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Conspiracy theories among Trump-ites

When Grania sent me this tw**t this morning, I thought for sure the guy’s statements were a joke: This guy is going to vote. Make sure you do too. — Jenn Martinelli (@jennmartinelli) September 21, 2016 Well, never underestimate the credulousness of those who support Trump. Even I couldn’t believe some of the stuff you’re […]

Dennis Prager blames all American ills on atheism

Dennis Prager is a wealthy conservative author, speaker, and broadcaster, who also runs a website, Prager University, featuring short “instructional” videos. For some reason I don’t understand, he manages to lure some big names to do those videos, including George Will and (as I recall) Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I suspect the $ are a lure. The […]

NASA osculates religion again

Well, this ceremony—The Blessing of the Astronauts—took place in Kazakhstan, but it was still posted by NASA. Jebus—it’s the equivalent of Indian scientists going to the temple for blessings before they launch a satellite. And it’s sheer madness: the juxtaposition of a ludicrous medieval theology with a modern science that actually works. Note how the astronauts kiss […]

Eric Metaxas in WSJ: Atheists hate Taunton book because they’re afraid of God

There’s a certain kind of person who, when they say something extraordinarily stupid online, see the inevitable pushback as evidence that they were right: that they had “hit a nerve” or uncovered some deep and unpleasant aspect of the human psyche. Chris Mooney was like this when writing about accommodationism, and John Horgan is like that about everything. […]

Big Fail: Ken Ham denigrates the Reason Rally

Oy did über-creationist Ken Ham show his hand this time! Here’s his tw**t about the upcoming Reason Rally (h/t John W.): I needn’t say anything, as the commenters tore him a new one. Here are just the latest comments.

Carnie sideshow: the bizarre Catholic tradition that won’t die out

by Grania Spingies Once upon a time there was a roaring trade in Christian relics: bits of bones and chopped up mummified body parts and scraps of clothing of purported saints did the rounds in Europe. Many were sold for enormous amounts of money, some became treasured property of local royal families, many became the […]

Martyrs without a cause

This clip, which draws a continuum of authoritarianism between the Ammon Bundy Gang and the entitled Demanders at Yale University, aired just yesterday on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show.  It’s one of the better segments I’ve seen lately, and contains two classic lines: “[This] is what these days they call a “microaggression,” which begs the question: if it […]

“I’ll be riding a pale horse”: Louisiana sheriff addresses those who vandalized a church

Reader Aneris sent this video, which you really should watch because it’s unbelievable—even for those familiar with the American Deep South. This is what passes for crime prevention in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. NOTE: as far as I can see, this is NOT a joke. Aneris’s note: You could mistake it for a parody, but it seems […]

School reportedly bans Wonder Woman lunchboxes as being “too violent”

Well, let’s take this report with a grain of salt for the time being, although it’s been reported by several venues. I learned about it when a reader sent this tw**t from philosopher/writer/friend Russell Blackford: Okay, if that indeed true, it’s one of the worst examples of Coddling Our Students I’ve seen. The photo and Russell’s link goes to a […]

The Bible’s prescience?

Yesterday I got an email from a reader in Illinois who claims that the Bible’s truth is attested by its prescience about later events. In Faith Versus Fact, I claimed that if the Bible had been uncannily accurate about things that were to happen in the distant future, that would be some evidence for an Abrahamic divinity. […]