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Readers’ wildlife photos

I implore you to send in your good photos. I have a backlog but it’s getting thin.  Today we have some Darwin-themed photos from reader Terry, who wrote these notes (ID the plants if you know them): My wife and I celebrated 30 years married this year, and back in July we stayed in Dover […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Again, I ask for photos, though I do have a decent backlog. Reader Susan Heller sent me these photos, taken in the Anza-Borrego desert, back in March, but I lost her email until last weekend. It was a good year for desert flowers in the American southwest, and she documents it. I always wondered, when […]


Shopping at the local produce store, I saw that they were selling “Frankenstein pumpkins,” which I presume they make by forcing a growing pumpkin into some kind of mold that has a Frankenstein monster face. Now a regular pumpkin with no face costs just a few dollars. What do you suppose they are charging for […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today is Potpourri Day, assembling the photos from readers who sent only one or two. The first is by reader Tim Anderson from Oz (all readers’ notes indented): This is a picture of the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud (the nebula is identified as NGC2070). The picture comprises sixty images each of red, […]

Duck update

My duck Honey is still messing with me.  Yesterday at lunchtime she ate a little, but then went back to her duck island to groom and ignored me. The same thing happened at teatime.  Then she disappeared, and didn’t return to the pond until about 11 this morning. I doubt she’s sleeping in the vegetation; […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Okay, the photo tank is a bit lower than I’d like, so all you temporizing readers with good photos, please send them along. Today we feature the photos of Tony Eales from Australia, who took these photos on holiday in Tasmania. His notes are indented: Just came back from a holiday in the Island state […]

My wildlife post: the mystery plant

Two days ago I posted a photo of this mysterious and scary-looking object that I found on the trunk of my car: I asked readers to identify it, and they weighed in yesterday. The consensus seemed to be that it was a seed pod from a Turkish Hazel tree, Corylus colurna (also called the Turkish […]

What was the monster plant?

Yesterday evening I posted this picture of a scary-looking bit of vegetation that I found on the trunk of my car: Readers tried to identify it, and several hit on the correct answer: it’s the seed pod of a tree. (It had fallen from the tree overhanging my car.) But what kind of tree? I […]

What kind of monster is this?

On my walk home this evening, I noticed this evil-looking thing sitting on the trunk of my car. I have to admit that it frightened me at first—until I inspected it closely. I suspect I was triggered because it reminded me of a young triffid, the venomous, human-eating plant in the horror novel and movie The […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in those photos, folks: this is an Official Plea™ from Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus). Today we have two batches of photos; the first is by reader Gregory Zoinerowich, an professor of entomology at Kansas State University. His notes are indented: I  had been out experimenting with a new camera, so attached are some photos […]