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Wellington to Puhaka Mount Bruce

Yesterday (Friday), I went to the Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre in the company of Phil Garnock-Jones, an emeritus professor of botany at the University of Wellington. The Centre is about two hours north of Wellington, and on the way we passed the “Beehive“, the executive wing of the New Zealand Parliament. Built between 1969 and 1979, it’s […]

Travels in New Zealand: to Nelson via Pancake Rocks

On the way to Nelson two days ago, we passed through Paparoa National Park on the west coast of the South Island, one of New Zealand’s smallest national parks. It’s famous for its limestone geological formations, nearby blue penguins (I didn’t see any) and the rock blowholes, where the sea violently enters the caverns it’s carved, sending […]

Can I use Venus Fly Traps to get rid of garden pests?

by Matthew Cobb — Science (@scienmag) March 18, 2017 Betteridge’s law of headlines strikes again.

Readers’ wildlife posts

Tony Eales from Queensland sends what he calls “some of my favourite and most Australian of flowers”. They are lovely—and weird! Banksia robur  Banksia spinulosa  Craspedia globosa Dianella sp.  Grevillia sp.  Eucalyptus sp. Ptilotus macrocephalus  Xanthorrhoea glauca   

Readers’ wildlife photos

We’ll have an eclectic selection today, with the first photo from reader Christopher Moss. His notes are indented: In the tradition of a letter to the editor of The Times documenting the first cuckoo of spring, I have the honour to report that the first chipmunk to emerge was spotted today. They disappeared rather early, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Readers: send in your photos! With six or seven photo posts a week, the tank empties quickly. Tony Eales from Queensland sent some photos of carnivorous plants. His captions are indented: The first one is from the Drosera peltata complex—probably D. peltata subsp. auriculata [“shield sundew”], Giraween National Park: Next is the really common sundew […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a potpourri of Ceiling Cat’s creatures today; don’t forget to keep sending in your good wildlife photos (please, nothing out of focus). Here’s a garden spider from reader Kevin Eisken; does anyone know the species? Reader Roh Shaw sent a photo that may be a a Clark’s spiny lizard (Sceloporus clarkii) from Tucson, Arizona. Reader […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Rodger Atkin sent a lovely dragonfly photo from Thailand, which may be a mimic. Though I know of no mimetic dragonflies, I don’t know much about Odonata, and Rodger  asks readers if they know anything about this one. His notes: This was taken in my yard in Thailand. I have never seen markings like those […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Don’t forget to keep those photos coming in, folks! I’ll be here all year. We have more greenery today, as reader/naturalist/photographer Lou Jost sent some photos from Ecuador. His notes:  In honor of your recent post on lichen symbioses, here are some photos of lichens and bryophytes, groups that don’t get much attention otherwise.These are all […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Let us have grasses today! We never get enough plants here, so I’m delighted to show these photos taken by reader Amanda Ingram. Her notes are indented: This loyal reader, a fellow William & Mary alumna (who also studied population genetics with Bruce Grant!), thought you might enjoy some wildlife photos from a charming but […]