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Pope Francis endorses the fake Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin, which is revered by many Catholics as the real cloth that covered Jesus’s body after his crucifixion, is of course a fake. First, have a look at it again. You can see the image of Jesus in both fore and aft views, his hands covering his genitals.   The first record […]

Michael Nugent kicks butt on miracles

Here are two clips from a recent debate in Ireland on miracles, especially the so-called “miracle cures” that supposedly occur at Lourdes, France and similar shrines. On a panel of faitheists, priests, and advocates of the divine, Michael Nugent, head of Atheist Ireland, holds his own against the existence of miracles in an intellectually hostile but […]

More “miracles” with the Malaysian jet

It’s a common atheist trope to call out those people who, after a tragedy, say that those who survived were spared by God, or that such survivals were “miraculous”. In fact, such criticism has become so common that it’s almost a cheap shot, and yet it’s still worth pointing out the hypocrisy implicit in asserting […]

The Shroud of Turin: why religion is a pseudoscience

A recent article by Carpinteri et al. (no link or free download, but judicious inquiry may yield you a pdf) demonstrates the two ways that religion is a pseudoscience.  The first is that it relies on empirical claims to buttress its dogma. While Sophisticated Theologians™ may argue that God is beyond all evidence, being some […]

A miracle cheesecake in Arizona

In a short piece called “Holy sighting on Scottsdale cheesecake,” reports one of the loonier miracles I’ve heard of  It’s not even the face of Jesus on the cheesecake, either, but simply a cross.  There’s a video on the site, whose entire narration is below (I love the “objective journalism” of the last sentence): […]

Why are there miracles for Africans but not Americans?

Inquiring minds want to know. All over Africa, the Lord performs miracles on a regular basis, including healing of the blind and lame—and even resurrections! But here in the U.S.? Not so much. In fact, beyond the quotidian Jesuses in tortillas and tree stumps, I haven’t heard of a good old-fashioned miracle in ages. No […]

The enigmatic ways of God

Thanks Ceiling Cat that guest poster Sigmund is back after a hiatus, and forwarded me two items from the American news. The first, from CNN, involves the reaction of a woman who survived the crash of a small plane into her house.  Although she emerged unscathed, all three people on board were killed. (CNN) — […]

A miracle!

Ceiling Cat appears in an iceberg!  And not just the face—the whole body!  (The tracing to the right is hardly needed): All praise to Him from whom all noms come. h/t: Janice


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