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Litter box fail

It’s the end of a long day for me; I’ve written much of my chidren’s book, worked on my talk for Monday, finished a blurb for a book, wrote posts here, pulled weeds, and raked rotten apples. So forgive me if all I have to offer is a kitten who’s not yet mastered the Big […]

Protestor builds wall around Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”

I’m starting to weary of the endless Trump-bashing by people who delight in his every misstep, like the plagiarism of his wife in her speech. (Yes, I’ve been guilty of that., too!) But it’s becoming extreme, and the aims are not political, as they should be, but often sheer mean-spiritedness. Granted that Donald doesn’t seem […]

What’s next for National Geographic?

Having seen this morning’s Jesus Book published by National Geographic, reader “moleatthecounter” provided a nice bit of satire for us, which he introduces with these words: I am annoyed at the Nat Geo Jesus issue that you have just linked to… Awful, truly awful. I continue to make a study of the historicity of Jesus subject, so […]

A postmodern academic signals her virtue: Why Pilates is white and racist

Last March I wrote about a dreadful paper on feminist glaciology, whose intent was to bring a feminist viewpoint to the study of glaciers. It failed to do that, but succeeded in signaling the virtue of the authors, all from the University of Oregon. Moreover, the authors’ work was supported by the National Science Foundation—yes, American […]

A stealthy cat

From Imgur, and don’t ask me if it’s genuine: h/t: Taskin

She probably voted “Leave”, too

Here is the first of two humorous videos I’ll post this afternoon because I can’t brain today. As far as I can tell, this woman is serious. UPDATE: You can see a ton more of these videos of Jenny Davis on Brad Holmes’s Facebook Page. I’m still not convinced that she’s acting, but I’m nearly […]

A tw**t

Alexandra Petri writes for The Washington Post, and this morning emitted the following tw**t. I don’t know Petri, but she seems to have a good sense of humor, and I issued one of my very rare responses to a tw**t. (You’ll have to go to the post below to see it.) someone got to my […]

The eternal battle

The battle over superstition vs. rationality will end sooner than the one pictured here. If we didn’t have that one contrarian reader. . .

At long last, has Trump no sense of decency?

Get a load of this from Donald Trump’s Twi**er page. Yes, it’s real. Has he no sense of irony, at long last? After calling Mexicans criminals, rapists, and thugs, and proposing that the U.S. build a 1000-mile long border wall, financed by Mexico (!), Trump shows his real love of Hispanics by eating a fricking taco bowl! I […]

“God is a Boob Man”: a nice parody

Thanks to several readers for sending me this clip from yesterday’s Saturday Night Live. It’s very clearly a parody of the risible movie “God’s Not Dead 2,” starring Melissa Joan Hart—famed in her previous life as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. To see the model, the trailer of GND2, click here. Even the lettering is the same. I don’t […]