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Ireland’s Same Sex Marriage Referendum: The Losing Side responds.

by Grania Spingies In May this year Ireland voted to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The results demonstrated that there is a bizarre disconnect in the Catholic Church. While Bishops and other dignitaries urged a No vote and then denounced the subsequent result; the slam-dunk victory for equality came from the very people the […]

Oy, for the love of criminey: atheists make babies cry

by Grania Spingies Most of you won’t know that Ireland has a Catholic publication called Alive! although it should have three or four more exclamation points to convey the nuances of fervent and slightly rabid editorial style. It should be pointed out that in spite of the paper being distributed widely and for free, the […]

The Kosher Switch: is it for real?

As you may know, it’s forbidden for many Orthodox Jews to turn light switches on and off during the Sabbath, as that constitutes work equivalent to lighting a fire. Some resort to “shabbos goys“: non-Jews whom you can hire to do the dirty work for you. Now, however, there’s an IndieGoGo project called KosherSwitch that […]

Crazy Sabbath restrictions for Jews leads to death of 7 children

A reader with the pseudonym “Freethinking Jew” sent me the link below, adding this: “When we think of the deaths caused by religion, we probably usually think of terrorism.  But in this case, people who may have otherwise been fine people and good parents, for all we know, may have caused the death of 7 of […]

A writer for CNN debates whether Judas is in hell

Bloody hell, just when you think the Cable News Network (CNN) may have some redeeming features, it publishes a piece of such mind-boggling stupidity that you scratch your head in wonderment. Such a piece is Craig Gross’s new Easter lucubration, “Is Judas in hell?” Read it—it’s short. And after you do, I’ll be you’ll wonder why CNN would […]

They don’t get much crazier than this: meet Texas’s new Lieutenant Governor:

Texas produces a reliable crop of loons in state government, but this one is especially bizarre. It’s Republican Dan Patrick, who was elected November 4 and recently took office. If, God forbid, something happens to governor Gregg Abbott (another conservative Republican), Patrick will be in charge of Texas. That’s a scary thought. Even Texas Monthly calls this guy […]

The stupidest argument of the month: atheism empowers ISIS

I’m confident that although March has just begun, you’re not going to find a dumber argument than this one, made on a “faith blog” at Patheos, Samuel’s Notebook, produced by one Samuel James (see bio at bottom). The title is “Surrendering earth to thugs: how atheism empowers ISIS.” WTF?”, you might be asking yourself? But yes, […]

Tennessee representative proposes bill recognizing God’s absolute governance over his state

In any country other than the U.S.—save perhaps in the Middle East—this headline would be assumed to be a spoof. But here in the U.S. it’s business as usual, especially in the South.  The Johnson City Press in Tennessee reports that state representative James (Micah) van Huss, who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science […]

“She be bold”: Sarah Palin at the Freedom Summit in Iowa

The Iowa “Freedom Summit,” a conclave of Republicans who aspire to either the party’s Presidential nomination in 2016 or simply the limelight, turned out to be a Confederacy of Dunces. Even for Republicans, they were markedly insane. And the craziest of them all was, of course, Sarah Palin, who talked for 35 minutes and said […]

Ben Carson doubles down in his ‘poisoned cake’ remark about gays

Let’s refresh ourselves: here’s what Ben Carson, ex-neurosurgeon, staunch creationist and Seventh-Day Adventist, and far-right Republican, said about gays at Iowa’s recent “Freedom Summit,” which is looking more and more like a confederacy of dunces.  As The Hill reported, Carson said this: “What I have a problem with is when people try to force people to act against […]


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