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Is the devil in Lebanon, Missouri?

Here’s an update on the poll taken by the Lebanon Daily Record on Principal Lower’s graduation prayer.  As you may recall, the paper polled readers about whether Lower’s prayer was appropriate for graduation.   You can see the results by going to the Lowery-loving column by Katie Hilton, “Hats off for Lowery!“, and then clicking back to “home” […]

Die Tiere auf Deutsch

This was highlighted in a tw**t from Tamsin Edwards, via Matthew Cobb. It’s accurate, as far as I know. I love “Meerschweinchen” (“little ocean pig”) as the name for guinea pig. Where did that come from? And “Lazy animal” for “sloth” is great. Which reminds me of a story: A city girl was visiting a farm for […]

Two cars

These are the true heroes of atheism, although an even bigger hero would be someone sporting a cross on a car in Saudi Arabia. At any rate, this car will not survive intact for long! And some humor, and perhaps it’s a PhotoShop job. You’ll recognize the cat, I hope:     h/t: Barry

Pentagon plans for zombie invasion

No, that’s not a joke. It’s reported on CNN, in a piece called “Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies,” and it’s not April 1. Moreover, there’s a Pentagon document to prove it. Yes, citizens of the U.S., these are your tax dollars at work. You can look at the whole document, “Conplan 888“, and it’s […]

How close are we to the Rapture? Pretty damn close!

At first I thought this was a joke, but as is so often true with religious websites, I don’t think it is. It’s a site called The Rapture Index, and is meant to tell us how close we are (despite the disclaimers) to being taken up to heaven—or left behind. Here’s the explanation, and the home page for […]

By whom?

From Giles Fraser’s Twi**er:   ~

Spanish government gives medal for police bravery to an icon of the Virgin Mary

There is no limit to the ludicrous lengths the faithful will go to pay homage to their imaginary friends. But the next one that comes down the pike is always funny in a new way. And here’s one, as reported by the UK’s Rationalist Association. This one has gotten Spanish secularists (I’m glad there are some!) […]

Jesus shows up on a pancake—on Good Friday!

The Ground of Being (GOB) is notoriously shy to show Him/Her/Itself to his/her/its worshipers—indeed, since he’s nothing like a human, we might not even recognize him were he to show up. After all, he could look like a painting by Rembrandt, a spring daffodil, and, verily, even our own minds when we do a bit of algebra. That’s […]


A tw**t from The Worldwide Times. I assume the picture is authentic:   h/t: Grania

Invasion of the Giant Squirrel!

Richard Wiseman posted this wonderful photograph over on his blog . Can any reader tell us how was it done? H/t to Adrian


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