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Woke and inclusive, U-Mass Amherst considers Nazis an oppressed minority

Here’s a corker, but what would you expect in a soupy climate of Intersectionality? It was inevitable that someone would eventually see Nazis as a marginalized and oppressed group, and rush to their defense. And so, as this BuzzFeed story reports, a residence counselor at the Very Woke School of the University of Massachusetts at […]

NBC News propagates the Jesus myth

Just a note about how the news treats religious superstition. My regular evening newscast on NBC was reporting the Christmas festivities around the world (celebrations in Israel, the Queen’s Jesus message, and the Pope’s annual homily), when it described the festivities in Bethlehem as being “in the birthplace of Jesus.” Not the “traditional birthplace of Jesus”, […]

My Christmas Ham

Yes, I’m having Ham for Christmas dinner, as a good Jewish boy should. (My dad used to call our ham dinners “good kosher ham”.) To wit: That’s exhibit A for “religion poisons everything.”  

Did Trump go off his meds?

Something is amiss here; look at this series of tweets from the “President”, all issued within two hours. And no, he’s not going to get his Wall for Christmas. He’s been a bad boy this year, and will get a big lump of coal to fuel his dirty energy initiative.   h/t: Grania

A “Sinai and Synapses” writer tries to show that religion gives us truths that science cannot, fails miserably

I mentioned the project/website “Sinai and Synapses” (S&S) a few days ago (oy, what a name!). It came up in an accommodationist article written by Brian Gallagher, editor of a Nautilus blog and also a S&S fellow.  Checking out the S&S site, whose mottos are below, I see it’s the Jewish equivalent of BioLogos: a […]

Play-Doh, coloring books and puppies: colleges coddle students during finals week

I may sound grinch-y here; I already know it and so you needn’t repeat it below. Why, as one of my friends put it, do I have “Mr. Grump in my tummy” this fine afternoon? Because the fragility of college students, as described by Lukianoff and Haidt in The Coddling of the American Mind, has […]

Shoot me now!: Ocasio-Cortez claims she’s part Jewish

Ocasio-Cortez still shows herself to be a slow-learning attention seeker, and now seems poised to repeat the whole Elizabeth Warren debacle. I’m not betting the menorah on this ancestry tale! (Click on the screenshot to read the dubious claim.) But the center will not hold, methinks: A spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez, 29, did not immediately return a […]

Clueless hotel makes effigy of couple’s dead son to celebrate his birthday

I wish I had something lighter—like an animal-rescue story—to finish up the week; but this will have to do. It’s macabre but also humorous in a sick way.  The story is from the Guardian (click on screenshot): The backstory: Faye and Andrew Stephens, from Willesden, have made it an annual tradition to mark the birthday of their […]

Khashoggi: a beneficiary of “borrowed white privilege”?

One would think that a Saudi, being from the Muslim Middle East, would be counted as a “person of color”. But apparently there are de-melanizing factors that can elevate the low “privilege” of those from the region. Three of those factors include being a journalist, working in the West, and getting murdered by the Saudis, […]

Proof that Christianity is the wrong faith

This is a sad story but also a story of stupidity, even if John Chau couldn’t have done other than what he did. What Chau did, as recounted in the story in the Guardian (click on screenshot), was to hire locals to take him to North Sentinel Island, one of the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands that […]