of those Tuesdays and took some pictures. This is a dusky hummingbird Cynanthus sordidus being removed from the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Rik Gern sent some flower and bee photos, and, as he likes to do, some “psychedelicization” of the pictures. Rik’s notes are indented: Here are some images I hope you can use for your Reader’s Wildlife Photos. There’s nothing unusual or exotic here, just some pretty flowers. Instead of going dormant, the rosemary (Rosmarinus […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have some photos from New Zealand sent by reader Keith Cook, whose comments and IDs are indented. These attachments are a collection of pics from around my home and the local beach. I include some landscapes a la Stephen Bernard, seeing and raising his with a South Pacific sunrise or two… and a moon rise […]

Flowers and fish

First we have some photos from a visit to the University of Hawaii’s Lyon Arboretum, not far from downtown Honolulu. I can’t identify the plants, but some are native and some are not. Readers are invited to weigh in. First, the source of Hawaiian plants. It wasn’t until about 20 years ago that I learned […]

Hawaii, Day 5

I’ll skip days 3 and 4 for now, as those involved a visit to Pearl Harbor and to the ships on display there, as well as a long ocean trip to snorkel with dolphins and turtles, so there are lots of photos to organize. Today (Wednesday) was a visit to the North Shore, the famous […]

Readers’s wildlife photos (and a video)

Reader Terry Platt sent a short movie of a big comet: As my interests include astrophotography, I thought that you might like the attached movie of Comet Wirtanen that I took on the night of December 22nd. The comet is currently making a close pass of the Earth and, despite a full moon, it was quite […]

Flowering plants remain viable after passing through the guts of waterfowl

We’ve long known that plant seeds can remain viable not only after floating a long time in fresh or salt water, but also when passing through the guts of birds, including waterfowl. In fact, I believe that at least half of the plants that arrive on oceanic islands, later to form new species, come from […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

In response to my call for photos about four weeks ago (before Halloween) reader Rik Gern sent some lovely pictures of lichens, and two psychedelic interpretations to boot. His notes are indented: These are some tiny trumpet lichen (Cladonia fimbriata) that I saw on a recent trip to Northern Wisconsin. I’ve visited the area many […]