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A new must-see movie on the Vatican’s coverup of child abuse

I haven’t yet seen the movie “Spotlight,” but reader Tom C. sent me an email headed “Sockless in Toronto”, which said this: I’m in Toronto at the Toronto International Film Festival sans socks because they have been blown off by a movie I felt I should give you a heads-up about as it doesn’t open […]

Omar Sharif, 1932-2015

by Greg Mayer Omar Sharif, the Egyptian film star, bridge master, and bon vivant, died earlier today in Cairo. The cause, at age 83, was a heart attack. Beginning as a star of Egyptian cinema, he became a figure of worldwide fame, starring in major roles in both British and American films. Two roles, especially, […]

Google Doodle celebrates Japanese fantasy filmmaker

Today’s interactive Google Doodle (click the screenshot below to go to the animation) involves making your own movie. As Google explains, this interactive Doodle (which I haven’t figured out how to work, but is surely easy) is a homage to Japanese monster-and-sci-fi-movie director Eiji Tsuburaya (“Godzilla” etc.), who, had he not died, would be 114 […]

Brother Tayler’s Sunday Secular Sermon: Colton Burpo, Sean Hannity, and the scam of “Heaven is For Real”

I’ve written several times about the trio of “I-almost-died-but-went-to-Heaven-and-it’s-real” books, including the discredited Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, the discredited The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven by Kevin and Alex Malarkey (good names) and the not-yet-discredited Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, detailing Colton Burpo’s (Todd son’s) visit to Heaven (including […]

Cowardly University of Maryland cancels showing of “American Sniper” after Muslim complaints

My first job was at the University of Maryland, where I taught for over 4 years. I was quite happy there, and so I’m extra distressed to hear that, after Muslim students complained, the University postponed a showing of the Clint Eastwood-directed film, “American Sniper.” FOX News reports (but the Washington Post corroborates): The University […]

“The Hitch”, a wonderful new film about Hitchens: and it’s free!

Matthew Cobb called my attention to a tw**t by Richard Dawkins: And, sure enough, there’s a one hour and 22 minute documentary about Hitchens that I’d somehow missed. Perhaps readers have seen it before, as it’s been posted for 11 months. I’ve now watched it, and it is indeed very good. Take some time, put it […]

Lowenstein. . . Lowenstein

But it is the mystery of life that sustains me now. And I look to the North . . . and I wish again that there were two lives apportioned to every man. . .

The phinal Philomena

It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you that, after today’s post, we’ll have exhausted all of Philomena Cunk’s “Moments of Wonder” clips—and I don’t know if there will be any more. But reader Alex kindly called my attention the new posting on YouTube of the entire episode of “Weekly Wipe” from last Friday, and if you […]

Steven’s Oscar predictions: how good were they?

On January 20, my nephew Steven, a movie maven of great insight, made his predictions for the 2014 Oscar winners, which I posted here. Let’s see how well he did this year. In the list below, Steven’s predictions are in regular type, and the actual winners are in bold: Picture: Boyhood WRONG: Birdman Director: Richard Linklater, Boyhood WRONG: Alejandro González Iñárritu […]

Nominees for The Golden Steve Awards

As he does yearly, my movie-maven nephew Steven, with his usual hubris, has nominated last year’s movies for what he humbly calls the “Golden Steve” awards. As he says on his website “Truth at 24“: Far and away the most coveted of motion picture accolades, Golden Steves are frequently described as the Oscars without the […]


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