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Jerry Lewis died

Jerry Lewis,  comedian, actor, director, writer, and raiser of more than $2 billion for muscular dystrophy, passed away peacefully this morning at his home in Las Vegas. He was 91. I emailed the news bulletin to a friend who was a huge fan of Jerry Lewis (and did a credible imitation); his response was this: All […]

Dick Gregory died

Yesterday the comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory died in Washington, D. C. He was 84; the cause was heart failure. Although he started his comedy career as a convention funnyman, he gradually incorporated more material about racism into his routines. The New York Times gives some of his bon mots: He would plant […]

Glenn Campbell died

Glenn Campbell, 81, just died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease (is “battle” the right word for something like this?). But even though the outcome was inevitable, he accepted it bravely. As CNN reports: During the “Ghost” tour, there were times he would forget lyrics or find himself suddenly unfamiliar with a chord change. […]

A different cat named Gus died

Reader Robert Dally had a tabby named Gus (same name as White Earless Gus in Winnipeg) who just passed away. The saddened Robert sent in an obituary and remembrance, and I post it here, along with pictures of the late moggie. The story about the iPad announcing Gus’s dinner is clever and adorable. I’m a […]

Sam Shepard died

I’m sad to report that actor and playwright Sam Shepard died Thursday at his home in Kentucky. He was just 73, but was the victim of ALS, a horribly cruel disease. (His death was, I believe, just announced today.) Shepard wrote 44 plays (one of which, “Buried Child” won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in […]

RIP Isabella

Reader Eric has just lost his beloved cat Isabella, and requested that I honor her memory by posting her story and photo on this site. I am glad to oblige: I’m a long-time reader (and occasional poster) of WEIT.  I have some sad news and request to make. Today, my Ex and I had to […]

Greg Allman died

According to CNN, one of my music heroes, Greg Allman, just died at the age of 69, The details: Gregg Allman, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band who overcame family tragedy, drug addiction and health problems to become a grizzled elder statesman for the blues music he loved, has died. He was 69. […]

Roger Moore 1927 – 2017

by Grania British actor Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89 in Switzerland. He was best know for his role as James Bond, but will also be remembered as the eponymous Saint in the 1960s TV adaptation of Leslie Charteris’ novels. He was my favourite Bond because he played the rather ridiculous character with a Fourth […]

HuffPo’s “eulogy” for Roger Ailes

Yes, Roger Ailes was “politically challenged” and a sexual harasser to boot, but one senses unsavory glee in HuffPo’s headline announcing his sudden death, probably from a fall in the bathroom combined with other medical ailments. Still, I can’t find it in me to celebrate Ailes’s death the way HuffPo did: I’m not quite sure why we’re reluctant […]

Don Rickles died

Legendary comedian Don Rickles, famous for insulting nearly everyone, died of kidney failure yesterday in Los Angeles. He was 90. Given today’s political and social climate, it’s unlikely we’ll see anyone like him again. The video below gives a taste of his humor, and do read the New Yorker profile of Rickles from 2004, “Don’t call me Sir: Don […]