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Sunsets, Arizona

I have a whole passel of photos from Arizona, but the margins of this post are too small to contain them. A larger post will appear very soon. For now, let me just put up a few photographs of sunsets, all taken from the home of Mike and Karen Houle (Kelly’s parents) in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, between […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

by Grania Reader Jacques Hausser from  Lausanne, Switzerland sent Jerry these absolutely gorgeous photographs of hedgehogs. He writes: Sitting in the garden enjoying the first stars and the temperature dropping under 30º C  (86º F) at least (and also a beer), I spotted three little shadows following each other across the lawn. I didn’t have my […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

by Grania Reader Mark Otten from Ohio sent Jerry five beautiful photographs. He writes: All of the attached photos were taken at Glenwood Gardens Park (a component of the Hamilton County Park District) in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio. Male eastern (rufous-sided) towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus). Field sparrow (Spizella pusilla). Bumble bee (Bombus spp.) on gray-headed coneflower (Ratibida pinnata).  […]

Readers’ Wildlife photos

by Grania Jerry has forwarded on to me some of the beautiful pictures taken by readers. WEIT regular Stephen Barnard sends us this: Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) resting on a goose nest box in a light rain. Fledgling, I think — an adult wouldn’t let me get this close.  Tony Eales from Queensland sends […]

The Great PCC Odyssey: San Francisco edition

Jerry sent on some photographs of UC Berkeley, San Francisco for us. He will fill us in with more detail later on. As always, click through twice to see the picture in its full size.   And another:

Readers’ wildlife photos

My tank is partly filled again, and we have photos today from three readers. The first is from reader Joe McClain of Williamsburg Virginia (home of my alma mater), who notes: I’m sending along this photo from my yard. It’s dead, but not long dead. This northern copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen) came to grief after being […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Many thanks to the several folks who have sent me wildlife photos in the past two days. I’ll post a dollop of them now. Reader Joe Dickinson sent an honorary cat: Some urban wildlife:  This raccoon (Procyon lotor) faced me down (and my d*g as well) during an early morning walk in Capitola, CA.  You can […]

Space photos of the year

by Grania Mashable has a post up of the best space photos of the year. These are my favorites, but head on over to see the rest of the shots – they are spectacular. The meteor over Mount Rainier in Washington The Milky Way over the salt flat Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia A red […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Readers keep saving my tuchus by sending me wildlife photos when I have no backlog on my laptop. Today’s photos and comments come from reader Rick Wayne: Inspired by the excellent velvet-antlered deer, I offer the following from our just-concluded American West vacation. Like the fisherman bemoaning the one that got away, I skipped the out-of-focus shot […]

Mini Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Patrick May sent a photo of a buck deer in “velvet” (antlers still covered with tissue): Isn’t that spectacular?  


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