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Darwin selfie

There’s a life-size latex Darwin in the FFRF library. Jerry couldn’t resist.     It’s maybe a little bit smiley-er than the original.

I am honored!

Evidently “honored citizen” is Portland’s euphemism for “senior citizen” or “pensioner”.   How very polite.

Classic American road trips

I’ve just gone on my own Big Road Trip, but it doesn’t compare to the others made famous in American literature. Over at Atlas Obscura, Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez have collaborated to make an interactive map of many great road trips in American literature, ranging from Blue Highways to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle […]

Peregrinations: Austin, part I

Here’s the first of two posts of my visit to Austin (the second will be the documentation of my getting measured for and ordering custom cowboy boots. On the drive from San Angelo to Austin, which was largely on back roads, I got a good view of Texas country life. Many of the small towns […]

I’m in Texas!

Yes, I know that Texas is full of goddies and Republicans, but somehow when I enter the state I always get a warm feeling—and it isn’t the 100-degree temperature today. Texas is big (880 miles across!); full of oil wells and friendly, no-nonsense folk; there are ranches; there are cowboy boots; and there is BARBECUE—of which […]

Arizona, part deux

The first of the Arizona travelogues was yesterday’s post on Kelly Houle’s art, which I saw when we visited the home she shares with her husband Ken and her son Benny in Mesa. After looking at the art, we took the short drive to Tempe to pick up Ben Goren.  The thermometer in the car gave […]

PSA and some more peregrinations

by Grania Jerry will be leaving Arizona and is then on to New Mexico in a couple of days and will then be traveling through to Texas, specifically Austin and afterwards to Louisiana. If you are in the area and want to meet up or visit with him, either leave a comment or drop him […]

Peregrinations & Pluto

by Grania Jerry sent all these on to me using his phone. God only knows what his bill is going to look like when he gets home. Anyway, yesterday was the day when New Horizons swung by Pluto on its historic voyage to the Kuiper Belt. Jerry and friends of the website Kelly Houle and […]

The Great PCC Odyssey: San Francisco edition

Jerry sent on some photographs of UC Berkeley, San Francisco for us. He will fill us in with more detail later on. As always, click through twice to see the picture in its full size.   And another:

Peregrinations: Oakland

Today Professor Ceiling Cat is visiting a friend who owns a mansion in the Berkeley Hills, and I’m living in high style. Tomorrow I’m off for Mesa, Arizona to meet Kelly Houle (I’ll arrive on Monday a.m.), admire her artwork, and then pick up Ben Goren and drive to Kelly’s parents’ cabin in the mountains, […]