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Caturday felid trifecta: cat controls yappy dog, cats sleeping weirdly, free cat rap album

Once again we start your Saturday with three cat-related items. In the first, a cat, by virtue of its power and magnificence, controls a yappy d*g: ******* And here’s a nice video of cats sleeping in weird positions. (Sometimes I wish I were a cat, for never have I seen a cat have trouble sleeping!) […]

Buffalo Springfield Week: “Broken Arrow”

“Broken Arrow“, from the album “Buffalo Springfield Again” (1967) is certainly the most complex—and, at 6:11, the longest—of all the group’s songs. It’s the last song in our Buffalo Springfield Week series, and, of course, is by Neil Young. It was recorded when he was only 22, and already ridden with angst. Wikipedia gives a much better summary […]

Buffalo Springfield Week: Rock & Roll Woman

We have two more songs in Buffalo Springfield Week, which will finish up nicely tomorrow. This song, clearly by Stephen Stills, appeared on the “Buffalo Springfield Again” album in 1967. Back then Stills had a great, gravelly blues voice, as you can see on this cut. The guitar work is superb, and the change of pace and […]

Buffalo Springfield Week; VI: “I Am a Child”

I believe there are three days left to go in Buffalo Springfield week. This song, “I am a child,” comes from the last of the Buffalo Springfield’s non-retrospective albums, “Last Time Around” (1968).  It is, of course, a Neil Young composition, and Young for once got to sing lead vocal. I doubt that most Buffalo […]

Buffalo Springfield Week, IV: “Expecting to Fly”

“Expecting to Fly” is clearly a song written by Neil Young, and, for once, he (rather than Richie Furay) got to sing it—on the 1967 “Buffalo Springfield Again” album. Produced by the multitalented Jack Nitzsche (1937-2000), who played keyboard on the album, it features only Young, harmonizing with himself along with a full orchestral backing: the rest of […]

Buffalo Springfield Week; III. “Bluebird”

In my dotage I forgot to post a song from this series yesterday, but let’s press on. Any real “rocker” song from Buffalo Springfield was probably composed by Stephen Stills. And this is his best of that genre from the group: “Bluebird,” which appeared on the classic “Buffalo Springfield Again” (1967). That album also has his […]

Buffalo Springfield Week: “Flying on the Ground is Wrong”

Buffalo Springfield, one of my favorite bands of all time, lasted just a few years (1966-1968) and produced but three albums. But their influence on music was profound—if for no other reason than that the band helped mold the later careers of both Stephen Stills and Neil Young. But the Springfield’s songs stand on their own: things of beauty—as […]

Neil Young live at the BBC

The BBC concerts are some of the best live performances I’ve seen, and here’s a wonderful half hour with Neil Young, the dark man in the plaid shirt. This was in 1971, when Young was only 26. (Did you know that his middle name is “Percival”?) My three favorites in this performance are “Out on the Weekend,” (the […]

Songs the Beatles never recorded but were hits for others

It’s not widely known, except perhaps among Beatlephiles, that Lennon and McCartney wrote several songs they never recorded, with several of them becoming huge hits for other groups. Here, for example, is a song that readers of a certain age will remember: “Bad to Me” by Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas. Written by John Lennon, it was […]

Tenor sings opera during craniotomy

Reader Gijs sent me this today, with the note “I’ve never sent you anything to post about and I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t post this. But I couldn’t think of a better audience to view this video than your audience. If this doesn’t bring a tear to one’s eye I don’t know what will.” I […]


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