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The Simpsons and evolution

by Matthew Cobb I guess that many of you will have seen this, but to my surprise, I see we have never posted it here. This is from 2010: What’s noteworthy is that give or take a few anachronisms (T. rex and Stegosaurus were not alive at the same time), this is reasonably accurate – in […]

SCIENCE tells us what Jesus looked like!

Here’s a headline and subheadline from yesterday’s AOL News.  You can immediately spot two things wrong with it: Seriously? That’s a news headline? First of all, it presupposes that a historical Jesus really existed, with the implication that it’s the Jesus who did the stuff described in the Bible. Well, based on the lack of […]

You won’t believe what this lawyer did!

A morning laugh (and a real article) sent by Matthew, who found it on Twi**er. Be sure to read the whole short article:  

Alternative best headlines

by Matthew Cobb Yesterday we claimed that a headline involving frogs was the best headline in the history of the world. This piece of hyperbole was soon disputed on Tw*tter: .@wunderkamercast I see your "hungry frogs," and raise you THIS for "greatest headline ever!"— Lindsey Fitzharris (@DrLindseyFitz) December 02, 2015 @DrLindseyFitz @wunderkamercast Do I […]

Best headline in the history of the world

Via Matthew Cobb, who uses Twi**er and therefore has access to this stuff:

Kim Davis and the Pope, Volume MCMDXXVIII of ‘I am not a homophobe’

by Grania Spingies Regular contributor Pliny The In Between has created a new satirical poke at the strange logical contortions from the school of Special Pleading. As Jerry noted recently, there is nothing particularly liberal about the Pope’s position on anything; not unless you apply a really low standard to what liberal is: his organization bars women […]

More Twi**er hilarity

UPDATE: As a reader below points out, Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, has sussed out that this is a fake account. So, sadly, I issue this correction, realizing that the hilarity was not unintentional. ________________ Speaking of odious folks on Twi**er, apparently jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who is still sitting in jail for refusing […]

Legal Sea Foods’ new religion: Pescatarianism

It’s not often that commercials on a big television station so clearly spoof religion. This series, compiled in the video below, was produced by Legal Seafoods, a once-reputed restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I used to get my parents to take me to the first restaruant when I was in grad school. and it’s now expanded to a […]

The Onion gets it right on the money

Here’s a short piece that just appeared in The Onion; click on the headline to go to it, but I’ll reproduce it in its entirety:   THE HEAVENS—Saying that the various belief systems had a “good run” over the last few millennia but that it was probably time for humans to get by on their own, […]

A funny email

A reader who will remain unnamed sent me an email that made me chuckle: I’m currently about half way through your Faith vs. Fact and finding it a most pleasurable experience to read something which is at once so authoritative and so totally in accord with everything I already believe about the relationship between science and religion. All the […]


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