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Schrödinger’s Jesus and other Easter fun

by Grania Here are some Easter-related bits and pieces from Twitter A little physics lesson from the tomb showing that religions and science are indeed compatible. A little quiz to prove the Bible’s inerrancy and consistency. And one just because of Reasons. Hat-tip: Jerry, Matthew

A new perspective of the geopolitical globe

by Grania This explains a lot. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe that Trump actually holds all the positions that he espouses on the podium. In fact, probably only a few politicians do: elections are all too often reduced to personality contests where the person who managed to say the things the audience most […]

A real paper or a Sokal-esque hoax? You be the judge

Certain forms of postmodern discourse are so outré that you can’t tell whether they’re serious or jokes. (Indeed, some postmodernists claim that their serious pieces can be construed as jocular!) The most famous example of this conflation between the scholarly and the absurd is, of course, Alan Sokal’s hoax article on physics and postmodernism for the journal Social Text, “Transgressing […]

The weird little symphony you never knew existed

by Grania This is a whimsical track put together from Windows XP and 98 audio sounds – the dings and clicks the Operating System plays when commands run or don’t run as luck and the laws of physics would have it. I don’t know the original source. I found it on Computers Are Sad Too tumblr. […]

Elections, Irish style

by Grania Spingies I pity you Americans, I do. You’re trapped in an endless cycle of campaigning where battling politicians (and the occasional clown) slug it out day after day, week after week, month after month. Here in Ireland, the Dáil (Irish parliament) was dissolved on the 3rd of February by Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny, and the election […]

How to photograph cats!

JAC: As I said, posting will be light this week, though Grania might start some discussion threads, and I expect people to PARTICIPATE! In the meantime, today is shaping up to be a cat-post day. I am in the small village of Denton, near Olney, visiting friends. Some spectacular wines on tap for dinner tonight. […]

Five things that atheists don’t want you to know

This is an experiment in PuffHo/BuzzFeed/Thrillist clickbaiting. So, here goes:  “Five Things That We Atheists Don’t Want You to Know About Us.”

What happens when you tell your sheep off for being in the wrong field

by Matthew Cobb I saw this tw**t by @LlyrDerwydd, a Welsh sheepfarmer, who was driving by one of his fields when he saw that a flock of his sheep and got into the wrong field. You need to have the sound turned up: When sheep know they are in the wrong field. #badsheep #Sheep365 #farming365 […]

Pining for the fjords and other stories

by Grania Sometimes Twitter is just what you need on a dismal Friday evening, especially when you tend to follow scientists and comedians, and even more especially when those scientists and comedians know each other and have worked together on such excellent science shows as The Infinite Monkey Cage. But I expected to see this […]

A fantastic new product: a speaker in vagina allows your fetus to hear unmuffled Mozart

Whether prenatal exposure to music really helps babies develop faster is controversial, but that hasn’t stopped pregnant women from buying all kinds of devices to expose their fetuses to music—usually classical. (This is based on the equally controversial and dubious “Mozart Effect“, the claim that cognition in children and adults is improved–short term–by listening to classical music.) […]