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Song contest: win a book

Here’s another song contest. To win, you have to name all of the songs (and artists) that mention the following items (mostly foods, but not all of them). Every song was at least a minor hit, and all are rock and roll (no rap or folk). The winner gets an autographed copy of the new […]

The Queen: Aretha Franklin

The New Yorker is much better on the arts than on the sciences; one example is David Remnick’s article on Aretha Franklin, “Soul Survivor,” which appeared in the April 4 issue. It’s largely about the Queen’s gospel roots, but one of its best features is simply calling attention to some of Aretha’s great performances. Here are two, with Remnick’s […]

Newly published photos of Amy Winehouse

Okay, it’s from PuffHo, but even a blind tabloid can harbor an acorn. Her are some previously unpublished photos of La Winehouse. I like them because they were taken on the cusp of fame, and before her downward slide into bulimia, drugs, and depression. Here she looks happy and healthy. Indented text is from the article. […]

New Janis Joplin documentary from PBS

I’ve watched only part of this 1.7-hour PBS documentary from the American Masters series, “Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue,” but I like it. And if you like La Joplin, watch it soon, as it will expire at the end of May, and then you can’t see it any more. It was aired, as noted below, on […]

Oy, am I OLD!

Reader Gary called my attention to this magazine, which is over a year old already. In case you don’t know, AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons, described by Wikipedia as “a membership organization for geriatrics”. I get mailings from thm all the time, asking me to join, buy life insurance, etc. I […]

Google Doodle for Prince

It didn’t take Google long to put up this gif in honor of Prince, who died today. If you click on the original you’ll go to this page.

Prince died

Yes, the singer Prince, who was only 57. The cause of death is unknown, though he was reportedly suffering from flu-like symptoms a few days ago. But he’d done a concert, and looked fine, after that. This is the year when rock stars die. I’m dreading when the last Beatle dies (it will be Ringo). […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Good morning! Jerry is back on the road again today, metaphorically anyway; so I am on Hili Dialogue Duty for this morning. As always, Jerry will join us later on. Over in Poland, Hili is thinking of herself again; although this time my sympathies lie with the cat. Sand in the bed is […]

Amy: “All My Loving”

I’ve been spending a bit of time listening to Amy Winehouse on YouTube and iTunes (thanks to a friend for sending me files). She’s an interesting and tragic figure, but a lot of her music is splendid. One thing I’ve noticed is the nature of the comments on her YouTube videos. In contrast to comments for […]

Amy Winehouse: “I love you more than you’ll ever know”

I first heard this song on the classic rock album “Child is Father to the Man,” (1968), by Blood, Sweat & Tears. It was written by Al Kooper—one of several great songs on that underappreciated debut album (Kooper soon left the group and was replaced by David Clayton-Thomas). Do listen to the original version here. But since we’re listening to La […]