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Seth Andrews and his colleagues (and I) review “The Atheist Delusion”, Ray Comfort’s new anti-evolution and pro-God movie

I previewed creationist Ray Comfort’s new movie, “The Atheist Delusion“, in July, but didn’t know the contents. Now that it’s out, we see that, like his previous movie (“Evolution versus God“) this one again takes the form of an “atheist-stumper,” in which, like his previous movie, Comfort asks non-scientists scientific questions that they can’t answer, thereby […]

Ray Comfort’s new film “The Atheist Delusion”

Ray Comfort’s last movie, “Evolution vs God” (you can see the whole 38-minute movie here), was execrable: Comfort ran around asking people whether they ever saw evolution in “real time,” and if they didn’t he said, “Aha, evolution doesn’t work!”. The trick, of course, that these people, who weren’t scientists, had to give some “observable” evidence, […]

“Bacon and God’s Wrath” for international viewers

It seems that several viewers outside the U.S. were unable to see the lovely short film “Bacon & God’s Wrath” that I mentioned yesterday. Reader Heather Hastie found a link that worked–at least in New Zealand. Click on the screenshot below, and then go to the right, where it says “watch the short film,” click on […]

Google Doodle celebrates Lotte Reiniger

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 117th birthday of a little-known German animated filmmaker, Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981), with a 1½ minute animation, in her style, that you can see by clicking the screenshot below. Here’s one of her shorter movies, “Cinderella” (“Aschenputtel”) made in 1922, several years before sound was added to movies: Four years later she made the […]

New Janis Joplin documentary from PBS

I’ve watched only part of this 1.7-hour PBS documentary from the American Masters series, “Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue,” but I like it. And if you like La Joplin, watch it soon, as it will expire at the end of May, and then you can’t see it any more. It was aired, as noted below, on […]

“God is a Boob Man”: a nice parody

Thanks to several readers for sending me this clip from yesterday’s Saturday Night Live. It’s very clearly a parody of the risible movie “God’s Not Dead 2,” starring Melissa Joan Hart—famed in her previous life as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. To see the model, the trailer of GND2, click here. Even the lettering is the same. I don’t […]

The decline of good Hollywood movies

In my post on Stephen Fry, several readers took issue with my claim that Hollywood was being taken over by blockbuster action movies, usually connected with franchises, and that was a sign of declining standards. But the turn of Hollywood to reliably profitable “action” movies is a real phenomenon, and I recommend that readers have […]

De Niro pulls his anti-vaxxer film and explains why

As Greg and I posted yesterday, Robert De Niro pushed to have Andrew Wakefield’s new film, ““Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” included in the Tribeca Film Festival. He and his wife have an autistic child, which might explain why he was so gung-ho on showing a film that paints Wakefield as a hero and the […]

“Other ways of knowing”: Out of Africa

I’ve been in long-term “discussions” (a euphemism for “arguments”) with some people who claim that the humanities—in particular art, music, and literature—constitute “ways of knowing” that tell us facts about the universe either unattainable by science, unverifiable by science, or truths first revealed by literature and later verifiable by science. Often these arguments are made by […]

Trump rally features cringe-making “Freedom Kids”

Just to show you how low American politics have fallen, here’s a video of the “entertainment” during a Donald Tump Rally in Pensacola, Florida three days ago. Read a bit more about the “Freedom Kids” at Mother Jones. The tune, if you don’t recognize it, is “Over There” by American showman George M. Cohan, written to […]