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Kent Presents report: Day 1

I’ll put up a few reports about the KentPresents conference I attended, held from last Thursday through Saturday at the Kent School, a four-year (and very expensive) private “prep school” in Kent, Connecticut. Most of the students live on campus as boarders. It’s about two hours to the nearest airport (Hartford) and so is isolated, but […]

Report from Jerry: Phoebe’s gone again

Anna reported yesterday that, after spending a day with Honey in the pond, Phoebe departed again. Perhaps this time it’s for good, but it was time for her to leave, and at least she had a grand reunion with her mother before taking off. Now I’m not sure whether Phoebe really has flown the coop […]

Meeting next week: KentPresents Ideas Festival

From August 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday of next week), I’ll be attending and speaking at the KentPresents Ideas Festival in Kent, Connecticut, a lovely area. The festival, founded by Ben and Donna Rosen, is a melange of interesting people from many fields and is dedicated to helping others: we receive no remuneration (nor do Ben and Donna), […]

Moving Naturalism Forward videos now online

Six years ago about 20 people attended a Moving Naturalism Forward conference in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (see my posts here, here and here, with a travel post here). Organized by physicist Sean Carroll, its aim was expressed in the conference title: to define the aims of naturalism and point out fruitful directions. I’m not sure whether […]

Talks at the Ciudad de las Ideas

So far I haven’t said much about the talks at the Ciudad de las Ideas in Puebla, Mexico.  I’ll mention just a few of them here, but there were so many, and spread out over three days from about 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., that I didn’t hear even most of them. I’ll give just […]

Going to Mexico!

If you’re not a resident of Mexico, you’ll probably not be going to the tenth meeting of the Ciudad de las Ideas series in the lovely city of Puebla, Mexico, but it’s a great time and a lot of good speakers. This series has been organized at great effort by Andrés Roemer and his team […]

INR, Evening 1

Yesterday was check-in and an evening social for the Imagine No Religion meeting in Toronto; it’s in the Airport Sheraton, so I doubt I’ll see anything of this lovely city. The speakers did get nice rooms, though: . . .with nice bathrooms. I LOVE hotels and have never gotten over the luxury of staying in […]

Imagine No Religion 7

Just a reminder that the Imagine No Religion meeting, always a great time, will be held this June 2-4 in Toronto. There’s a nice lineup of speakers, including the comedy team of Krauss & Dawkins, and I’m also allowed to swim with the Big Fish. The video below gives a preview.  See you there!

Secular conference on freedom of conscience and expression: London, 22-23 July

On July 22 and 23 of this year, there’s an International Conference on Freedom of Conscience and Expression in the 21st Century in London, featuring a diverse and distinguished panoply of speakers.  The description: Join notable free-thinkers from around the world for a weekend of discussions and debates on freedom of conscience and expression in the […]

LogiCal: A science and skeptics meeting in LA

On January 13-15, I’ll be at LogiCal LA: a meeting with a skeptical and scientific theme.  The announcement, along with the conference website, is below.  I’ll be glad to see some old friends there, and note that Sean Carroll is the headliner. There’s also a geological field trip with Don Prothero, but I don’t know the […]