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More outraged Christian and right-wing venues attack the argument for euthanasia of suffering infants (and the arguer)

I didn’t at all expect the outrage emitted by some news sites—all of them either conservative or religious—over my post about the morality of relieving the suffering of terminally ill, terminally deformed, or terminally diseased newborns by euthanizing them. I’m planning on a longer discussion of this issue elsewhere, but you can read a good argument […]

Trump on the Solar Wall

It’s a sad sign of the times when both lies and ridiculous statements by the U.S. President are taken for granted. Check out what he said yesterday. If you don’t believe this is a real statement by The Donald, check Vanity Fair:

Somebody enlighten this man!

UPDATE: Taken in context, as you can see in the video that Michael found and posted in the comments, this isn’t as bad as it sounds, for Nye is characterizing one of the premises of science but not the whole enterprise. That said, watch the video in the comments; I find Nye totally embarrassing and […]

In which I get a very delightful email

This lovely email came yesterday afternoon. What a nice thing to brighten up my day! Judicious Googling revealed who this person is, but to avoid embarrassment for Mr. Peter, I’ll keep that information to myself. Read and LOL: Hi Jerry, Can I just ask where evolution went wrong with you? You say evolution is about […]

Finger and mousetrap tricks

I still do the “thumb removal” trick, but very badly. This guy does it fantastically, and uses all the other fingers as well. Maybe I should practice this. . . How on Earth does he do the last finger movement trick, though? The YouTube video has a funny comment under it: And “Slow Mo Guys” created a […]

Templeton abandons pretense of rationality, awards Templeton Prize to Alvin Plantinga, intelligent-design advocate

Reader Mark called my attention to the fact that John Templeton Foundation (JTF) has bestowed its annual Templeton Prize on someone who’s not only a deeply misguided religious philosopher, but also has promoted intelligent design and criticized naturalism. Yes, it’s Alvin Plantinga, an 84-year-old emeritus professor of philosophy at Notre Dame and also a professor at Calvin College […]

What’s wrong with a bit of tyranny for the greater good?

by Grania Spingies A drive-by commenter named “Jaime” appeared yesterday evening when Jerry posted his commentary on the hoax that fooled the South African branch of the HuffPo. (Recall that the original piece published by HuffPo called for both removing the ability to vote from white men for several decades, and also confiscating and redistributing […]

Sean Spicer: “Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons”

Here we have Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, implicitly claiming that Bashar al-Assad is worse than Hitler, as Hitler didn’t sink . . .to using chemical weapons.” Spicer apparently forgot about Zyklon B and carbon monoxide. Called out by a reporter, Spicer was unable to admit he was wrong, and instead says this: “I think when […]

Worst ad of the year: Kendall Jenner quells social unrest and promotes harmony with Pepsi

Remember the old 1971 ad for Coca-Cola with the song “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”, proving that diverse peoples could be united by sharing a soft drink? Here it is: That reminds me of the Google Doodle I wrote about the other day, promoting diversity but doing so in a way that irritated many of […]

Dr. Bronner’s soap labels vs. defenders of chiropractic

When I got the latest attempted comment defending chiropractic “medicine” on my website, I had a déjà vu moment, as if I’d seen that kind of language before. And then I remembered—it was on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap! I don’t know how many people use this wonderful liquid soap, which comes in varieties like […]