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A deceased reader’s wildlife photos

Today we have photos from Andreas Kay, a superb  nature photographer who lived in Ecuador and who came to my notice when he rediscovered the frog Atelopus coynei and wrote to inform me in 2012. Andreas died of brain cancer last October at only 56. Lou Jost, who knew Andreas and now has custody of his […]

RIP Andreas Kay

Andreas Kay, known to me as the naturalist and photographer who redisovered Atelopus coynei, has died, and died too soon (I believe he was just 56, and had contracted brain cancer). I was informed of his death by two people, and I’ve asked Lou Jost, who knew him, to write a brief memoriam. I’ve put […]

Pete Moulton died

I was shocked to hear that Pete Moulton, a regular contributor of fabulous bird, mammal and insect photos to this site, died on March 29.  I don’t know what happened except that Diana MacPherson, who along with me was Pete’s Facebook friend, said he’d been in and out of the hospital. I never met Pete […]

The Lagers: A farewell letter from a doomed woman

This article from the Indy [Indianapolis] Star is more than a year old, but I still found it moving and wanted to call it to your attention (there’s a similar piece with additional information in the 2019 Journal Review). Click on the screenshot to read the Star piece, whose words I’ve put in indents below: […]

Grania’s memorial service

Michael Nugent kindly filmed Grania’s memorial service in Cork, including words from her sisters and her friends (including me), and he also put pictures from the service on the Atheist Ireland website. The 43-minute YouTube video is embedded below, and I’ve added a few pictures from Michael’s website below that. As I write this on […]

More tributes to Grania

Atheist Ireland (AI) posted a lovely tribute to Grania on its site yesterday. It was written by its President, Michael Nugent—who knew Grania well—and tells about her activities for AI (she was one of its founders as well as its first secretary), her penchant for gaming, and other things I did not put in my […]

Monument to Wallace unveiled in Indonesia

by Greg Mayer George Beccaloni, fellow Wallaceophile, has sent word that a monument to Alfred Russel Wallace has been erected on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. As described at the Alfred Russel Wallace Website of the Wallace Memorial Fund by George and Simon Purser, the monument is a full bust, greater than life size (about […]

The last words of a dying classmate

One of my classmates—a guy I knew slightly but who was greatly liked—passed away a few days ago from stomach cancer. This was very sad, but he leavened his own passing with his last words. Here’s the last bit of his obituary: Such was the rebellious and Leftist Class of 1971 at the College of […]

Live coverage of John McCain’s service in Washington (10 a.m. ET)

NBC News is livestreaming on YouTube the memorial service for John McCain at Washington National Cathedral. The cortege stopped at the Vietnam Memorial so Cindy McCain could lay a wreath—a poignant moment (go to 45 minutes in the feed). You can see the service livestreamed below; the service starts in about 10 minutes, and features […]

The life and death of a reader’s cat

Reader Amy reports the death of her beloved cat, “Kitten”, but also sent some pictures of his long and happy life. This post is Amy’s memorial to Kitten. Her words are indented, and do read and pay attention to Amy’s final remark: I seem recall a recent post where a WEIT reader’s cat died of […]