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Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Ken Phelps sent some artistic photos of nature. His notes are indented: Due to positive feedback on not-always-wildlife images,  Jerry is graciously allowing me to post my Flickr address. Here’s a heavy coating of dew/melted frost on fir saplings. Cladonia fimbriata [a lichen], growing on an old piece of knotted rope hanging in the yard. […]

Join iNaturalist and get your nature photos identified to species

Reader Susan Heller called my attention to a new free program called iNaturalist, run by the Cal Academy, where you can register (takes one minute: just give a login name, email, and password), and then submit your nature photos. There’s no downside. As Susan wrote: Your readers who send wildlife photos might enjoy joining iNaturalist. […]

Grasses, live oaks, pines

by Greg Mayer There are some interesting comments on live oaks, their distribution, and resistance to hurricanes in the discussion (see #5) of my post on Long Beach, MS and its cuisine. One thing I’ve noticed is the striking zonation of the vegetation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Just a few miles inland, the live […]

A new kind of cloud

You probably didn’t know that there’s a Cloud Appreciation Society that recognizes new types of clouds.  A new one has recently been named, the first since 1951.  It’s the asperatus cloud (or, formally, Undulatus asperatus—clouds seemed to be named like organisms!), a strange, undulating formation that’s been described as looking like the surface of a […]