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The best Beach Boys songs

I don’t know how I got onto this, perhaps because I came across The Beach Boys song “Heroes and Villains” the other day. I immediately thought of the group, which I liked a lot as a teenager, and wondered “what were their best songs?” And so I pondered a bit (I don’t really have to […]

The Staves’s new album

I haven’t heard much from the Staves lately, though I used to post their music when I found it online. It turns out they’ve been on tour, but they’ve also been making a new album, “If I Was” (a line from their wonderful song, “Blood I Bled”). The album is now out, and here’s a […]

Daily chorus of farm cats

Let’s end the day with some cat cacophony. You’re either going to like this video and its attendant cat chorus, or find it grating. So be it. Here’s the story from Paws Planet: Farmer Corey Karmann has a pack of twelve kitties in his farm. The gang does a good job keeping the rats at […]

“I need to be in love”

It’s clearly a Black Dog Day: the old beast is nigh, growling and stinking, and we’ll fend him off with Karen Carpenter—Kryptonite for black dogs. Here she is singing what she considered her favorite song, “I need to be in love“. She’s already showing signs of anorexia here, but she put her heart in every […]

“Skylark” (and lagniappe)

This wonderful song, written by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer in 1941, has been covered many times, including a soft orchestral rendition by Linda Rondstadt in 1984. But no version, I think, tops that of Anita O’Day in 1941, performed with Gene Krupa’s orchestra. She does it as a jazz ballad, complete with a terrific trumpet […]

My favorite Eagles songs

It’s the end of the week and I’m taking off early to have some fun. Here’s some music to end the day—at least for me. The Eagles is one of those groups, like Fleetwood Mac, that I learned to appreciate only after they’d faded away. Some of their songs I like, and some I have […]

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”: Old versus Purified versions

Here’s the original version of the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. The first half shows Betty Grable and Ricardo “Corinthian Leather” Montalban; the second Red Skelton and Red Skelton and Betty Garrett. The song was written by Frank Loesser in 1944, was sung by him and his wife at parties, and first appeared in this movie: “Neptune’s Daughter” […]

Wake up with Mojo Boogie!

Here’s Johnny Winter, who, along with his brother Edgar, are the only albino rock stars I know of, doing a smoking rendition of Mojo Boogie in Sweden in 1987. Sadly, Johnny died in 2014. From Ultimate Classic Rock: Winter is widely recognized as being one of the greatest slide guitar players of all-time. And while […]

A man raps to his cat (and a poll)

Well, it looks as if the government is going to shut down in about 8.5 hours. If you were going to go to the Smithsonian today, do it now.  But first, place your bets here, then I’ll show you a cat rapper: Your reward for voting: Moshow the Cat Rapper making up a spontaneous rap […]

The origin of human music? Male palm cockatoos use a stick to beat rhythmically on hollow trees

The palm cockatoo, Probosciger aterrimus, is a gorgeous bird found in New Guinea, the Aru Islands of Indonesia, and northern Australia. They can live for ages; there’s one report that a female gave birth for the first time at age 65, though I’m not sure I believe it since the oldest confirmed age in captivity is 56, […]