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New movie about atheist pastors: “Losing Our Religion”

Reader Keith called my attention to a new movie coming out in September, “Losing Our Religion”, a documentary about the Clergy Project started by Linda LaScola and Dan Dennett to provide a haven and discussion group for preachers who had lost their faith. The movie’s website is here, and here’s a summary: Losing Our Religion is […]

How an IMAX projector works

I’m worn out by the Charlottesville business, and depressed that some readers are calling for speech bans. We won’t discuss that in this thread (there are other posts where you can do that). Instead, let’s learn how an IMAX projector works. I’ve been to a few IMAX movies, the first being “Flying” or “Flight” (can’t […]

Sam Shepard died

I’m sad to report that actor and playwright Sam Shepard died Thursday at his home in Kentucky. He was just 73, but was the victim of ALS, a horribly cruel disease. (His death was, I believe, just announced today.) Shepard wrote 44 plays (one of which, “Buried Child” won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in […]

“Kedi”: a short review

I’ve mentioned the movie “Kedi” several times on this site; it’s an 80-minute documentary about the cats of Istanbul (“kedi” means “cat” in Turkish, and is said to be the origin of the word “kitty”), and was conceived and directed by Ceyda Torun, a woman who grew up in Istanbul and now lives in the […]

Harper’s Bazaar becomes Everyday Feminism, says “Wonder Woman” movie is insufficiently intersectional

When the Wonder Woman movie came out a few weeks ago, starring the Israeli actor Gal Gadot in the title role and directed by Patty Jenkins, it was universally acclaimed as a triumph for feminism, not only because of its star and director, but because by all accounts the movie was good. It garnered a […]

A new film on anti-Semitism: up for one day, but in German

The German film “Auserwählt und ausgegrenzt – Der Hass auf Juden in Europa” (“Chosen and excluded: the hatred of Jews in Europe”) is online illegally, but only for a day. It is highly regarded as thorough and honest, and you can read about it on the German Wikipedia, which will translate the piece into English […]

Israeli Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman poses a dilemma for regressives: feminism vs. Israeli “genocide”?

The enormous financial success of the “Wonder Woman” movie has created another dilemma for regressive leftists. On the one hand, it’s a highly rated action movie that stars a woman and was directed by a woman. Chalk one up for feminism, and I’m glad for that. But on the other hand, it was soon ferreted […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson messes up a bit about linguistics

Most of us are picky about errors that laypeople make about our fields of expertise—as I’ve learned from the many misstatements I’ve made on this website. And that goes double for linguists, whose job is often to be picky about language itself. Here’s a tw**t from Neil deGrasse Tyson that has raised the hackles of some linguists. In […]

A Chicago student rates movies by the pigmentation of their actors

I couldn’t swear to you that our student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, represents the sentiments of students in general, for of course there’s probably a selection bias about who contributes. But the contributors are almost uniformly Regressive Leftists, and, judging by what I see on campus, that ideology is pretty widespread.  I occasionally give examples, and […]

Mahershala Ali wins Oscar; Pakistani’s UN representative deletes congratulatory tweet after finding out Ali’s the “wrong kind of Muslim”

It’s not just Leftist apologists who claim to know who “real Muslims” are, dismissing those who practice or espouse terrorism, for instance, as “not real Muslims,” or “not practicing true Islam.” Muslims themselves are even stronger discriminators, and that’s been true since Shia and Sunni split centuries ago. In fact, members of different sects regularly kill […]