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NPR acts as if the myths of Christianity are real

Reader Thomas called my attention to a 5-minute piece on today’s National Public Radio (NPR): “When Easter and Passover overlap,” which I guess is the situation this year. It’s a discussion between host Linda Wertheimer and Andrew McGowan, Dean and President of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, using the temporal overlap of the holidays to discuss […]

Claire Lehmann on feminism’s new love for Islamic “modesty culture”

Claire Lehmann, editor of the true liberal website Quillette, made a 4-minute video on feminists’ growing celebration of Islamic “modesty culture”—a video that deserves wider airing. Yes, it’s put out by the right-wing site Rebel Media, but who else would sponsor and air a video like this? Claire is in fact not at all a conservative, but a liberal […]

The NY times soft-pedals Islam

Today’s New York Times is unusual in having five of its six op-ed pieces (including the two main editorials) about the missteps of Donald Trump.  Besides a good piece on “The cost of Mr. Trump’s wall” (probably $20 billion and $500 million per year upkeep; a real loser in terms of cost-benefit analysis–and good luck in […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ acculturation

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “maths”, came with a note: This week’s comic was provoked by an article written by the Rev Giles Fraser. If you can bear it, here it is. It’s a piece by Fraser in the Guardian, “Assimilation threatens the existence of other cultures,” that begins this way and then goes […]

A Young Turk tries to show that suicide bombings have nothing (nothing!) to do with Islam

I was going to post the third part of my piece on sexual dimorphism in human traits (other parts here and here), explaining why that physical dimorphism suggests that current behavioral differences between the sexes also reflect evolution in our ancestors (and why those who oppose a sexual-selection explanation are ideologically motivated)—but I have a few more papers to read. Look […]

PuffHo stupidity of the day

Well, today we have PuffHo applauding Obama’s refusal to call ISIS “Islamic terrorism” (I suppose that means they don’t like Hillary Clinton calling it that, as—to her credit—she did). Click on the screenshot to see the “really good reason”: Here it is: At a CNN town hall event on Wednesday, a Gold Star mother asked […]

The FBI and terrorism: a satire

This clip was produced by a group of Israelis who did satirical cabaret, making fun of sacred cows. (The language is Hebrew with English subtitles.) The cow in this short video is the FBI’s attitudes toward Islamic terrorism; the Boston FBI locale and Chechen perpetrators make clear that this is about the Boston Marathon bombing. (The video was […]

More on the Western fetishizing of Islamic worship

The Canadian ex-Muslim Eiynah, also known as “Nice Mangos” —it’s telling that many ex-Muslims, but not ex-Jews or ex-Catholics, must hide their identity—drew my attention to an article in Time Magazine with this tw**t: If this was a "show the power of xtianity" article, we'd all cringe. Religion…stop glorifying it cuz minority — Eiynah […]