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Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tony Eales from Oz sent us some mimics; his words are indented. (See yesterday’s post on mantid flies.) I photographed a couple of wild mimics yesterday. First was a large Mantis Fly, Euclimacia nuchalis, mimicking a large brown paper-wasp similar to this wasp. Here’s the fly: And the wasp (not Tony’s photo): Also yet another ant-mimicking […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Thanks to all for sending in photos, and remember that I’m always looking for good new ones. The first one today, sent by reader Hempenstein, shows a brown inchworm from Vermont, the larva of a geometrid moth. The resemblance to a twig is stunning: Perhaps Lou Jost in Ecuador can help with this one, but […]

Here’s the katydid!

Did you find it? Here’s the original picture by Siggy, followed by the reveal, and then a photo of the insect on the lumber where he found it and on the lichen it seems to mimic. Original: Reveal: On a board: On lichen: Siggy added this: I found this PDF that seems to describe the same […]

Adorable (and cryptic) golden plover chicks

As usual, Matthew Cobb is the fount of all animal tw**ts. Here are two good ones: chicks of what I guess to be the European golden plover, Pluvialis apricaria. Very late golden plover hatchlings. Still beautiful! #fieldwork — Camilo Carneiro (@Camilo_Carneiro) July 16, 2017 I have no idea whether this is camouflage for a mossy […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tony Eales from Queensland sent a spider and a beetle, both mimicking ants. His notes are indented. Came across another ant mimicking jumping spider. I seriously thought it was an ant until I got the camera on it. One of the gurus from the Australian Arachnid Photography page reckons it’s Myrmarachne erythrocephala. It’s clearly […]

Guess the mimic

From entomologist/photographer Alex Wild, courtesy of Matthew Cobb: This is not an ant. — Alex Wild (@Myrmecos) June 3, 2017

Two remarkable cases of mimicry

Both of these cases were found by Matthew Cobb on Twi**er, and I’ve enlarged the photos at the bottom: A pile of broken sticks: 2 Buff-tip Moths. NW Worcestershire, 27 May 2017. #teammoth — Moths & Mothing (@j_sparey) May 28, 2017 and Leaf Katydid (Phyllomimus sp., Pseudophyllinae, Tettigoniidae) #insect #China #itchydogimages #entomology — […]

Why aren’t there more green butterflies?

Matthew found this question on the BBC’s Discover Wildlife site; click on the screenshot below to the “answer”, which I reproduce below. The picture is of the green hairstreak (Callophrys rubi), Britain’s only green butterfly. First, though, this species is not completely green—the color is only on the bottom of the wings, which it folds as shown, […]

A spider that mimics a beetle

Matthew Cobb sent me another remarkable case of mimicry, revealed in this tweet: Remember how we talked about ant mimic spiders? Well this jumping spider is a beetle mimic! Photo: G.Anderson — realscientists (@realscientists) May 5, 2017 The link leads to an article on the site that gives this information under the heading […]

Moths that may mimic spiders

Since it’s Darwin Day, I’ve featured only evolution-related issues, and let’s finish with some amazing pictures by photographer and entomologist Gil Wizen, taken from his eponymous website (with permission; note that he also has a Twitter page and a Facebook page).  (N.b.: the photos are used with permission and cannot be reproduced further.) In a post called “Petrophilia“, […]