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Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tom Hennessy send some insect photos a while back, and I misplaced them. Fortunately, he re-sent them, and here they are. His notes are indented; note that all these insects are all brightly colored and quite visible—likely examples of aposematic (“warning“) coloration because the sap of the milkweed contains toxic compounds, probably rendering the insects distasteful to […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

Today we have three contributions, two from readers and one from me. Readers’ captions are indented. The first is from Stephen Barnard in Idaho—a time-lapse photo of fog wafting through his area. He’s been experimenting with video, and I’m sure we’ll see more of these. Be sure to watch the video enlarged and on HD […]

Writer’s wildlife photos: The flowers of Singapore

Well, these aren’t necessarily endemics, but they’re all on view at the amazing botanical “pod” Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, which we visited yesterday. It’s a HUGE greenhouse that has a rain forest tower 7 stories high, completely covered with plants. You can go to the top and walk down. I’ve never seen so […]

Glass gem corn

Speaking of hybridization, my friend Nicole L’Or Reggia sent me some ears she grew of what’s called “glass gem corn,” which are gorgeous. I had no idea this stuff existed, though of course I’d seen less variegated “Indian corn” that appears around Halloween. Here are 12 ears: all of them are small: up to about […]

Fall photos

The leaves are beginning to turn here, and are falling from the trees into Botany Pond, right next to my building. They make the surface of the pond look like an Impressionist painting. The vegetation in this photo is nearly all reflections in the pond. Only the branch in the center, and a bit at […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Keira McKenzie from Oz continues her series of gorgeous flower photographs, with lagniappe: a photo of Plushie, her beloved black cat. Keira’s captions are indented. These images are the various presentations of what are known as Granny Bonnets (Isotropis cunifolia, not to be confused with columbines).  The backs of this tiny flower are more spectacular than their […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Keira McKenzie sends us a bouquet of lovely flowers: all native orchids from western Australia. Her notes and IDs (some tentative) are indented: Wispy spider orchid: filimentosa complex (I think): Donkey orchid: winter donkey orchid – Diuris brumalis (I think – there are such small points of difference): Purple enamel orchid: Elythranthera brunonis (very sure on […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

The first two photos today come from reader John Harshman. Oxpeckers! He originally called the photos “Spot the oxpeckers,” but of course it’s not a challenge. In Botswana, the oxpeckers are all over most of the large mammals. How many can you count? These are yellow-billed oxpeckers Buphagus africanus, specializing on animals with thick skin. The […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Today we’re featuring the insect photographs from reader Chris. His first email came without IDs, so I asked him for them, and he supplied the following: I haven’t made much headway with the ID’s, I’m not very well versed in spider or grasshopper taxonomy (I’m a history major; I try.)  The jumping spider is of […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Here are more photos taken by reader Benjamin Taylor on his trip to Southern Africa in 2015. The captions are from his photo site, and we’ll have more soon. Dancing white lady spider (Carparachne aureoflava), Namibia. The ‘white lady’ spider is hunted by pompilid wasps, which it will attempt to escape by cartwheeling down steep sand dunes: […]