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Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some plant photos from Rik Gern, whose notes are indented: Let’s take a trip to Spooky Town this time. I usually like to photograph the prettiest plants that catch my eye, but the more I observe plants and their various patterns and structures, the more beautiful they all look to me. Last […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

If you’ve got some good wildlife photos lying around, think about sending them to me! Today we have some photos by reader William Savage, taken when he used to live in Arizona. His notes and IDs are indented. These photos were taken in the yard of the house where we lived in Tucson, AZ, during […]

Proprietor’s wildlife photos

It’s time to go back to Patagonia, as I hadn’t discovered how to post downsized photos when we visited Torres del Paine National Park. This was an optional excursion on the boat, but I simply had to pay some dosh to see it, for when I was younger I’d been enthralled by Galen Rowell’s photos […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today’s contribution, photos from Peru, are from a regular, Joe Dickinson. His captions are indented. Here is the first of two sets of wildlife photos from a recent trip to Peru that I’ve been saving until you returned from you antarctic adventure. Not very exotic, but I think this flight of pigeons in front of […]

Contributor’s Wildlife Photos

by Greg Mayer While Jerry journeys to the Great White South, Matthew and I will be helping to fill in as best we can, so I thought I’d begin with some of my wildlife photos.  First up is a young Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) in my backyard in Racine, Wisconsin. This is one of at […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

To all those with photos, including both wildlife photos and photos of readers (i.e., you), please send them in by Sunday morning. After that my access to email will be spotty for five weeks, and I can’t be sure that things won’t get lost in the crush. Today’s photos come from Barbara Wilson, whose descriptions […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

You have about a week to send me wildlife photos, and I urge you to do so. After that, I may be offline completely for five weeks, and would request that readers not email me. But we continue, and maybe I have a week’s worth of photos. Today’s contribution comes from Debra Coplan, who supplied […]

Reader’s wildlife photos

As I’m leaving in about ten days for five weeks lecturing on Antarctic cruises, I won’t be able to accept wildlife photos (or access much email) after October 20. If you have wildlife photos (or “photos of readers”) to send, please get them in within a week, and please remember not to email me between […]

Reader’s photos and readers’ wildlife pictures

We’re combining these features today because naturalist and biologist Lou Jost, who works in Ecuador with the Fundacion Ecominga, sent me photos that could qualify for both. Lou’s captions are indented. Our Ecuadorian reserves have lots of new species of plants (that’s why we established them), but it takes work to find them. In 2014 […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some lovely photos from Florida taken by David Campbell, whose notes are indented. And kudos to David for fighting for evolution in the South! A few for the hopper from a long time reader in northeast Florida.  I am twice retired, once from the Navy and once from teaching high school biology […]