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Penguins and seals on Greenwich Island

We’ve arrived in Antarctica; the map below shows where we are this morning (our ship is circled): steaming between the Antarctic Peninsula itself and the islands that flank it to the west.  (Follow the progress on the map here.) This morning we’ll get off the ship to watch the Roald Amundsen being christened (I hear […]

Where we are now and what we did

We docked at Puerto Natales about noon yesterday, and then went out on a 9.5-hour tour (by bus with other passengers) to Torres del Paine National Park, a fantastic experience. First, our position (the ship’s antenna webcam is still broken). We’re parked at the town of Puerto Natales and will be departing at 5 pm. […]

Contributor’s Wildlife Photos

by Greg Mayer While Jerry journeys to the Great White South, Matthew and I will be helping to fill in as best we can, so I thought I’d begin with some of my wildlife photos.  First up is a young Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) in my backyard in Racine, Wisconsin. This is one of at […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Tomorrow morning is the last time you’ll be able to send in readers’ wildlife photos or photos of yourself (“photos of readers”). Today we have a multi-photographer contribution, beginning with another chipmunk photo by Diana MacPherson. Everyone’s captions are indented. Probably the last Eastern chipmunk [Tamias striatus] of the season. This one was startled & […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today, the first being naturalist/biologist/photographer/artist Lou Jost, who works at the EcoMinga reserve in Ecuador (as you may recall, Lou wrote the memoriam for nature photographer Andreas Kay, who rediscovered Atelopus coynei, thought to be exinct. Now we hear that Lou and his colleagues have discovered another aposematic frog, and a […]

Reader’s wildlife photos

As I’m leaving in about ten days for five weeks lecturing on Antarctic cruises, I won’t be able to accept wildlife photos (or access much email) after October 20. If you have wildlife photos (or “photos of readers”) to send, please get them in within a week, and please remember not to email me between […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I have pried some photos out of the hands of Stephen Barnard, especially since I saw one on his Facebook page featuring a gazillion mallards. Here they be (mallard photo last), with Stephen’s captions indented: October is the time of year that elk (Cervus canadensis) gather on my place for the rut. It’s also the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a short version of the photos today as I’m traveling and my photos reside on the computer in my office. Fortunately, reader James Petts sent two photos yesterday. His notes are indented: You probably  see lots of mule deer photographs, but I think these are interesting, since they show late-season antlers. I don’t […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Once again I importune you to send in your wildlife photos, as I’m running a bit low and may ultimately have to suspend this feature.  Thanks! We have some diverse photos today. The first is from Gary Womble, who had an encounter of the Sandhill Crane kind: These two dinosaurs (Antigone canadensis) walked right up […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Tony Eales of Australia sent some diverse but inclusive photos, including insects, plants, fungi, mammals, and arachnids (mites). His notes are indented: A more or less random grab bag of images. First is the law of the jungle in my back yard. One of our native crab spiders Boomerangia dimidiata captured a soldier fly Odontomyia sp. Next is […]