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Readers’ wildlife photos

Okay, the photo tank is a bit lower than I’d like, so all you temporizing readers with good photos, please send them along. Today we feature the photos of Tony Eales from Australia, who took these photos on holiday in Tasmania. His notes are indented: Just came back from a holiday in the Island state […]

My wildlife post: the mystery plant

Two days ago I posted a photo of this mysterious and scary-looking object that I found on the trunk of my car: I asked readers to identify it, and they weighed in yesterday. The consensus seemed to be that it was a seed pod from a Turkish Hazel tree, Corylus colurna (also called the Turkish […]

What was the monster plant?

Yesterday evening I posted this picture of a scary-looking bit of vegetation that I found on the trunk of my car: Readers tried to identify it, and several hit on the correct answer: it’s the seed pod of a tree. (It had fallen from the tree overhanging my car.) But what kind of tree? I […]

What kind of monster is this?

On my walk home this evening, I noticed this evil-looking thing sitting on the trunk of my car. I have to admit that it frightened me at first—until I inspected it closely. I suspect I was triggered because it reminded me of a young triffid, the venomous, human-eating plant in the horror novel and movie The […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in those photos, folks: this is an Official Plea™ from Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus). Today we have two batches of photos; the first is by reader Gregory Zoinerowich, an professor of entomology at Kansas State University. His notes are indented: I  had been out experimenting with a new camera, so attached are some photos […]

Friday: readers’ wildlife photographs

The Long Holiday Weekend is starting in America, and I may postpone readers’ wildlife photos till next Wednesday if readership is low: after all, anyone who sends in photos would want a lot of people to see them. But today we have our regular photos, and these come from Jacques Hausser in Switzerland and Stephen […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

First, Stephen Barnard reports that all eleven gadwall ducklings (Anas strepera) are still alive (yay!!); he sent some information and a photo for proof: Like mallards, gadwalls are dabbling ducks. The ducklings don’t dabble. You’ve seen that with your mallards. The ducklings spend their feeding time foraging for insects (I believe) on the alga mats that are all […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some nice insect and plant photos taken by Stephen Barnard in Idaho. His captions are indented: A few photos from the wildflower field. I don’t know the species of the insects. First, a Blue Flax (Linum lewisii) blossom. This plant visually dominates the garden (if you can call it a garden). A […]

Readers’ wildlife photos and video

We have a photo and a video today. First, Tara Tanaka (flickr site here, vimeo site here) sent a video of a giant American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) who lives on her property. It’s positively primeval—and scary! Her notes on “Mr. Biggun” (be sure to watch the video on the site and in full screen; click […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

What would a day be without at least one picture from Stephen Barnard in Idaho, who’s been a bit niggardly with his photos. Here’s a new one that must have been quite difficult to take: Mating damselflies in flight. (unknown species): Reader Roger Sorensen contributes some photos from St. Cloud, Minnesota.  His notes are indented: […]