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Imagine No Religion 5: June 5-7, now in a new place

It may be a bit early to flog this conference, but I suspect that it will sell out early as it’s in Vancouver this year (it’s always been in the much smaller and less accessible town of Kamloops) and because it has some Big Names in Science speaking, namely Richard Dawkins, Carolyn Porco (who gave […]

The Ratio meeting

The twice-yearly Ratio meeting in Sofia, which lasts a day each time, is unique in my experience: a large, privately-organized meeting designed solely to address science and skepticism. (They stay away from atheism.) It’s largely organized by Liubomir (“Lubo”) Baburov, who solicits donations but, I think, winds up paying a lot of the expenses out […]

Pittsburgh: #3

All I have time for this morning, before the meetings begin, is to post photos, which itself is a time-consuming exercise. But read this all, as awesome noms are at the bottom. I met my friend, the reader known as “Hempenstein,” who is a retired biochemist living in Pittsburgh. He just bought a large and […]


I’m in Pittsburgh for the the Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference, which begins this evening.  I arrived a bit early to acquaint myself with a city in which I spent much of my youth (my uncles and cousins lived here). As many know, this town, once a gritty, dirty, steel-manufacturing center, has undergone a huge renovation, and […]

Pittsburgh this weekend!

If you’re anywhere around western Pennsylvania this weekend, you can find me at the Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference in Pittsburgh, the third time it’s been held (heathenism is spreading, I tell you). The ceremonies begin with a drinks reception on Friday at 7 pm; that and all activities will be at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel […]

Pennsylvania State Atheist and Humanist Conference avec moi

For a couple of days in late August I’ll be returning to my roots: Pittsburgh, where I spent much of my time as a kid and where many of my relatives still live. My return, however, will be to promote godlessness in the Keystone State, for, along with many others, I’ll be speaking at the Pennsylvania State Atheist […]

What else would you expect?

I’ve been to a fair few meetings of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), but I’ve never heard of any creationists hovering around them and proselytizing for God. But that’s changed, for this year the meetings are in Raleigh, North Carolina. For you non-Americans, that’s in the religious South. My second student, Mohamed Noor […]

Kamloops: Day 3

Besides the free-will discussion a week ago Friday, in which several of us participated (Lawrence Krauss and I were the scientists, Ish Haji and Chris diCarlo the philosophers), the Imagine No Religion 4 conference in Kamloops included  two full days of talks, interspersed with dinners and social events. I’ve already reported on the first full day of talks, […]

Kamloops: Day 2

Yesterday was the first full day of the meeting (Imagine No Religion 4; schedule here), and I have to say that this is among the top secular meetings I’ve ever attended. The talks are good, the people are friendly, and, of critical importance, they serve great noms. The meeting began early, with a continental breakfast (a […]

Meeting report: Imagine No Religion

I’ll be busy at the Imagine No Religion 4 meeting today (this conference is srs bsns, though there’s lot of opportunity for socializing). The attendees at this meeting are older than those at the usual atheist meeting: the demographic reminds me of the Freedom from Religion Foundation annual meeting. Although one would like to see more […]


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