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T. rex badinage

Reader John sent this tw**t showing an unfortunate pleiotropic effect of theropod morphology: And, fortuitously, reader Bruce just sent me this humorous headline, which he said he saw on Janice Ian’s Facebook page (remember “Society’s Child“?):  

The reptile-mammal transition

by Greg Mayer Update: An alert reader, has objected to the theory presented below, or at least the specific evidence used; he has proffered what he contends is “much more pertinent evidence”, which I append below. Jerry posted a couple of days ago on a specimen of an early tetrapod, Ossinodus, which seems to have […]

The Dog Days are over

By Grania Spingies Jerry’s on a roll with the issuing orders thing today, and it must have been a pretty good day considering the subject of this post and our esteemed host’s usual (dis)regard for them. It is admittedly hilarious.     Consider yourselves duly cautioned.   Hat-tip: Barry Lyons

Here Be Dragons

by Grania April Fool’s Day is drawing to a close, and it was a surprise to see the noble publication of Nature get in on the act with a paper on dragons by Andrew J. Hamilton, Robert M. May & Edward K. Waters claiming that “that anthropogenic effects on the world’s climate may inadvertently be paving the […]

Ancient question finally settled: the right way to hang toilet paper

This afternoon I got an email from a reader, along with a link to a PuffHo article called “This 124-year-old patent reveals the right way to use toilet paper.” A screenshot of the email’s contents: Matt was, of course, referring to reader Diana MacPherson, who is obsessed with installing “wrong way” toilet rolls, in which the paper […]

Pictures of the day

I’ll close today’s posts with three unrelated photos. First, Randy Schenck from Iowa has taken pity on the cold squirrels, and build a double feeder in his Iowa home. Squirrels readily nom corn on the cob (dried, I think), and if you fasten the cobs vertically, as shown below, you get a cool feeder. (They also […]

Beware of bears!

by Matthew Cobb In November 2010, Leanne Zackowski posted a brief YouTube video consisting of  photos of a black bear getting into a bird feeder. Earlier today Andrew Hendry (@EcoEvoEvoEco) tw**ted those images today, and Professor Ceiling Cat insisted they were posted. The final photo is of a park sign in British Columbia. Read it […]

In D*g We Trust!

Another elebenty gazillion readers sent me links to this story, which just begs to be told. As both CNN and the BBC report, there was a big error made when a Florida sheriff ordered carpeting for his office. From CNN: A Florida sheriff’s office is sending back some official rugs after an embarrassing typo in […]

What do those car dashboard alarm icons mean?

by Matthew Cobb This from Oonagh Keating on Tw*tter:

Kangaroo v. Drone

by Grania In the wake of recent ponderings about whether AI is on the verge of becoming dangerous; here is a heartening story about a kangaroo punching a drone right out of the sky. And I for one, welcome our new marsupial overlords.


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