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“Long River”

This poignant song, on Gordon Lightfoot’s best album, the 1965 “Lightfoot!,” resembles “Sixteen Miles” as a requiem for lost love in a cabin in the wilderness. But it’s not, as one reader has maintained, a clone of that song (that miscreant reader falsely claimed that all Lightfoot songs sound the same!). “Long River” was composed by Lightfoot.

Sixteen Miles

We’re continuing right on along with the songs from Gordon Lightfoot’s 1966 album Lightfoot!, I realized that most of the songs on that album fall into two categories: 1) Lightfoot spurning a woman, and 2) A woman spurning Lightfoot. Today’s song, one of my favorites on the album, falls into class 2. “Sixteen Miles (to Seven Lakes)” […]

Pride of Man

We continue on with the songs of Gordon Lightfoot from his first (and best) album “Lightfoot!“, released in 1966. “Pride of Man,” was written by Hamilton Camp (1934-2005), and is one of only three cuts on the album not composed by Lightfoot. It’s religious—almost like the book of Deuteronomy set to music—but it’s still a great song.

The Way I Feel

I haven’t forgotten about Gordon Lightfoot week; but the songs may appear episodically. We’re listening to music from his first and greatest album, Lightfoot!, which came out in 1966, when I was a junior in high school. “The Way I Feel,” a moving lament for broken love, uses the nature similes common in Lightfoot songs. And notice […]

Caturday felid: Gusiversary!

Today happens to be exactly one year since reader Carol Piller adopted Gus the snow-white cat, a cat deliberately trapped in an outdoor cage last winter by a miscreant, and who, as a result, lost most of his ears to frostbite. But after the local humane society rescued him, Gus found a loving home, and has now […]

Lightfoot! I. For Loving Me

I don’t have the statistics, but I suspect that, given its population, Canada has produced more great singers and songwriters per capita, both in folk and pop music, than the U.S. There’s Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, Leonard Cohen, the McGarrigle sisters, Sarah McLaughlan, and on and on. And of course there’s Gordon Lightfoot (b. […]

My Back Pages

Here’s ensemble of rock greats at Dylan’s 30th anniversary concert in 1992 (!). The split screen is annoying, but this is the best version I can embed. No twerking, no flames, no flashing lights, no dancing M&Ms:  just fantastic music—and great solos by Clapton and Young. If you don’t know who everyone is, you need to bone up. […]

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

People decry the popular music of the 1980s, and in general they’re right. But there are exceptions, and this song, by the British group Tears for Fears, is one. Released in 1985, it rose to #1 on the U.S.’s Billboard Hot 100 chart and got the award for Britain’s best single in 1986. It was the […]

Dr. Wu

I’ve put up my two favorite Steely Dan songs before, but I heard favorite on my iPod while walking in to work, and thought I’d share it.  Anybody who wants to guess what it means is welcome to comment, for I have no fricking clue what it’s about, though drugs are clearly involved. (Typical of Dan […]

Tai Tomar Anando Amar Por

One of the highlights of my trip so far has been a visit to Shantiniketan, the “university” founded by the the polymathic poet/artist/novelist/playwright/songwriter/educator Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). Tagore came from a wealthy family of landowners, and many of his relatives were renowned artists. But Rabrindranath was by far the most famous. He took up painting at the age of 60 (producing […]


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