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Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have some photographs out of Africa today, all taken by reader Richard Bond. Lots of felids, too! His report: I am somewhat intimidated by the outstanding quality of many of your wildlife photo contributions, but there have been no big wild cats for a while, so these might interest you. They were taken in […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos

Regular John H. sent us these photographs of a rare sighting in Africa. On a recent trip to Botswana I was lucky to see an African wild cat (Felis lybica or F. sylvestris, depending on your taste). He was either finding a good place for a nap or a good place to hide until the […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

As I’ll be traveling back to the U.S. on Valentine’s Day, here’s an early Valentine post for all the readers. It’s from Mark Sturtevant, showing his beloved insects in the throes of passion. Here are some pictures that I took this summer which seem appropriate for Valentine’s Day. The first is a mating pair of Yellow-collared […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

After today there may not be any photographs for a week or so, for while I’ll bring them with me to the UK, I may not have time to post them. Posting in general will also be light. As Maru says, “I do my best.” Today we have another sequence of birds nomming mammals, but this time […]

What’s going on here?

by Matthew Cobb This intriguing picture, taken by Sean McCann (@Ibycter) (who we’ve featured here) was posted by Sean during his curation of the @Biotweeps account on Tw*tter, in which a different scientist tw**ts from the account (there are many such accounts, including @realscientists, which give an insight into a range of scientific areas). Anyway, […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Today’s bird photos come from reader Karen Bartelt, with her caption: Reflecting on that age-old bromide, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), Washington, IL: Galapagos finches, mixed flock, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador.  Home of Gil de Roi, whose mother began to feed them years ago: Black-headed parrots (Pionites melanocephalus), Rio Ucayali, […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Jacques Hausser in Switzerland (the World’s Happiest Country) sent some lovely insect photos and one mountainscape. The beetle he shows has a truly bizarre life history, so do read about it below: Recently (December 26) Mark Sturtevant showed us a very strange Coleopteran with a very strange life cycle, Rhipiphorus. Here is another one, Stenoria […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Damon Williford sent some photos of an interspecific interaction between birds over food; I’ve numbered the photos to correspond to his text below: Attached are a series of photos featuring competitive interaction between a Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus) and several Crested Caracaras (Caracara cheriway) in South Texas during January of this year. A pair […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Fred Dyer sent a variety of photos (and remember to send me yours!). I am responding to your recent request for wildlife photos.  These were mostly taken in La Jolla in the fall of 2014, along the beach in the Torrey Pines Reserve. The species ids are informal, although I think they are right. […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Ed Kroc sent a sequence of gull-rearing photos. His notes: Heeding your call for more wildlife photos, here is a batch of baby Glaucous-winged Gull (Larus glaucescens) photos, strong challengers for cutest baby animal in my opinion. These are all from one of the nests I was routinely observing this past summer from a […]


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