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Clueless hotel makes effigy of couple’s dead son to celebrate his birthday

I wish I had something lighter—like an animal-rescue story—to finish up the week; but this will have to do. It’s macabre but also humorous in a sick way.  The story is from the Guardian (click on screenshot): The backstory: Faye and Andrew Stephens, from Willesden, have made it an annual tradition to mark the birthday of their […]

Khashoggi: a beneficiary of “borrowed white privilege”?

One would think that a Saudi, being from the Muslim Middle East, would be counted as a “person of color”. But apparently there are de-melanizing factors that can elevate the low “privilege” of those from the region. Three of those factors include being a journalist, working in the West, and getting murdered by the Saudis, […]

Proof that Christianity is the wrong faith

This is a sad story but also a story of stupidity, even if John Chau couldn’t have done other than what he did. What Chau did, as recounted in the story in the Guardian (click on screenshot), was to hire locals to take him to North Sentinel Island, one of the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands that […]

Is age a social construct?

Race is now a social construct, gender is a social construct, and even species is a social construct (remember the “otherkins“, who identify as members of a nonhuman species?). Well, this is the logical result, as reported by the Guardian: And why not? Mr. Rateband feels he’s being discriminated against because of his age and, […]

My new bathroom accessory

Yes, I bought it. It stands 22 inches high, very solid (all resin), and anatomically correct except for the annoying speculum, which extends over the whole wing. But the rest of it is accurate, including the “nail” on the bill and the leg band.  (The white on his bill is a piece of the styrofoam […]

Egnorian hubris: Intelligent Design adherents claim credit for this year’s Chemistry Nobel

I have no words. I’ll just tell you what reader Denis wrote when he sent me this link from Evolution News (an Intelligent-Design site), written by the always amusing and deeply benighted Michael Egnor. Denis’s comment: “Have you seen this preposterous piece of dishonesty posted on Evolution News?” Yep, here it is, as preposterous and […]

First World Problem of the week

Read the plaint of a young woman who, after college, won’t be supported by her parents for ‘months or years’ (click on screenshot, and note the caption of the photograph): A quote (their emphasis): For broke millennials, the reality that we may not be able to lean on our parents as a safety net for months […]

A reader’s comment

Have a gander at this comment, made by one “Joe Cortina” and intended to go after my post “‘Nazi puncher’ gets $1 fine, no jail time.” put up three days ago. That post was about a white supremacist getting punched when he tried to speak, and the puncher getting a suspended jail sentence and only […]

Trump gets even more insane

Have a look at these two tweets. I don’t need to comment. A large number of counts, ten, could not even be decided in the Paul Manafort case. Witch Hunt! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 22, 2018 and If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain […]

Creationist Michael Egnor on an especially loony anti-Darwin rant

The other day I put up a post about my friend Andrew Berry’s Harvard-sponsored summer course on Darwin and evolution, given yearly at Oxford University. It’s a combination lecture and field course on the history of science, with the students getting to travel through England and Wales to see sites like Darwin’s home and the […]