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Monument to Wallace unveiled in Indonesia

by Greg Mayer George Beccaloni, fellow Wallaceophile, has sent word that a monument to Alfred Russel Wallace has been erected on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. As described at the Alfred Russel Wallace Website of the Wallace Memorial Fund by George and Simon Purser, the monument is a full bust, greater than life size (about […]

The last words of a dying classmate

One of my classmates—a guy I knew slightly but who was greatly liked—passed away a few days ago from stomach cancer. This was very sad, but he leavened his own passing with his last words. Here’s the last bit of his obituary: Such was the rebellious and Leftist Class of 1971 at the College of […]

Live coverage of John McCain’s service in Washington (10 a.m. ET)

NBC News is livestreaming on YouTube the memorial service for John McCain at Washington National Cathedral. The cortege stopped at the Vietnam Memorial so Cindy McCain could lay a wreath—a poignant moment (go to 45 minutes in the feed). You can see the service livestreamed below; the service starts in about 10 minutes, and features […]

The life and death of a reader’s cat

Reader Amy reports the death of her beloved cat, “Kitten”, but also sent some pictures of his long and happy life. This post is Amy’s memorial to Kitten. Her words are indented, and do read and pay attention to Amy’s final remark: I seem recall a recent post where a WEIT reader’s cat died of […]

Jeff Tayler’s eulogy for his dad

Jeff Tayler, writer, Atlantic correspondent, and erstwhile publisher of stridently atheistic essays in Salon, wrote a godless “eulogy” for his father’s recent funeral. This is a 1200-word condensation of what he wrote and delivered, and I wanted to put it up here. Eulogy for My Father, Charles William Tayler – a Progressive Man  Buffalo, NY, November […]

Atheist dies, asking people not to tell her child that Mom’s in heaven

I thought for sure that the McFarland Thistle was a Scottish newspaper, but it actually comes from McFarland, Wisconsin (population 7808), and don’t ask me why. Perhaps there are many of Scottish ancestry there. At any rate, reader Gregory James called my attention to a heartbreaking but also wonderful article in the paper, “McFarland’s Heather McManamy dies; […]

Anniversary of Hitchens’s death

How could I have forgotten to note this morning that Christopher Hitchens died on this day four years ago? Fortunately, reader Barry reminded me, and pointed me to this short but poignant memorial by James Looseley in today’s Montreal Gazette.  Looseley concentrates solely on Hitchens’s critiques of religion, which is what most affected the writer, […]

Google Doodle honors Althea Gibson

Were Althea Gibson (1927-2003) still alive, today would be her 87th birthday. Google honors the day with this animated Doodle of Gibson playing tennis (click on screenshot to go to Doodle): I’m old enough to have seen her play. She was not only the first black woman to hit the big time in tennis, but this didn’t represent […]

A discussion of Christopher Hitchens by Stephen Fry and friends

Here’s a podcast of an Intelligence Squared event that took place on November 11, 2011 at the Royal Festival Hall in London: “Stephen Fry and friends on the life, loves, and hates of Christopher Hitchens.” Moderated by Fry, the event includes discussion by Richard Dawkins, Sean Penn, Christopher Buckley, Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, and Salman Rushdie. […]

The last homework assignment

Now I suppose this might be a fake, but I’m posting it under the assumption that it’s real. It’s the last homework assignment of a dying Japanese teacher, who apparently passed away soon after he wrote this on the board: (from RocketNews24 via Twitter) And the translation (Japanese-speaking readers please verify): Final homework assignment No due […]