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Egnorian hubris: Intelligent Design adherents claim credit for this year’s Chemistry Nobel

I have no words. I’ll just tell you what reader Denis wrote when he sent me this link from Evolution News (an Intelligent-Design site), written by the always amusing and deeply benighted Michael Egnor. Denis’s comment: “Have you seen this preposterous piece of dishonesty posted on Evolution News?” Yep, here it is, as preposterous and […]

First World Problem of the week

Read the plaint of a young woman who, after college, won’t be supported by her parents for ‘months or years’ (click on screenshot, and note the caption of the photograph): A quote (their emphasis): For broke millennials, the reality that we may not be able to lean on our parents as a safety net for months […]

A reader’s comment

Have a gander at this comment, made by one “Joe Cortina” and intended to go after my post “‘Nazi puncher’ gets $1 fine, no jail time.” put up three days ago. That post was about a white supremacist getting punched when he tried to speak, and the puncher getting a suspended jail sentence and only […]

Trump gets even more insane

Have a look at these two tweets. I don’t need to comment. A large number of counts, ten, could not even be decided in the Paul Manafort case. Witch Hunt! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 22, 2018 and If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain […]

Creationist Michael Egnor on an especially loony anti-Darwin rant

The other day I put up a post about my friend Andrew Berry’s Harvard-sponsored summer course on Darwin and evolution, given yearly at Oxford University. It’s a combination lecture and field course on the history of science, with the students getting to travel through England and Wales to see sites like Darwin’s home and the […]

Diversity in salads at Google

Okay, the SJWs have won, and there’s no reason to live any more.  When I saw this tweet below, I thought it was a huge joke: There's big talk about inclusion and diversity at Google so if you need any evidence of Google is making this priority may I direct your attention to the 🥗 […]

Only 2/3 of American Millennials believe that the Earth is round

UPDATE: Reader Brian called my attention to an NPR article reporting that young people are much more likely to lie on polls than are their elders; perhaps that explains the result below. As he noted, “This does not explain the link between religion and flat earth that you observed, which is definitely interesting, but this […]

I get email threats

This is the first email I read when I got up this morning. The name and email address are surely fake, and the title of the email, oddly enough, was “Interesting paper about hybrid speciation”. I reproduce the email exactly as I got it: Anonymous Anonymous <> Hello, I’m sick of religious fanatics like you […]

The Atlantic blatantly touts religion: why “thoughts and prayers” are great for stopping gun violence

The Atlantic continues its downhill slide (I swear, is every good journalistic outlet going to become clickbait?) with a new piece by Katelyn Beaty,”The case for ‘thoughts and prayers’—even if you don’t believe in God.” Of course, Beaty, a believer, slants most of it toward fellow goddies, not atheists. Her author profile describes her as […]

Reader discovers true age of the Earth!

Here’s a comment that reader “Jason Singleton” attempted to make on my post “Genesis 3D: Paradise Lost”—A new creationist movie.” Jason gets off to a bad start with an egregious error in each of the first two sentences. The only thing I disagree with in this movie is Carbon Dating. Earth is not anywhere near […]