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Readers’ wildlife photos

Today’s contribution, photos from Peru, are from a regular, Joe Dickinson. His captions are indented. Here is the first of two sets of wildlife photos from a recent trip to Peru that I’ve been saving until you returned from you antarctic adventure. Not very exotic, but I think this flight of pigeons in front of […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Chris Taylor from Canberra sends us some animal pictures, but also some distressing picture of the fires that are destroying Australia’s animals and its forests. His notes are indented: Earlier this year, to get away from the Canberra winter, I spent six weeks on a working trip to a Bush Heritage Australia nature reserve […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tony Eales from Brisbane sent some nice arthropod photos—nature red in fang and claw. His captions are indented, and he appends a report on the terrible fires in Australia. . Fairly recently I caught this little drama in the grass down at my local national park. I was lying on my photography mat hoping […]

Readers’ photos

I say just “photos” because these aren’t wildlife photos (though several species are mentioned), but civilization photos. Still, please send in your wildlife photos, as I’m running low, and may have to cancel this feature. Let’s go to church this morning! These lovely photos come from William Savage, whose notes are indented: No wildlife this […]

Flying home

The title of this post, of course, comes from a famous song by Benny Goodman’s band, reportedly derived from a tune that Lionel Hampton (who was in the group) nervously whistled to himself before boarding a flight. I have a few more posts on Antarctica, though somehow it’s much harder to put these up when […]

The last trip report: West Point Island, rockhoppers, and albatrosses

The MS Roald Amundsen was supposed to sail about 8 p.m. last night, but apparently there’s been a delay, for the ship’s real-time map shows it still docked in Punta Arenas: I suspect this has to do with a big misfortune yesterday. Before leaving the ship, I heard that, at the Punta Arenas airport, a […]

Carcass Island and its Magellanic penguins (with dolphin lagniappe)

Happy Thanksgiving! (I think I got it right this time as I see it’s Thursday). This will be the penultimate trip report, as there’s one more either tomorrow or Saturday, and then I will post the videos I took when I return to Chicago (penguins!) As I write this at 5:30 a.m., we’re pulling into […]

The penguins of Bluff Cove

It’s sad because today’s my last day aboard ship, and we’ll be heading all day toward our final destination, Punta Arenas. Tomorrow I’ll disembark, head for my hotel in Punta Arenas to spend Thanksgiving night, and then (Ceiling Cat willing) fly to Santiago on Friday afternoon, then to Miami, and finally a flight to Chicago. […]

A visit to Stanley

On this overcast Monday morning our ship is hovering off Carcass Island in the west Falklands, where yesterday we saw Magellanic penguins and other cool birds. It’s only a short hop to our next destination, West Point Island. More on Carcass on Thursday, the last day of our trip. I’m lecturing today and will give […]

A visit to the bridge (and lagniappe)

First, Happy Thanksgiving! (If it is Thanksgiving; I’ve lost track of time. I wonder if they’ll have turkey for dinner.) Today’s travel report will be a short one, for I have many pictures of Port Stanley and of penguins to process, reduce the resolution for posting, and label. Right now I’m catching up to Friday, when […]