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Readers’ wildlife photos

Those readers who sent me wildlife photos before I left, please bear with me before I get to the backlog. The pile of mail I have to deal with is beyond belief.  So today, enjoy yesterday’s batch of photos from Stephen Barnard in Paradise, Idaho. His email was called “not hummingbirds,” and the caption was […]

Chicago: Sky

This is a panorama (taken with an iPhone) of the sky over Chicago at about 3 p.m. yesterday. To see this in its full glory, click twice (in succession, but with a pause in between) to enlarge it without the marginalia. What struck me was the lighter clouds to the left, but most of all the […]

Eagle Flight

by Grania Because I am most charitably described as a nerd, the moment I saw this I immediately thought of Bilbo Baggins and his escape from wolves by eagle, you know, the bit that goes: At the best of times heights made Bilbo giddy. He used to turn queer if he looked over the edge […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: birds

Being back home, I can now begin catching up on the backlog of readers’ wildlife photos, but before I do I’ll put up some pictures that came in just a few days ago from the ever-diligent Stephen Barnard, who is moving on to new animals: I’ve been taking a lot of hummingbird photos and getting […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: Hummingbirds & a Tanager

Biologist and naturalist Lou Jost, who lives and works in Ecuador who regularly sends WEIT examples of his amazing photography and art has sent in some more photographs of hummingbirds, this time with a difference. Here’s what he wrote to Jerry. In case people think that all hummingbirds are like the little buzzy things we have […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: fledgling harriers

WEIT regular Bruce Lyon sent Jerry fantastic photographs of some young harriers that we have visited before here and here in June when the parents were nesting.   As always, click through on a photograph twice to see it in its original size.   Bruce writes: Jerry kindly posted two previous batches of photos of nesting harriers I […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard sends us some photos from Idaho: stills of the aerial dogfights (or ballets) he sees daily between two species of hummingbirds battling around the feeder on his porch. You should know by now that these little guys, while adorable, are fiercely territorial. I’m not sure what damage they can do to each other while […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: Arthropods

Mark Sturtevant has sent us on some more great photographs and commentary to go along with them.   Here is yet another installment of budget close-up photography of local arthropods. I am having a wonderful summer doing this, and I think I am slowly getting better at my hobby. The pictures are numbered in the order […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: The Moth Edition

Jonathan Wallace from England sent Jerry some amazing photographs of moths. As always if you click through twice on a photograph you can see it in its original size. Jonathan writes: I thought I’d send you a few pictures around the theme of protective colouration in moths to help top up your tank. First, two […]

Peregrinations: New Mexico, part deux

I have long wanted to visit Linda Calhoun and her goat dairy in Mountainair, New Mexico, and I can report that the mission is accomplished. Here’s a brief report. Linda has, as I recall, 23 goats, which include a bunch of lactating females, a small group of young kids, and five large, bearded males. I believe the […]


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