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Amy Winehouse: “I love you more than you’ll ever know”

I first heard this song on the classic rock album “Child is Father to the Man,” (1968), by Blood, Sweat & Tears. It was written by Al Kooper—one of several great songs on that underappreciated debut album (Kooper soon left the group and was replaced by David Clayton-Thomas). Do listen to the original version here. But since we’re listening to La […]

Amy Winehouse: “Me and Mr. Jones”

Things are gonna be sparse on this site till I get back to the states on Sunday morning, but I didn’t do all that badly, right? And we’ll even had a Caturday Felid today. In the meantime, enjoy “Me & Mr Jones,” by the late Amy Winehouse. This is a live version from the Isle of […]

Amy Winehouse: “Back to black”

I don’t want to leave without posting moar Amy Winehouse. This song, “Back to Black,” is from her last studio album of the same name. She was the Taylor Swift of her era (but more talented)—rehashing her romantic debacles in her music. The affair mentioned here was with the sleazeball Blake Fielder-Civil, who not only introduced Winehouse […]

Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse: Body and Soul

For years I had ignored Amy Winehouse, assuming that she was just a mediocre rock singer. Of course, I’d never hear a single song of hers. And then, on a plane coming back from England, I watched the new documentary about her, “Amy“, and I was just blown away. (The movie is, by the way, […]

The Staves (coming to the US and Canada)

We haven’t heard from The Staves in a while, and, in truth, I don’t know what new music they’r making; but they’re coming to Canada and The States this summer (including Chicago!; see link below). Here’s an old performance of their song “Open,” recorded live and outdoors (on a boat) in Paris: Their tour, whose schedule is […]

George Martin died

According to the New York Times and other venues, George Martin, the hugely talented arranger and producer whose contributions to the Beatles’ albums got him dubbed “the fifth Beatle”, has died at 90. He was in fact SIR George Martin, knighted for his work. It’s hard to imagine the Beatles without him: songs like Eleanor […]

Google Doodle celebrates Clara Rockmore and the THEREMIN

Today is the 105th birthday of Clara Rockmore (1911-1988), a woman you’ve probably never heard of. But she was the greatest virtuoso of the theremin, that weird musical instrument patented by Russian Léon Theremin in 1928 (Rockmore and he were friends).  Over the years, the instrument became largely a novelty and fell into disuse—remember hearing it on the Beach […]

The Carpenters Live at the BBC

Some of the best live concerts available on YouTube are those taped live at the BBC in the 1970s, including Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and Karen Carpenter, born on this day in 1950. In honor of the birthday of the woman with the best voice ever, here’s the entire 35-minute Carpenters concert from 1971. She was 21. […]

The weird little symphony you never knew existed

by Grania This is a whimsical track put together from Windows XP and 98 audio sounds – the dings and clicks the Operating System plays when commands run or don’t run as luck and the laws of physics would have it. I don’t know the original source. I found it on Computers Are Sad Too tumblr. […]

Bad Sneakers

If you’re a regular, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Steely Dan, a band that always performed fantastically in the studio but was pretty bad live. Here, though, is one of their best recordings, “Bad Sneakers” from the 1975 album Katy Lied (“Dr. Wu,” the song from which the album’s title was taken, is […]


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