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Alligator in viral photograph is stuffed

by Greg Mayer A photograph of an alligator on the back of an inflatable alligator is making the rounds of a variety of news media. This is a stuffed alligator. The splayed legs, open mouth, and curled tail are typical of the poses used for souvenir stuffed alligators, and atypical of the way a live […]

In which I visit Woke Left websites

It’s really time I stopped looking at HuffPost, as my friends tell me repeatedly. But I still like to look at Woke Left websites, just like I look at conservative and centrist or center-Left websites: just to see what’s going on. I’ve managed to break the habit of looking at Salon, though, spending a bit […]

Media goes into paroxysms of joy and fury

by Grania Depending on what side of the fence you are on this election cycle, you probably read at least one of the following sites from time to time, if only because your friends and family on Facebook keep posting links to one or the other. This is not a claim that either Breitbart or […]

Breaking News: Jesus now in Texas

by Grania On the side of a cow trailer. My only comment on this is: how does this become a news item at all? It’s not like even the news team believes it to be real, whether or not they may profess to be Real Christians™ themselves. Even they are basically yukking it up at the […]

Jeffrey Tayler’s Salon Sunday Secular Sermon

by Grania Spingies Don’t miss the weekly S4  homily by Brother Tayler over at Salon. This week he examined the pained and faintly hostile treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Jon Stewart and contrasts it with Stewart’s rather fawning enthusiasm for Reza Aslan revisionist version of reality. You should read it just for the pleasure of […]

BBC hosts debate on whether and where the Dalai Lama will reincarnate

What the bloody hell is up with the BBC? Reader Steve (with the side comment “fookin idjits!”) called my attention to a discussion on the BBC News site in which four people debate whether and where the present Dalai Lama will reincarnate. That’s like the Beeb having a serious debate on whether Xenu stored preserved […]