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Sullivan on Trump and vitamin D

This week’s New York Magazine column by Andrew Sullivan (click on screenshot below) is, as usual, in three parts. The first one is, as always, the main one, and it’s about Trump’s pathology. The second discusses Vitamin D as a possible palliative for coronavirus infection (something I haven’t heard about), and the third is about […]

A short Francis Collins interview on the BBC

Here’s a short (7.5-minute) interview with NIH director and Templeton Prize awardee Francis Collins that was played on NPR yesterday but came from the BBC Newshour.  Collins answers questions about God, evil, coronavirus, and so on, but you may already be familiar with his theological views, which are at the preceding link. Collins’s interview starts […]

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are not only useless in treating Covid-19, but very harmful

UPDATES: The discussion of this paper has gone back and forth, and the cause is that neither Alex nor I read the paper carefully. I just skimmed it, and Alex read it quickly but paid most of his attention to the tables. That led to this first update in which he concluded (and I agreed) […]

Trump’s doctor, an osteopath, approved his patient’s use of hydroxychloroquine. That’s quackery, regardless of the doctor’s credentials.

As you know, last week Donald Trump asserted that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive for coronavirus, said that thousands of front-line medical workers were also taking it for the same reason, and argued that the drug had proved efficacious against the virus.  Yesterday I thought that all three claims might be lies (the […]

A pastor, on house arrest, vows to further violate quarantine orders in Louisiana

Talk about Making America Great Again! Why not do it by violating the law? Reader Ken sent a link to this video, made three days ago, which truly shows a man who serves God by risking the lives of his flock in defiance of Caesar’s order and snarfing up the government pandemic checks given to […]

Sad news about Americans: 30% of us see coronavirus as a message from God

The survey on which the statistic above was based, as indicated in the Guardian article below, is a pretty reputable source: a collaboration between the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the University of Chicago Divinity School (the latter was probably appalled by the figure!). Click on the screenshot to read and weep:   […]

Two anniversaries today, both marking the end of wars, one against people, the other against a virus

I missed this because I left out today’s anniversaries in the Hili dialogue. There are two big ones today, both pointed out by Fiona Fox, director of the Science Media Centre in Britain. Dr. Fox quotes remembrances from two of her experts (h/t Steve Jones): From Professor Geoffrey L Smith FRS, Head, Department of Pathology, […]

Lori Lightfoot gets a haircut

Up to now we’ve had a tough governor (J. B. Pritzker) and a tough mayor (Lori Lightfoot) at the helm, and they’re not about to tolerate any violations of the quarantine restrictions. (They’re Democrats and I voted for both of them.)  Pritzker just extended our lockdown to the end of May, and Lightfoot has even […]

The pleasure of washing one’s hands

One of the things I discovered about myself during the pandemic—perhaps the only good thing—is the immense pleasure I get from washing my hands. It’s a pleasure that I didn’t have before. Like most of you, I suspect, I do it many times a day—every time after I visit the duck pond or touch a […]

Faith-soaked physician to conduct study of prayer in curing Covid-19

Does prayer work to cure diseases? Anecdotal evidence from Lourdes, where amputees and the eyeless aren’t cured, suggest not. And we all know the results of the Templeton-funded study of the effects of intercessory prayer on recovery of cardiac patients, the most thorough study of intercessory prayer yet, involving over 1800 patients (Benson et al. […]