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Ali Rizvi talks sense on Israel and Palestine

Unbeknownst to me, Ali Rizvi, author of The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason (I blurbed the book) wrote a fine article on the Israel Palestine crisis that was published in PuffHo on July 28, 2014. (Click on screenshot below to read it, and you should.) Normally I’d kvetch about his publishing this […]

An apologist says that Islam is the best way to prevent sexual abuse

In the panoply of “this must be a joke but isn’t” articles, here’s one from the new Independent (click on screenshot to go there). The author, Qasim Rashid, is identified as “an attorney, author, and national spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.” I was of course startled to read this, as the tenets of […]

Turkish schools ditch Darwin in favor of Muhammad

The new school year is about to start in Turkey, and, as I’ve reported before (here and here), the government has removed evolution from the secondary-school science curriculum—supposedly because it was (according to the head of the Board of Education) “debatable, controversial and too complicated for students.” Nobody believes that malarkey. It was removed because it […]

The illiberalism of Islam in Malaysia

This is just one more in my series of “Dear Reza Aslan” posts documenting that Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia—countries repeatedly touted by Aslan as being both Muslim and liberal (ergo that Islam isn’t always oppressive)—are not nearly as liberal as The Whitewash King maintains. The piece below (click on screenshot to go to article) was […]

Dumbest activist ever: Linda Sarsour

Yes, this is a genuine tweet on Muslim activist Linda Sarsour‘s feed, but in case she takes it down—and really, she should have already—I’ve also provided a screenshot. Rumor has it Sarsour wants to run for office, perhaps even winding up in Congress. Right now, though, she’s even more ignorant than Trump (I almost wrote “Turnip!) […]

A “Dear Reza” note from a Bangladeshi woman

The three Muslim countries touted by Reza Aslan as “progressive” are Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Over the past couple weeks I’ve written about the oppression that Islam has exerted in Indonesia and Malaysia (granted, sharia law isn’t enforced everywhere). That leaves Bangladesh. And that’s where Zerin Firoze comes in: a woman from Bangladesh who gave […]

The Islamization of Indonesia

Dear Reza Aslan, I believe you’ve said repeatedly that countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia are liberal Muslim societies that are largely free of oppression. That, you claim, shows that the bad things people impute to Islam derive not from religion itself, but from culture. And although others have shown you up for the mushy […]

Al-Jazeera: “Feminist pioneer” judge enforces sharia law

What does it mean to be a feminist in a Muslim country? I would think it means fighting for equality of treatment and opportunity for women, which means, in part, opposing those tenets of Islam that stifle such equality. We already know that many Muslim and Western women who call themselves “feminists” don’t hold such […]

Iraq reportedly deleting evolution from the biology curriculum

After Turkey just removed evolution from the secondary-school science curriculum, we get a report (as of yet unconfirmed) that the same is happening in Iraq. On his website Primate’s Progress, Paul Braterman gives a link to a rather scattered page on The Medium in which Abdulrahman Al Makhzomy reports that Iraq is dropping evolution from its […]

The new Turkish curriculum: more Qur’an and jihad, less evolution and Ataturk

Over the past year I’ve written repeatedly about the terrible things happening in Turkey since Recep Erdoğan took over as the country’s President in 2014.  Once a vibrant and largely secular nation thanks to the vision of Kemal Atatürk, Turkey is being ground down by the heel of its new pro-Islamic government, which clearly intends to […]