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Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Today is Christmas, the third full day of Hanukkah, and the first day of Coynezaa: a perfect trifecta of holidays on this Wednesday, December 25, 2019. Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) wishes you all a Happy Trifecta and hope that you are in the presence of presents, family and/or good friends, and, of course, good noms. […]

Cunk on Britain: Episode 3

I believe I’ve posted the first two episodes of Cunk on Britain, Diane Morgan’s very funny take of the history of Old Blighty. I’m surprised that the episodes are still up (#1 here and #2 here), as the BBC tends to take these things down. Well, watch them soon. This episode covers the nineteenth century, […]

Cunk on Britain, part 2

The second installment of the BBC “Cunk on Britain” series is up, and watch it while it’s there. (There will be five parts.) Surprisingly, Part I is still up (here) though perhaps in a different incarnation, so maybe the BBC will for once let us Yanks watch the whole thing—at least for a short while. […]

Cunk on Britain, part I

I’m truly surprised that this is still up, as the BBC relentlessly removes most of its purloined videos from YouTube. So far, this one—the first of Cunk’s five-part BBC Two series—is still up. I mentioned it this morning, but you might have missed it. Have a look at this 30-minute show, which is classic Cunk, […]

“Cunk on Britain” tonight

Several Brits have written to inform me that the first episode of “Cunk on Britain”, Philomena’s series on her beloved land, plays tonight on BBC Two. There will be five episodes, with two scheduled. The first is this evening at 10 pm England time (don’t ask me what it’s formally called)—about an hour and a […]

Cunk on Christmas

Although this is a year old, I don’t think I’ve posted “Cunk on Christmas” before, and it’s appropriate as most people are still on holidays. Here the incomparable Philomena finds the true meaning of Christmas in a half-hour BBC special. As usual, she calls on various academics as Christmas Experts. Note the mention of Richard Dawkins […]

Diane Morgan tries falconry

Diane Morgan, my beloved Philomena Cunk, has stepped outside the Cunk persona to do a short sponsored video in which she tries falconry—with unexpected results. It’s pretty clear though, that Morgan— as she’s said herself—really is Philomena Cunk. This is a lovely video, and brings Morgan’s work back to the quality level of her work for […]

Philomena promotes Britain but wants to be famous in America

Reader Michael, who has contributed to two posts today (see previous one), called my attention to a new series of short videos by Diana Morgan, who has abandoned the persona but not the demeanor of Philomena Cunk. The new series of three clips (one more to come) is called “British Famous“, and attempts to sell […]

Philomena on “Moments of Wonder”

Philomena Cunk presents a new “Moments of Wonder,” the subject being “Charity”. Reader Michael sent this, alone with a note: This video was made for Comic Relief day last week in the UK [AKA Red Nose Day] Unfortunately Cunk’s writers have fallen for the Mother Teresa myth, but other than that a reasonable stab. I’m not […]

Cunk on Christmas

I don’t believe I’ve posted the incomparable Philomena Cunk’s “Moments of Wonder” piece on Christmas, part of Charlie Brooker’s “End of Year Wipe: 2016”. (If I have, forgive me, and watch it if you haven’t already.) Don’t miss the mention of Richard Dawkins at 0:28. h/t: David