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Evolution 2016: Food

by Greg Mayer After Jerry noted that the world’s most expensive BBQ is dry-aged and in New York City, and that “true Texans wouldn’t have anything to do with” it, I thought it might be a good time to feature Texas BBQ, which I enjoyed at Iron Works BBQ in Austin while at the Evolution […]

Evolution 2016: Mammals

by Greg Mayer I spent June 17-22 in Austin, Texas, for Evolution 2016, the annual joint meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution, the American Society of Naturalists, and the Society of Systematic Biology, which is the premier annual gathering of evolutionary biologists from around the world. I hope to make a few […]

American Humanist meeting: Day 2

I went to one panel yesterday: “Humanism and Humor: Funny Ladies Discuss”, with Margaret Downey as moderator and featuring comedian and author Julia Sweeney and comedian and activist Leighann Lord (she also co-hosted Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson). I thought it might be a rather serious discussion of comedy and its implications for nonbelievers, […]

American Humanist Association convention

Yesterday was actually the second day of the annual AHA meetings in Chicago, but the first day in which the conference was in full swing. I arrived in the late afternoon and so was able to make only one panel discussion: “Examining Honor Culture in Islam”, with Muhammad Syed and Sarah Haider (co-founders of the […]

Fun at the Atheist Alliance of America meeting

I was in the suburbs a fair amount of time during the AAA convention, being a “handler” for Jeff Tayler and Inna Shevchenko, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures of the meeting itself. Fortunately, Mark Gura did, and posted a lot of them on his Facebook page’s AAA album). I’ll put his photos first, […]

Atheist Alliance of America meeting in two weeks

I’m just back from speaking in Torun, which was great fun, including a slap-up traditional Polish lunch in the dean’s office, which is the fanciest office I’ve ever seen (some of the furniture dates from the sixteenth century). I also saw Copernicus’s house, but I’m getting ahead of myself; there will photos of all this […]

Breakfast at Aspen

The atmosphere around Aspen, besides being intellectual, is also green: they provide free bikes for people to ride (not really needed on the grounds, which are compact); those who can’t walk are ferried around in electric golf carts; all the material for meals is recyclable, and there are recycling stations; and the food is healthy but delicious. […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue (and lagniappe)

Today I fly to Toronto to give a book talk tomorrow to the Centre for Inquiry chapter there. I’ll also be on the t.v. talk show “The Agenda” with Steve Paikin, taped tomorrow. It’ll be a busy day. Then I fly back to Chicago on Thursday to start preparing for the Big Road Trip. Meanwhile in […]

INR 5 photos

Here are some photos from the INR 5 meeting and our speakers’ dinner last night. Aron Ra, his head mysteriously floating above the podium: The Unholy Trinity in their last appearance. From left to right: Seth Andrews, Matt Dillahunty, Aron Ra: Seth in cat glasses (they are mine, a present from Melissa Chen; see below). […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

Though it’s Ceiling Cat’s Day of Rest, the Imagine No Religion meetings proceed, with talks today by Harriet Hall, me, Lawrence Krauss, and Carolyn Porco, and a speakers’ dinner tonight. There were some interesting talks yesterday, with three of them about how to address the growing problem of Islamic radicalism—two by ex-Muslims. All of the talks […]