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WordPress once again helps the Pakistani government block my “blasphemous” Jesus and Mo posts

I think this must be the third time that WordPress has cooperated with the Pakistani government in blocking “blasphemous” content on my site. The blasphemy, as you’ll see from the three links singled out, involves reproducing Jesus and Mo cartoons, which have apparently hurt the feelings of Muslims. Indeed, I seem to have committed a […]

Muslim society dismisses Islamist school video as “an unintended mistake and an oversight”

Here’s a short and brand-new article from about the video I posted this morning, a video showing young children at an Islamic Center spewing hatred and bigotry. Yes, they should indeed investigate how this happened, and while they’re doing it they should take steps to prevent the further hate-brainwashing of young Muslims. But really, […]

American Muslim children get radicalized

I’ve written repeatedly about how children in some Middle Eastern countries are conditioned to hate both Jews and Israel from a very young age—an age far too low to be able to parse questions of politics and justice. This is state-sanctioned brainwashing, and reminds me of the South Pacific song “You’ve got to be carefully […]

Iran executes two teenagers in secret, informs them only the day before

According to the Amnesty International article below, Iran just executed two teenage boys for rape after what they say was an unfair trial as well as flogging during detention. The report also adds that the pair didn’t know they were to be executed at most one day before it happened (click on screenshot): Part of […]

Sam Harris on ISIS: Why they hate us and why they fight us

Here’s a just reissued “Waking Up” podcast from Sam Harris, discussing whether Islamist fighters, like those in ISIS, really believe what they say they do, and whether religion is really responsible—at least in large part—for their acts. We all know the “religion denialists” about Islamic terrorism: ostrich people like Robert Pape, Karen Armstrong, and Reza […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ tolerance

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “sultan”, refers to the Sultan of Brunei’s new sharia-ish decision to allow stoning to death of gays. The strip was emailed with this message and a link to an article: Yet again, the facts mean it is not necessary to write a joke. Just state the fact. Yes, it’s […]

WordPress and the Pakistani government censor my site again, removing a “blasphemous” quote—from the Qur’an!

This is the third time I’ve gotten an email from WordPress telling me that, at the behest of the censorious and easily offended Pakistani government, they’ve blocked some of the content of my site from that country. The curious thing is that what they blocked—on the grounds of blasphemy—is a quote from the Qur’an! And, […]

A Qatari sociologist gives Islamic instructions (and a demonstration) on how to beat your wife

To all those who seem to think that being Muslim is in itself a badge of honor, to those who ignore the misogyny inherent in the religion and its dictates, to those feminists who turn a blind eye to the oppression of women in the Middle East, calling Israel an apartheid state but ignoring the […]

Brunei to become barbaric on April 3, allowing stoning to death for adultery and homosexual acts

Only one religion on Earth—and I’ll give you this paragraph to guess—would, in this day and age, suddenly sanction stoning to death for “crimes” like homosexual behavior and adultery. The punishment statue starts on April 3 in Brunei and is described in several places, including the New York Times (click on screenshot below). Six years […]

UK rejects asylum for Iranian Muslim who converted to Christianity, saying that Christianity isn’t a peaceful religion

UPDATE: Reader Chris called my attention to a video about this asylum situation. A video featuring the woman’s letter, which includes excerpts from the UK’s letter of refusal and an interview with the refugee’s lawyer, is on Channel 4 and can be seen here. ______________ This has been reported in several British papers, but one […]