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Your resource: the definitive collection of vaccines-don’t-cause autism papers

Peter Hotez is co-editor-in-chief of the journal PLOS NTD (Neglected Tropical Diseases), is an expert in vaccination. Here are his qualifications: Prof. Peter Hotez MD PhD is professor of pediatrics and molecular virology and microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where is also Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair in Tropical Pediatrics, and Dean of the […]

A “superbug”, resistant to all antibiotics, kills Nevada woman

PBS reports on the death of a Nevada woman who had a bacterial infection resistant to all known antibiotics (they tried 26). Microbes, it seems, are evolving resistance faster than humans can devise new antibiotics. The report from the Centers for Disease Control is here; the bit below is an extract from the PBS article: Public health officials from […]

FTC debunks homeopathy; medical water on the way out

When I was in Hong Kong, I drove to the Literary Festival Dinner (a fantastic Chinese banquet) in a van with four educated, well-off, and well-traveled women who were on the Festival’s board of directors. Once on our way, they all proceeded to go after me for saying, in my conversation on faith versus science, that Chinese traditional […]

Canadian parents convicted for killing son by giving him maple syrup and other nostrums for meningitis

On March 10 I told the story of David and Collet Stephan, a couple from Alberta who killed their son Ezekiel, afflicted with meningitis, by withholding medical treatment in favor of bogus “alternative” medicine. Here’s what the CBC said when reporting on their prosecution for criminal neglect. (Ezekiel died in 2012): In a bid to […]

Tennessee legislature repeals religious defense for parents who hurt their children by withholding medical care

We have two pieces of good news today from the American South—both from Tennessee. One refers to the subject of reports in The Tennesseean and the Knoxville News Sentinel: the Tennessee legislature has repealed a state law that gives parents exemptions from hurting their children by withholding medical care in favor of faith healing. As do many […]

Canadian parents killed their kid by withholding medical care in favor of maple syrup and berries

Even the rational Canadians have a sprinkling of loons among them, and by that I mean human loons, not the ones on the one-dollar coins.  The latest pair is David and Collet Stephan of Alberta, whose son, Ezekiel, became ill with meningitis four years ago. As the CBC reports, Ezekiel was ill for several weeks, but the […]

Smokers: Think of the cats!

This video, sent by reader Simon, apparently aired during the Grammy Awards.

The man who mistook his cat for another cat

By Matthew Cobb This is a rather sad story, although it does have a happy ending. A paper by Ryan Darby and David Caplan from Harvard Medical School [reference below] describes an unusual case of Capgras syndrome – in this unpleasant condition a patient is convinced that someone close to them, such as a family […]

World’s unluckiest person: man dies from cancer contracted from his tapeworm

I read about this study on LiveScience, and then went to the Nov. 4 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine to check it out. It turns out to be true, and perhaps the case of the unluckiest person on the planet. Well, there are others who die from bad luck (what we call “the […]

How to turn a penis into a vagina

I’m sure all of us have wondered about the kind of surgery performed on the genitals of transsexuals who wish to undergo a full physical transition. How do they turn a penis into a vagina, and vice versa, while retaining sexual and urinary functions? I know I wondered about that after I wrote yesterday’s piece on the […]