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Here’s the explanation!

by Matthew Cobb Here’s the explanation of the Mephisto illusion I posted earlier today… Cunning, eh?

Explain this illusion!

by Matthew Cobb Here’s a great illusion, known as the Mephisto Spiral. How does it work? Answers in the comments, please. And no peeking or googling! I’ll post the answer later on today.

Friday: Hili dialogue

OMG: it’s Friday the 13th (October, 2017), supposedly an unlucky day. But the odds are there will be at least one such day per year given that there are 12 thirteenths per year and only seven days of the week. And yesterday, at least, was lucky for the Chicago Cubs, who won the Central Division […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s Caturday, September 16, 2017, and in a few hours I’ll haul my weary carcass to the Chopin Airport in Warsaw for the nine-hour flight back to Chicago. That means, of course, that posting will be light today. If my plane crashes, it’s been a good run. If it doesn’t, let’s hope the airplane movies […]

The Coffer illusion

Okay, look at the photo of the door below. Time yourself from the start to see how long it takes you to find the circles. How many circles do you see? Do you see any? There are sixteen circles. Do you see them? If you don’t, and for an explanation, go to the next page […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Good morning on Wednesday, May 17, 2017: exactly one week till I engage Le Dawkins in conversation in Washington, D.C. Be there or be square! Also, today the Certified Hand Therapist will inspect my finger to see if the tendon has healed enough that I can discard the damn plastic cast I’ve been wearing for six […]

A traveling-bar illusion

Matthew, who loves illusions, sent me this tw**t: Reality shatter. The two objects are traveling in exactly the same manner. Watch when it turns gray. — Cliff Pickover (@pickover) June 18, 2016 Now an explanation for this is published here (it’s based, as you might expect, on differences in contrast), but I can’t be arsed […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

It’s September 12, 2016, and National Chocolate Milkshake Day.  Do they have real milkshakes (with ice cream) in the UK—except at American nostalgia joints? And while I’m on the subject, I always thought that someone could make a pile of money in Great Britain if they opened a shop selling real hoagie sandwiches (not the Subway brand) […]

Ten prize-winning illusions

For some reason those of us here at WEIT—well, at least Matthew and I—are fascinated by optical illusions, crypsis, and other things that fool the eye. Well, we now have the Motherlode of Illusions: the ten 2016 finalists for Best Illusion of the Year Contest from the Neural Correlate Society.  You can see them all at […]

Optical illusion sculptures

These eye-fooling sculptures are made by Japanese professor Kokichi Sugihara; they’re like 3-dimension Escher creations: h/t: Taskin