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White House demotes “Fox News” to simply “Fox”

Here’s a video in which Fox newsman Shephard Smith beefs about attending a White House lunch and getting an insulting placecard: As Reverb Press notes after reporting the outrage of conservative news outlets: The question isn’t whether dropping ‘news’ from the placecards of Fox anchors is ‘childish’ or ‘petty’. The question is: Why are bozos like […]

Muncie Star-Press’s biggest stories of 2013 omit the Ball State ID affair

Reader Amy sent me the list of this newspaper’s top stories of the year. As you may remember, Muncie, Indiana was where Ball State University (BSU) canned Eric Hedin’s “science” course on Intelligent Design (ID), a victory in the battle against creationism. That story was covered extensively by the Muncie Star-Press and got national attention, not […]

News Flash: Non habemus papam—Pope Benedict resigns because of infirmity.

This is not a joke: according to the Guardian and other sources like the BBC, Ratzi—Pope Benedict XVI—is to step down on February 28. That’s 17 days from now. He is 85 years old. Here’s the full text of the pope’s statement from Vatican Radio. Dear Brothers, I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for […]

Murdoch apologizes for anti-Israel cartoon, artist apologizes for timing

We had some some, er, “lively” discussion the other day about a cartoon by Gerald Scarfe in the Sunday Times showing Benjamin Netanyahu cementing a bunch of screaming, bloody Palestinians into a wall. The cartoon was published on Holocaust Memorial Day, and here it is: According to a report on the BBC News today, editor […]

The peopling of the Americas

by Greg Mayer The Americas were the last continents to be inhabited, and there has long been controversy about how and when it occurred. There is a general consensus that the earliest Americans arrived from northeastern Asia in the late Quaternary, but the exact peoples involved, the routes taken, when they arrived, and the modes […]

Mystery of Amelia Earhart solved?

If you’re like me, you’ve been fascinated forever by the disappearance of the aviator Amelia Earhart in 1937 on a round-the-world flight.  There has been increasing evidence that she managed to make it to an isolated South Pacific island, Nikumaroro.  There are reports that a female skeleton was found there in the 1940s, and excavations […]

Dawkins to edit New Statesman Christmas issue

The New Statesman has announced that its Christmas issue will be edited by no other than Richard Dawkins, who will apparently fill it with all kinds of secular stuff. (This may be a counter to the issue guest-edited by the Archbishop of Canterbury last June.) It looks a great issue, and will include a contribution […]

Republicans insane; want to establish theocracy

As I’ve found from reading comments on this site, non-Americans are continually astonished by the extreme degree of both religiosity and idiocy of Republicans in America.  Without living here, it’s hard to apprehend how soaked in God our country really is.  And if you do live here, it’s so common that you barely notice it. […]

Dallas newspaper excludes secular voices

Over at SocraticMama, Anne Crumpacker (mother of Mason) is asking readers to sign a petition to include a secular voice in the Dallas Morning News (the interview with Mason Crumpacker was a very rare exception). As Anne says, In my view, part of the problem is that Mason’s little interview, to the best of my […]

Qaddafi reported dead

From my CNN News alert: Moammar Gadhafi is dead, according to reports on Arab media. CNN has not confirmed the reports. One of the networks reporting the news was Al-Ahrar, a National Transitional Council TV station. It didn’t cite a source and the news couldn’t be independently confirmed. The New York Times says the death […]


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