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Creationist Michael Egnor on an especially loony anti-Darwin rant

The other day I put up a post about my friend Andrew Berry’s Harvard-sponsored summer course on Darwin and evolution, given yearly at Oxford University. It’s a combination lecture and field course on the history of science, with the students getting to travel through England and Wales to see sites like Darwin’s home and the […]

Diversity in salads at Google

Okay, the SJWs have won, and there’s no reason to live any more.  When I saw this tweet below, I thought it was a huge joke: There's big talk about inclusion and diversity at Google so if you need any evidence of Google is making this priority may I direct your attention to the 🥗 […]

Only 2/3 of American Millennials believe that the Earth is round

UPDATE: Reader Brian called my attention to an NPR article reporting that young people are much more likely to lie on polls than are their elders; perhaps that explains the result below. As he noted, “This does not explain the link between religion and flat earth that you observed, which is definitely interesting, but this […]

I get email threats

This is the first email I read when I got up this morning. The name and email address are surely fake, and the title of the email, oddly enough, was “Interesting paper about hybrid speciation”. I reproduce the email exactly as I got it: Anonymous Anonymous <> Hello, I’m sick of religious fanatics like you […]

The Atlantic blatantly touts religion: why “thoughts and prayers” are great for stopping gun violence

The Atlantic continues its downhill slide (I swear, is every good journalistic outlet going to become clickbait?) with a new piece by Katelyn Beaty,”The case for ‘thoughts and prayers’—even if you don’t believe in God.” Of course, Beaty, a believer, slants most of it toward fellow goddies, not atheists. Her author profile describes her as […]

Reader discovers true age of the Earth!

Here’s a comment that reader “Jason Singleton” attempted to make on my post “Genesis 3D: Paradise Lost”—A new creationist movie.” Jason gets off to a bad start with an egregious error in each of the first two sentences. The only thing I disagree with in this movie is Carbon Dating. Earth is not anywhere near […]

More outraged Christian and right-wing venues attack the argument for euthanasia of suffering infants (and the arguer)

I didn’t at all expect the outrage emitted by some news sites—all of them either conservative or religious—over my post about the morality of relieving the suffering of terminally ill, terminally deformed, or terminally diseased newborns by euthanizing them. I’m planning on a longer discussion of this issue elsewhere, but you can read a good argument […]

Trump on the Solar Wall

It’s a sad sign of the times when both lies and ridiculous statements by the U.S. President are taken for granted. Check out what he said yesterday. If you don’t believe this is a real statement by The Donald, check Vanity Fair:

Somebody enlighten this man!

UPDATE: Taken in context, as you can see in the video that Michael found and posted in the comments, this isn’t as bad as it sounds, for Nye is characterizing one of the premises of science but not the whole enterprise. That said, watch the video in the comments; I find Nye totally embarrassing and […]

In which I get a very delightful email

This lovely email came yesterday afternoon. What a nice thing to brighten up my day! Judicious Googling revealed who this person is, but to avoid embarrassment for Mr. Peter, I’ll keep that information to myself. Read and LOL: Hi Jerry, Can I just ask where evolution went wrong with you? You say evolution is about […]