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Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have a special treat today: biologist Lou Jost, who works in Ecuador, sent a video and a bunch of photos of a bird that I [Jerry] didn’t even know existed. It’s surely one of the world’s most colorful and beautiful birds. Here are Lou’s notes (indented): I’ve just had a magical bird experience which I’d […]

Readers’ wildlife photos: The Milky Way & Hummingbirds

Thanks to the talents of WEIT’s readers, we have some especially nice photos today. Tim Anderson, who is adept in taking photographs of the cosmos, sent this in with the comment: Here is a photograph of a small section of the Milky Way showing the stars and clouds of dust and gas that inhabit the disk […]

Readers’ Wildlife photos: Snakes!

by Grania Tony Eales sent Jerry a fantastic email and photographs of snakes. He writes:   Snakes and lizards I’ve seen on various jobs. A big ole Black-headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus). I find them interesting because they don’t have the classic diamond shaped python head. I think this is because they hunt reptiles and so don’t […]

Readers’ Wildlife photos: ‘roos & emus & squirrels

bu Grania Michael Glenister wote in with some wonderful photos. He writes: Just got back from our annual trek to the Kangaroo Farm in Kelowna.  Here are a few shots I thought you would enjoy: – a few shots of the (very friendly) Columbian ground squirrels at Manning Park – a praying mantis my eagle-eyed son spotted […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: Gulls & Eagles redux

by Grania Reader Joe Dickinson wrote in saying: I was surprised by Grania’s post on eagle vs. gull combat.  When we lived in Utah, we often saw gulls and eagles in close proximity at Farmington Bay, which supports one of the largest wintering populations of Bald Eagles (Haliacetus leucocephalus) in the lower 48 states.  We never saw […]

Readers’ Wildlife: The Birds & The Bees. Also, Stars.

by Grania Regular Stephen Barnard sent us these gorgeous photos from his piece of paradise in Idaho. As always, click through twice on a picture to see it in its original size. Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor).   Wilson’s Snipe (Gallinago delicata), trying to hide. Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus), busy bullying the Black-chinned. Landscape looking North […]

Not photoshopped: Gull on Eagle on Gull & Horse on Horse

by Grania We’ve all seen the photo of the shark jumping at the helicopter, which is as fake as a fish on a bicycle; but here are two fascinating pictures that are completely real. From the Puffle Ho, David Canales snapped this amazing shot while kyaking in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Check out this epic battle! A […]

Readers’ wildlife photos: sparrows & a Cedar Waxwing

WEIT regular Diana MacPherson has sent us these beautiful photographs of sparrows. She writes: Young Sparrow (Passer domesticus) On Weigela Branch Watch for Food Opportunities. Young Sparrows (Passer domesiticus) On Weigela Branch Watch for Food Opportunities Young Sparrows (Passer domesiticus) On Weigela Branch – What squabbling. Birds are so expressive! Don’t Look Now, But a Bird […]

Readers’ wildlife photos: flies and spiders

WEIT regular Mark Sturtevant has sent us a veritable seminar on flies and spiders. He writes: Stilt legged fly (possibly Rainieria antennaepes). I encountered this little character strutting back and forth on some forest leaves, persistently waving its whitened front legs before it. This fly was so intent on its display that it would not be distracted […]

Sunsets, Arizona

I have a whole passel of photos from Arizona, but the margins of this post are too small to contain them. A larger post will appear very soon. For now, let me just put up a few photographs of sunsets, all taken from the home of Mike and Karen Houle (Kelly’s parents) in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona, between […]


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