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Two Republican creationists block South Carolina’s adoption of the Wooly Mammoth as the state fossil

Nothing surprises me any more when it involves Republicans and evolution (or science, or abortion, or immigration, or health care—the list is a long one). Yet this story, bizarre as it is, shows how truly benighted the members of that party are when it comes to science—and pandering to creationists. From Americans Against the Tea Party comes […]

Only in America: Kentucky churches give away guns to bring men to Jesus

Don’t expect deep thoughts this week, for I’m struggling with recalcitrant book prose, and beyond that all I’m fit for is reporting on the lunacies of the world.  But this is a good one, for it combines all the best of America: guns and God. The Louisville [Kentucky] Courier-Journal has an article this week whose […]

Idaho set to allow guns on state campuses

There are three issues that are hot-button topics on this site: topics that, when I give my opinion, I know I’ll encounter a lot of push-back. They are, of course, Israel, free will, and gun control.  And on the last one I’m pretty sure my position will never budge, for I see the ready availability […]

God Bless America. . .

. . and our God-given right to blow away anybody we dislike. This picture was taken in Kentucky, near Paducah and the Confederate flag I photographed on my recent visit.  These signs are in the window of—get this—a flower shop on the town square of Benton, Kentucky, which is, I’m informed, is “infamous around here […]

Still more religious craziness at British universities

The battle against the incursions of faith is leavened by moments of delicious irony. This is one of them, related to the London School of Economics’ banning of Jesus and Mo tee-shirts. According to reader Grania, who sent the link from, there’s been yet another incident of censorship involving putative offense to religion. Yes, […]

William Lane Craig: God hears every Superbowl prayer

I recently posted about how roughly half of all American sports fans believe that supernatural powers intervene in contests, affecting their outcomes. And a healthy dose of Americans also think that God hears prayers for victories (especially in football), or that their teams are somehow “cursed”. This is amusing, for nothing shows up the inanity […]

Religious Nigerian woman disowns cat for being gay

This is part 2 of Religious Animal Craziness. You couldn’t make stuff like this up. It’s bad enough that various species of Christianity and Islam persecute people for being gay, but now religion has injected its poison further—into supposedly homosexual felids.  The Nigerian newspaper Leadership reports (and I give their piece in full, with bolding […]

Muslim sensitivity causes Malaysian printer to censor pig faces!

Please don’t expect deep thoughts today, as Professor Ceiling Cat is working hard. The last two posts of the day will be semi-humorous ones about religious lunacy and animals. This first one, from the BBC, shows how far journalists in Islamic countries will go to avoid offending Mulsims. Look at the picture of these pigs, […]

My snake-handling piece in The New Republic, and a note

Just for the record, The New Republic has republished (with some changes) my website piece on the refusal of a Tennessee grand jury to indict a snake handler despite his blatant violation of the law. My revised piece is called “Snake handler not charged with abusing animals thanks to Tennessee definition of ‘religious freedom’.“ While […]

Snake handlers not charged for violating state law; “religious freedom” cited

One of the peculiarities of American evangelical Christianity is the bizarre practice of “snake handling” by some Southern sects. I’ve posted about this several times (see here, here, and here); the practice, which involves handling venomous snakes (usually rattlesnakes) is based on two Biblical verses: And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my […]


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