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More on the Makayla Sault affair: mother tries to exculpate herself by pinning her child’s death on her child’s wishes

I’ve posted several times on the Makayla Sault affair, in which an 11-year-old Canadian First Nations child, stricken with leukemia, was allowed by the government and child protective services to stop her chemotherapy treatment (which in all likelihood would have cured her) in favor of “traditional” medicine—said medicine including a visit to the quackish Hippocrates […]

Another parent gets a slap on the wrist for medically abusing her child in the name of faith

I’ve written a lot about religion exemptions for children’s medical care, which I see as one of the greatest harms of the clash between science and faith in America. Thousands of sick children have died because their parents, rather than taking them to regular doctors, rely on faith healing instead. And most states give the parents […]

Medical news: Vaccination kerfuffle and a U. S. Senator who says that Big Gubbment shouldn’t require restaurant employees to wash their hands after bathroom breaks

I haven’t said much about the latest measles outbreak or about the many ignoramuses who refuse to vaccinate their children on dubious grounds, for I take for granted that most of the readers here are smart and acquainted with the evidence for the safety and efficacy of vaccination. I will, however, just mention two bits of vaccinaton-related lunacy […]

Chopra responds about HIV/AIDS

Someone whom I think is Deepak Chopra (the email address makes me a bit unsure) has responded to my criticisms of his earlier interview, an interview in which he stated, among other dubious claims, that the HIV virus is not the cause of AIDS. He now seems have retracted tha claim t without actually doing so. […]

Should you vaccinate?

The new measles outbreak in the U.S. has made many parents rethink their opposition to vaccination. To help them, The Nib provides a convenient flowchart (well, the bottom part doesn’t seem to go anywhere):   h/t: jsp

The other religiously-abused Canadian child

Now that Makaya Sault has died from her untreated leukemia, there’s another 11-year-old first Nations Child from Ontario (“J. J.”) getting “alternative (i.e., useless) treatment, and she’ll also die from the same disease unless someone intervenes. But in this case, a Canadian judge did look at the case, and refused to intervene. Judge Getin Edward, who will have blood on […]

Globe and Mail editorial in on Makayla Sault’s death: “They let her die as a matter of cultural sensitivity”

I swear, I’m not looking at the readers’ comments on my New Republic piece on the unnecessary death of Canadian child Makayla Sault. But reader Diane G. just had to let me know that one of the doctors who wrote an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) asking for sensitivity to aboriginal methods of […]

A comment on religious exemptions from scientific medicine

In case you’re not subscribed to the post from earlier this week,”Canadian government kills First Nations girl out of misguided respect for faith“, you may have missed today’s comment from momand2boys on her (I’m assuming “mom” = female) experiences as a young Jehovah’s Witness. I want to put this above the fold because it raises several imporant […]

My New Republic piece on the unnecessary death of Makayla Sault

I’ve rewritten Tuesday’s post on the death of First Nations child Makayla Sault. a martyr to her parents’ faith and the political correctness of the Canadian government (as well as the cowardice of some Canadian doctors); and it’s been published by The New Republic. The rewritten piece is called “A little girl died because Canada chose […]

Canadian government kills First Nations girl out of misguided respect for faith

The Canadian government has often treated its indigenous people horribly, including taking kids from their family and sticking them in special residential “Indian schools” where they were forbidden to use their language or learn about their culture, and where they were often horribly abused. I saw one of these schools, now closed, when I was in Kamloops […]


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