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Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have arthropods and birds today. First, some caterpillars shot by reader Ken Phelps on Vancouver Island (I don’t know the species, but perhaps some readers do): A bit of a leonine look to this guy:   Recurring theme on B.C. coast:  a raindrop. Interesting reminder of how different it is to live at the […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Birds remain the most popular subject for readers’ wildlife photos, and today we have contributions from three readers. First, Stuart sends a familiar but much loved-bird, and a lovely portrait it is, too: I’m more often a landscape photographer, but a few years ago I took this photo of a kea [Nestor notabilis] when stopped in a parking […]

The most beautiful sunrise in the history of the Earth

by Matthew Cobb This glorious photo of the sunrise on Saturday was taken in the UK’s Lake District by a hillfarmer called James Rebanks who tw**ts (@herdyshepherd1 – over 37,000 followers) while looking after his Herdwick sheep. These sheep are a very hardy breed who spend their whole time out on the hills of Cumbria. […]

Travel photos: India

I thought I’d put up some of the rest of my India photos (I suspect there will be two or three more installments, one featuring d*gs). I found that I still had food pictures, and some others as well. A sari shop at night, Kolkata: The king of Indian yogurt sweets: misthi doi (also called mitha […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Jacques Hausser in Switzerland sent the last installment of The Hoverfly Chronicles (also known as syrphid flies). Many syrphid species (dipterans [two wings] in the family Syrphidae) are Batesian mimics of wasps and bees (order Hymenoptera: four wings). As you can see below, the mimicry can be astonishing. If you saw these species in […]

Another fantastic mantid

I am so glad that biologist Piotr Naskrecki gave me permission to post up his copyrighted photos without asking permission, because he takes some great pictures, and always tells us about the relevant biology. I’ve featured his work several times before (see this post on the cat mantis, for instance), but he just posted a picture on […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

I’m broadening the wildlife category to include landscapes, travel and people photos, and so on. I wouldn’t want to leave out good readers’ pictures that don’t include animals or plants. Today we have a diverse array from reader Ken Phelps; his notes are indented: Since you seem to be suffering the aggravations associated with wintery weather, […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

I have a comfortable backlog of photos now, but by all means send in yours—if they’re good. It may take a while before the good ones appear, but appear they will. Some readers have asked how to reach me with their photos. It’s not hard if you simply Google my name and university; my university webpage and […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Apparently reader Stephen Barnard has returned to Idaho from New Zealand, for I received several photos of U.S. critters the other day. Here are a few, and some New Zealand noms (as always, click to enlarge): The light is usually terrible this time of the year, but you take what  you can get. A mule […]

Still moar snow!

Oy gewalt! It’s still coming down. The last call for my area was 18 inches of snow (that’s 46 cm), and it’s still falling fairly heavily. The temperature is 11ºF (that’s -12ºC), and traffic on sidestreets is nonexistent: they haven’t been plowed. On my way home yesterday, it was already pretty deep: These cars won’t get out unless […]


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