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Shoot me now: Trump thinks he’s king of the Jews!

Now he’s the King of the Jews! Ceiling Cat help us! But the one good thing, I think, is that stuff like this can’t possibly help him. Yes, he’s trying to divide the Democratic party by painting it as the Squad Party, but in the end I think it will just make him look insane. […]

Trump is insane, melts down over Greenland

When I first heard that Trump wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark, I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t; he wants its natural resources and its strategic location, though there’s already a big air base there with listening posts. Read and weep: Well, of course Denmark won’t sell it, so Trump doesn’t get the […]

Another anti-Semitic comment

It never fails: whenever I write about Israel, no matter what I say, I get some anti-Semitic comments or emails. (Note that my post this morning was critical of Israel and Netanyahu). Here’s a comment from “opplevesannheten“, whose email address I’ve mercifully omitted, though he/she has a website that would have appeared in the comment had […]

British police becoming too woke for their own good

Reader barriejohn called my attention to this article from the BBC (click on the screenshot), which shows about how far the British police and the British law are going in suppressing speech. The pictured suspect, 21, is wanted for “breaching his license conditions” (I guess that means violating the conditions for his parole) after serving […]

A typical banned comment

I’ve received considerable opprobrium for giving Steve Pinker a forum to answer critics who accused him of somehow being complicit in the sex crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. I’m not going to reproduce the hateful emails, comments, or Twitter accusations I’ve received for providing that forum, or for speaking out on Pinker’s behalf, but I will […]

Tempe cops kicked out of Starbucks because they made customer feel “unsafe” (and a note on disarming police)

It’s a sad day in America when cops (who run on coffee) are booted from a coffee shop because they make the customers feel “unsafe”. But’s that’s exactly what happened, according to this report from CBS News, in a Tempe, Arizona Starbucks (click on screenshot). To be sure, Starbucks issued an apology, but this shows […]

Trump’s Department of Energy renames natural gas as “freedom gas,” fossil fuels as “molecules of freedom”

Under the Bush administration, when France refused to support the Iraq war, an incensed Republican congressman, Bob Ney, had the three House of Representative cafeterias rename their french fries as “Freedom Fries.” (“French toast” was also renamed “Freedom toast”.) He was serious, but most of us thought of it as both stupid and hilarious. Here’s […]

Chutzpah of the decade

From CNN we have a report that North Korea billed the U.S. for $2 million for “hospital care” for Otto Warmbier, the student who died after being arrested in the DPRK, kept in North Korean custody, and then returned home in a coma. In my view, they killed him. Click on the screenshot to read: […]

Woke and inclusive, U-Mass Amherst considers Nazis an oppressed minority

Here’s a corker, but what would you expect in a soupy climate of Intersectionality? It was inevitable that someone would eventually see Nazis as a marginalized and oppressed group, and rush to their defense. And so, as this BuzzFeed story reports, a residence counselor at the Very Woke School of the University of Massachusetts at […]

NBC News propagates the Jesus myth

Just a note about how the news treats religious superstition. My regular evening newscast on NBC was reporting the Christmas festivities around the world (celebrations in Israel, the Queen’s Jesus message, and the Pope’s annual homily), when it described the festivities in Bethlehem as being “in the birthplace of Jesus.” Not the “traditional birthplace of Jesus”, […]