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A woman who hugs sharks

Reader Michael found this short video of a woman who likes to pet and hug Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi). As the YouTube video notes say, “Cristina Zenato is the woman who isn’t afraid to hug sharks.” If you’re wondering how dangerous this shark is, the answer is “not much.” Wikipedia says this: Normally shy […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I suspect this will be the last installment here for about two weeks, but if you’ve sent in photos, never fear: I have them all here in Chicago. Today’s contribution is from Joe Dickinson, whose notes are indented: Not technically “wildlife”, nevertheless here are some photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The first two are […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and videos)

We’re running a bit low on photos, at least sufficiently low that I’m getting nervous. I may have to suspend this feature in a week or so unless we get some good readers’ photos.  If you have ’em, please send ’em. And remember to give the Latin binomial and to try to limit each submission […]

The bizarre anglerfish: first video of their equally bizarre mating

You’ve surely heard of the bizarre anglerfish. There are actually many such species in the order Lophiiformes, but the most famous are the deep-sea species with fearsome teeth who attract their prey with a luminescent lure. (All anglerfish are carnivorous.) Here’s a picture of ten such species from Wikipedia: Their huge mouths and distendable stomachs […]

When Twitter is at its best

by Grania Every so often I wonder whether Twitter has become a victim of its own success, that the sheer volume of people on the platform have made it difficult to navigate for people who are new to it. But then you get threads like this one that makes you realise that it is still […]

Identify the organism that made this pattern

Here’s a new tweet that Matthew sent, showing a pattern found underwater by ROV SuBastian dive #96 (dive #97 starts at 11 a.m. Chicago time, and you can watch it here).  These dives are sponsored by the Schmidt Ocean Institute, and are currently investigating hydrothermal vents around Tonga in the Pacific. Oh wow, one of […]

“Blue Planet II”: the series (and trailer)

David Attenborough surely has one of the best jobs in the world: circling the Earth (and, in this case, going under the seas) and documenting the wonderful plants and animals produced by evolution. (I wonder if he writes his own narrative.) The BBC excels at nature series, and here’s the video prequel for the newest […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

This is the last installment of reader Jeffrey Lewis’s underwater photos from Bonaire (see previous installment here). Here’s the intro to the photos, and his IDs and comments are indented: These were all taken on a family vacation to Bonaire, an island in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela.  It’s a special municipality […]

Underwater in Antarctica

The Australian Governments “Australian Antarctic Division: has produced a wonderful 8½-minute film of video taken by a submersible camera under the sea ice of East Antarctica. It’s full of colorful life down there, and I bet a lot of these species haven’t yet been described and named. The action ends at 4:58 and then there’s […]

Space Girl goes on a Marine Environment junket

JAC: Melissa Chen is a doctoral candidate in genetics at MIT, and, like me, a moderator of the Global Secular Humanist Movement Facebook site. She recently went on a cool NASA-sponsored trip from Wood’s Hole, and when she volunteered to write about her adventures here, I of course said, “Sure.” Here they are.  (By the way, Melissa’s […]