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Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Sarah Crews, who takes care of many feral cats, is also an evolutionary biologist specializing in insects, and sent some animal photos (including one of her cats, all of which bear interesting names). The links are to the photos on Sarah’s flickr site, and the indented bits are her notes: Grizzled Mantid, adult female, Gonatista grisea […]

Readers’ wildlife photography

A while back reader Gregory sent an nice set of pictures of the process of banding and testing the chicks and adults of a Coopers Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) who had nested in his neighborhood. Here is his story and the pictures of the banding (and other bird-related items): In 2007 and 2008 we had a Coopers Hawk […]

A botanical valentine

I thought this photo was appropriate for Valentine’s day because it has flowers, it’s about reproduction, and it’s red. It comes from reader Don, who notes, “Our dawdling amaryllis has finally bloomed.”

Readers’ wildlife photos

We’ll have a truncated version of RWP today, as my collection is on my main computer in Chicago. Fortunately, reader Stephen Barnard from Idaho sent me four photos yesterday, so I have something to post this morning. First, yet another Red-tailed Hawk  (Buteo jamaicensis): Next, a Canada Goose (Branta canadensis). Canada Geese are widely despised […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

If you sent good photos and they haven’t yet appeared, don’t despair. I have a backlog. But do continue to send me good ones, as the tank will run dry if it’s not replenished. Today we have some more photos by reader Ken Phelps. They are all missing species IDs, so readers are welcome to […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Now that he’s back from Hobbitland, Stephen Barnard has started sending us photos again. And I can’t believe I’m including d*gs as wildlife here, except that I like border collies best among all d*gs—and the puppies are cute. His report: The weather conditions have been difficult and good photos have been few  and far between. […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have arthropods and birds today. First, some caterpillars shot by reader Ken Phelps on Vancouver Island (I don’t know the species, but perhaps some readers do): A bit of a leonine look to this guy:   Recurring theme on B.C. coast:  a raindrop. Interesting reminder of how different it is to live at the […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Birds remain the most popular subject for readers’ wildlife photos, and today we have contributions from three readers. First, Stuart sends a familiar but much loved-bird, and a lovely portrait it is, too: I’m more often a landscape photographer, but a few years ago I took this photo of a kea [Nestor notabilis] when stopped in a parking […]

The most beautiful sunrise in the history of the Earth

by Matthew Cobb This glorious photo of the sunrise on Saturday was taken in the UK’s Lake District by a hillfarmer called James Rebanks who tw**ts (@herdyshepherd1 – over 37,000 followers) while looking after his Herdwick sheep. These sheep are a very hardy breed who spend their whole time out on the hills of Cumbria. […]

Travel photos: India

I thought I’d put up some of the rest of my India photos (I suspect there will be two or three more installments, one featuring d*gs). I found that I still had food pictures, and some others as well. A sari shop at night, Kolkata: The king of Indian yogurt sweets: misthi doi (also called mitha […]


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