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The unholy adulation of the Left for Linda Sarsour

I’m at a loss to understand the admiration of thinking liberals (the operant word is “thinking”)—and especially some Jews—for the odious hijabi Linda Sarsour.  Although she did help raise money to repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery, I’m absolutely convinced that this act was done simply to give her credibility. For in all other ways, her […]

The Young Turks show and The Spectator on the London attacks: the former ignores religion, the latter indicts it

The Young Turks news show has become increasingly regressive as time goes on. Here’s a 13-minute video with hosts John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure discussing the recent terrorist attacks on London. Two words are completely missing from the long discussion: “Muslim” and “Islam.” I don’t think that omission is accidental. The tone was […]

Indonesia flogs 10 people for violating sharia law; two gays get 83 lashes each before jeering crowd

Apologists like Reza Aslan always point to Indonesia as an “enlightened” Muslim country, and it is less repressive in some ways than places like Saudi Arabia. Still, the country has a blasphemy law, which Wikipedia characterizes like this: Indonesia prohibits blasphemy by its Criminal Code. The Code’s Article 156(a) targets those who deliberately, in public, […]

“You’re an embarrassment to this religion”: Muslim Maajid Nawaz rips apart a Muslim who thinks women should be stoned for adultery

From LBC Radio (“Leading Britain’s Conversation”), we have a two-minute segment of Maajid Nawaz taking apart a coreligionist who can’t bring himself to consider whether stoning a woman to death for adultery might be, well, a wee bit harsh. The site’s notes: The LBC presenter, himself a Muslim, insisted that elements of the Quran are […]

The ludicrous ways that gay and transgender people defend Islam in the name of “social justice”

Let’s face it: gays, women, and transgender people shouldn’t be defending Islam, for that faith has an abysmal record of tolerating these groups. We all know about the oppression of women by Islam, and homosexuality can be punished by execution in Yemen, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia (punishment there can be stoning!), Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, […]

Saudi Arabia sentences man to death for apostasy

Yes, this is the nation that the UN put on both it’s human rights and women’s rights councils. It’s a nation where, according to many sources (I quote the Independent), a man has been sentences to death not for blaphemy—for impugning Mohamed or Islam—but for apostasy: renouncing Islam. He’s going to die because he’s an […]

Heather Hastie on female genital mutilation and Islam

The other day I wrote a bit about those apologists who claim that female genital mutilation (FGM) has nothing to do with Islam (it’s all culture, Jake!), citing an earlier refutation of that claim by Heather Hastie.  FGM apologists like Reza Aslan are ubiquitous, and how many people know enough about the issue to evaluate the […]

Once again, is female genital mutilation connected with Islam?

According to CBS in Detroit, Michelle Hoitenga, a state representative in Michigan, has introduced a bill (see it here) that in effect bans sharia law, although U.S. law already supersedes sharia law and the bill seems completely unnecessary and anti-Muslim.  The bill doesn’t specifically mention sharia law, but that’s clearly its aim: A bill to […]

Muslim teenager filmed dancing in Birmingham gets vilified and threatened; feminists refuse to condemn the threats, but Maajid Nawaz does

As we know, much of the Left (the “nonliberal” or “authoritarian” or “regressive” Left) has made concessions to illiberalism. When a religion whose members are mostly “people of color,” like, Islam, then it’s considered judicious to ignore the oppressive beliefs of that religion: homophobia, misogyny, censorship, demonization and calls for the murder of cartoonists, nonbelivers and […]

Bangladesh set to reduce allowable age of child marriage to zero

According to the site Girls Not Brides, since 1929 the legal age of marriage in Bangladesh is 18 for women and 21 for men. Yet the law is widely flouted: 52% of Bangladeshi girls are married by 18, and 18% by the age of 15. This is the second highest rate of child marriage on the planet. […]