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Important notice about Philomena

Matthew Cobb has just informed me of an Event: At 13:00 uk time (so in 30 mins) you can hear Diane Morgan playing records for three hours. You can listen here. That would be 7 a.m. Chicago time, or 8 a.m. EST in the U.S.  Also, for Philomenaphiles, she’s written a piece in the Guardian called […]

Philomena shines on “Would I Lie to You?”

Reader Saul, aware of my extreme “admiration” for Diane Morgan (aka Philomena Cunk), sent me the link to Morgan’s appearance on the British show “Would I Lie to You?”. On that show, each member of a panel makes a startling statement, and the others, after questioning the panelist, guess whether the statement is true or false. Saul characterizes […]

Philomena talks to Frank Skinner about her favorite BBC shows

We haven’t seen Philomena Cunk (aka Diane Morgan) in a while, but her recent conversation with English comedian Frank Skinner is enlightening—especially if you’re in love with the woman. In this 25-minute clip, she discusses her five best choices for BBC clips archived on the their  iPlayer, although they really only get to three of […]

Review: Cunk on Shakespeare

by Matthew Cobb As regular readers will know, Jerry’s favourite Boltonian, Philomena Cunk (aka Diane Morgan), starred in a 30-minute special on BBC2 last night, entitled Cunk on Shakespeare. It was a hoot, and I guffawed all the way through. Tw*tter was awash with people repeating their favourite lines (guilty, m’lud) as Morgan and the three […]

Diane Morgan, a.k.a. Philomena Cunk, unravels the mysteries of Shakespeare

[‘JAC: There was a formatting problem with the photos in this post (Cunk broke the site), so I’ve eliminated them, and things are back to normal.] by Matthew Cobb “I’ve always wanted to make people laugh,” she says. “It’s been my only ambition, ever since my dad introduced me to the genius of the great […]

Philomena on Shakespeare (and drugs and global warming)

Hey, Brits, listen up: this Wednesday, at 22:00 London time (don’t kvetch about GMT or whatever they call it now), you can see a half-hour show on BBC 2: “Cunk on Shakespeare” (available at the link shortly after the show). I hope I can see it in the U.S. It appears that Diane Morgan once again appears as our beloved […]

Cunk does Shakespeare

As part of the Shakespeare 400th anniversary celebration, BBC Two will release a half-hour program “Cunk on Shakespeare.” I’m not sure when it comes out, but I have high hopes for this one. As Beyond the Joke notes: Philomena said: ‘A bit like the tooth fairy, nobody’s actually seen Shakespeare, and nobody knows if he’s real or […]

I have had Monster Munch

Ever since Philomena touted the wonders of Monster Munch snacks in the video below (start at 2:15), I have waited on tenterhooks to try them. And I just have, as they were part of a sandwich/crisp/drink meal deal at Heathrow. I got the pickled onion variety (touted by Cunk), and it was, as she said, […]

New Year’s Cunk: she’s back!

After a long hiatus, we have the welcome return of Philomena Cunk (and her less-funny partner, Barry Shitpeas). Both appeared on Charlie Brooker’s year-end “2015 wipe”, in which La Cunk makes four appearances. Three are below; I don’t have her and Barry’s take on “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but you can see it on the hourlong video, starting […]

An encounter of the Cunk kind?

I got this from Matthew with the message, “You owe me!” He  added, “Cheltenham Science Festival is in June each year Here’s an exchange with Rutherford and Philomena that just took place…” Adam Rutherford is a well known science communicator in the UK. He seems more enthusiastic about Philomena than about me, but maybe I […]