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Finger and mousetrap tricks

I still do the “thumb removal” trick, but very badly. This guy does it fantastically, and uses all the other fingers as well. Maybe I should practice this. . . How on Earth does he do the last finger movement trick, though? The YouTube video has a funny comment under it: And “Slow Mo Guys” created a […]

Orangutan watches a magic trick

by Matthew Cobb This fantastic video shows a young orangutan being shown a ‘magic’ trick through the enclosure glass. Just watch: The orangutan shows the same kind of response as you’d expect from a one year-old human infant. It knows that things don’t just disappear, so when something apparently does, the response is one of […]

What is it like to be a cat?

There are few ways to enter the consciousness of another species, much less another human, but at least we can see if some animals process visual information the way we do. I am speaking in particular of visual illusions, like the “rotating snake” illusion that obviously has deceived this felid: Of course there’s no control […]

A kitten from nothing

Here: you can haz kitten to close out a long week. But first read about Stresemann’s Bristlefront two posts below, and if you feel so inclined, donate to save it (I’ve added a link). Eat your heart our, Dr. Krauss! This video apparently shows Taiwanese magician 大支 曾 producing a lovely kitten out of thin […]

Neurotic sleight of hand

Some lovely magic to end the day, from the International Magic Convention in Beijing.  The YouTube caption says this: FISM award winner and French magic champion Yann Frisch is one of magic’s freshest talents. Yann has been creating a sensation wherever he goes with his unique take on classic magic, an absurdist take on the […]