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Strong pushback attends Quebec’s proposed ban on wearing of religious symbols by government employees

According to many sources, including the CBC article below (click on screenshot), Quebec has proposed a bill (“Bill 21,” which I can’t seem to find on the Internet) that, designed enforce secularity, bans all public servants, including teachers, judges, police officers, and other government officials, from wearing religious symbols. These banned symbols include hijabs, turbans, […]

Good news and bad news. Now the bad news: the Canadian government funds homeopathy!

It’s bad enough that Justin Trudeau seems to be going down over his government’s political interference with a criminal prosecution, but now we hear that the Canadian government has also given hundreds of thousands of dollars to homeopaths to practice their woo in another country—Honduras.  Click on this CBC report below to see the bad […]

Accusations of cultural appropriation gone wild: Canadian comedy club bars white comedian with dreadlocks

Canada has always been a rival to the U.S. for ludicrous behavior by the authoritarian Left, but now our northern neighbor has taken the prize. As the Montreal Gazette and The Toronto Star report (click on the Gazette screenshot below), well, the headline tells it all: Zach Poitras, the comedian shown in the photo below, was […]

HuffPo Canada denigrates free speech

It’s interesting to read other countries’ versions of the HuffPo, and I’ve found that the Canadian HuffPo is just as Authoritarian Leftist—if not more so—than the American version. Here’s an article from HuffPo Canada (I found it reprinted on HuffPo India) that denigrates the idea of free speech, with the premise that marginalized people don’t […]

Cultural relativism goes down in flames in Canada

Reader Steve called my attention to an article in the online Toronto Star about an overly lenient legal judgment that was based on cultural relativism, but a judgment that was rectified when the Canadian courts came to their senses. The story: an Iranian immigrant who moved to Canada was convicted of long-standing and violent physical abuse […]

Criminal squirrel gang purloins chocolate bars in Toronto

I am feeling better, thank you, and we’re up to 48,939 subscribers, so my bucket list goal of 50,000 seems within reach. Let’s celebrate with two things everyone loves (except miscreants): chocolate and squirrels. In January the CBC News reported that a squirrel, or more likely a maurading gang of mixed race squirrels (black and gray) […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s July! July 1, 2017, to be exact, and all Americans, save your genial host, are celebrating the Fourth of July Holiday, which is on Tuesday. It’s National Gingersnap Day in the U.S. (I believe this cookie is not only called a “biscuit” in the UK, but also “Ginger Nuts”. Correct me if I’m wrong.) […]

Beaver herds cattle: in Canada!

Ed Kroc sent this curious video taken in Ituna Saskatchewan and reported by the Regina Leader Post: Adrienne Ivey and her husband Aaron were out checking their 150 cattle near Ituna on Good Friday when they noticed something odd. The cattle were gathered together and walking slowly behind a beaver, with some of the heifers […]

Canadian minister gets all balled up about the meaning of “Islamophobia”

As I’ve written before, there’s a big fracas in Canadian politics about a motion (“M-103”, which is not a law but a recommendation) against religious discrimination, one that singles out “Islamophobia” as deserving special mention. The bill was introduced last December by the Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, a Pakistani-Canadian, and is being discussed now in the […]

Do Regressive Leftists enable the Right? A view from Canada

Over at the CBC News site, journalist Neil Macdonald, who considers himself a liberal and has nothing but opprobrium for the likes of Donald Trump, claims that Regressive Leftism (or “Illiberal Leftism”) is shooting itself in the foot.  In his column “Advice for anxious liberals—tone down the snark,” Macdonald argues that, in Canada (and by implication, […]