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Fleetwood Mac: “The Chain”

I forgot that it’s Fleetwood Mac Week, so please accept this belated live version of “The Chain” (from the concert and record The Dance, with the album celebrating its 20th anniversary). I may in fact take all the cuts from that concert, for it was superb. “The Chain” is the only song on the Rumours album […]

Fleetwood Mac: “Say You Love Me”

I declare this Fleetwood Mac Week, and I’ll put up some of my favorite tunes. This one, “Say you love me,” is among them, written by Christine McVie for the 1975 “Fleetwood Mac” album. Here she performs it 12 years later in one of the live tracks from “The Dance“—a recording before an audience in Burbank, California that […]

Stevie Nicks: an impromptu “Wild Heart”

UPDATE: As Wikipedia notes, this is actually the first time the song was performed, and the other singer is Nicks’s soon-to-be sister in law, Lori Perry-Nicks. And the entry adds this: The famous video was recorded during a Rolling Stone photo shoot in 1981. It starts with Nicks singing a rendition of Love In Store, […]

John Fahey: “Wine and Roses”

So we had some John Fahey yesterday, but I’m going to put up one more song: one of my favorites. This is a rare video of a very young John Fahey playing what’s identified as “Red Pony.” However, I think the song is misidentified, as I’ve long known it as “Wine and Roses” from his Takoma album Dance of Death […]

Amazing music machine with marbles

This stunning machine was invented and produced by Martin Molin, a Swedish vibraphone player. It’s fricking stupendous: a tour de force of imagination, technology, and mesmerizing sound. Makery describes its inception (excerpts from the article are indented): The good thing about Sweden in winter is that the sun sets early—which gives you plenty of time to […]

“Oh Shenandoah”

I was going to do an anti-Trump post about how Republicans are trying to sell 3.3 million acres of public land, but screw it: let’s have some music. There’s plenty of malfeasance to come, and I don’t want to devote too many posts to what you can read in the newspapers. “Oh Shenandoah”, an old […]

Butch Trucks dies at 69

Unless you’re an Allman Brothers fan, as I am (or rather, was), you probably haven’t heard of Butch Trucks, but he was one of the co-founders of—and, along with Jaimoe, a main drummer for—the greatest “southern rock” band of all time, and in the top five of my greatest bands of any kind. His real […]

Glen Campbell: guitarist extraordinaire

Nosing about YouTube the other day, I came across the first video below showing Glen Campbell playing one of his most famous songs, written by John Hartford. (Can you identify the other country greats onstage?). I was amazed at the quality of his solo beginning at 1:25, but then discovered that his great picking is […]

Holiday music

There’s no room for most people to brain today since all the blood has been diverted from the brain to the stomach, so let’s have some holiday music.  The first six songs were contributed by Grania (her notes are indented), starting off with an unusual one-take performance of “Sleigh Ride” by Nataly Dawn and Clara C: […]

An evening with Linda Ronstadt

Reader Chris Bonds wrote me that he was going to attend a presentation by singer Linda Ronstadt at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Thursday. I asked him to let me know how it went, and he provided a detailed report. I asked permission to post it here, which he kindly provided; I know a lot […]