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Protestors demonstrate against California’s passing a sane vaccination law

Last week the governor of California signed into law a good vaccination bill, Senate Bill 276, which stipulates a standardized procedure for requesting medical exemptions from childhood vaccination: Existing law prohibits the governing authority of a school or other institution from admitting for attendance any pupil who fails to obtain required immunizations within the time […]

Why Grania died

Every day I feel keenly the loss of Grania from my life—and from this site. She wasn’t quite 50 when she collapsed in front of the clinic in Ireland and died; CPR didn’t help. Several days before that, she had passed out in her apartment after vomiting, but didn’t remember the vomiting. Then, for several […]

Robotic surgery!

Since I had robotic surgery yesterday, I’ve become fascinated with this marvelous innovation in medicine. I’ve looked at a bunch of videos, and found two to post: one with a general introduction to the machines and their use, from the BBC, and the other showing how dextrous the robot is. When I was wheeled into […]

I survived surgery!

In short, I was operated on by THE ROBOT, a big device with arms that went into me laparoscopically. (The surgeon sits behind the robot, facing a video screen, and operates the arms and the camera; it’s amazing!) They made three incisions: one for the camera, and two to fix the inguinal hernia (a double, […]

The weak laws against female genital mutilation in America

I wasn’t aware that Ayaan Hirsi Ali had started a foundation, the “AHA Foundation“, one of whose goals is to ban female genital mutilation (FGM) in the U.S. You may not be aware that although FGM is illegal in one form or another in 35 states, there’s no ban on it in fifteen states. Here […]

Britain’s National Health Service acts barbarically, refusing to release body of a miscarried fetus to foreign parents until they pay the fees for the Caesarian

NOTE: Several readers doubt the veracity of this report. Checking a bit further, I found that this incident also been reported by The Independent, which reports that this circumstance was highlighted by the Royal College of Midwives. That’s good enough for me to take it seriously ____________ When I lived in Edinburgh for six months doing […]

Misplaced priorities: Trump administration cuts back on medical research using fetal tissue to please anti-abortionists

So much for Republicans and conservatives valuing the sanctity of life! They’d would prefer to have fetal tissue—derived from abortions—destroyed than to be used for medical research that could save lives. Use of tissue: possible saving of lives. Destruction of tissue: no saving of lives. Trump administration decision: Destroy the tissue. Such is the cockeyed […]

Mainstream and social media report that a depressed Dutch rape victim was legally euthanized. They were all wrong.

UPDATE: I now have a copy of the Washington Post article, which says that Noa was turned away from euthanasia consultation because she was too young.  Further, we learn again, as I mentioned in Faith Versus Fact,  that the most vocal opponents of euthanasia are religionists.  Here, for example, is what Pope Francis said, the cluless […]

ID craziness: Diarrhea and the appendix are signs of intelligent design

It’s curious how adaptations that could have evolved by natural selection are nevertheless seen as evidence for Intelligent Design. Indeed, in the case of diarrhea and the appendix, as ID advocate David Klinghoffer maintains in the article below from Evolution News (click on screenshot), the evidence is not just an adaptation itself, evincing the wisdom […]

Straight talk about “fat acceptance”

Quillette has two good articles up about the need to deal with biological facts. I won’t discuss the first one here, but it’s well worth reading: “A victory for female athletes everywhere“, which lauds the new testosterone standards for competing in women’s athletics. The writer, Doriane Coleman, has plenty of cred: she’s a professor of […]