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Nut Pilferers Anonymous

by Grania Cops with a sense of humor is a real thing sometimes. I occasionally browse through the Irish police Twitter account An Garda Síochána (I’m not going to try to explain how to pronounce it, just say “The Guards”) because it can be damn funny on an otherwise gloomy morning when you are stuck in traffic. […]

How to do Twitter

by Grania This is an accidental Master Class in how to win at Twitter. As Dire Straits said “That’s the way you do it“. This is a real news story from Germany that Boing Boing decided to be funny about and swap around the words in the headline, for reasons of extra clickitude. (That’s a word. […]

T. rex badinage

Reader John sent this tw**t showing an unfortunate pleiotropic effect of theropod morphology: And, fortuitously, reader Bruce just sent me this humorous headline, which he said he saw on Janice Ian’s Facebook page (remember “Society’s Child“?):  

The reptile-mammal transition

by Greg Mayer Update: An alert reader, has objected to the theory presented below, or at least the specific evidence used; he has proffered what he contends is “much more pertinent evidence”, which I append below. Jerry posted a couple of days ago on a specimen of an early tetrapod, Ossinodus, which seems to have […]

The Dog Days are over

By Grania Spingies Jerry’s on a roll with the issuing orders thing today, and it must have been a pretty good day considering the subject of this post and our esteemed host’s usual (dis)regard for them. It is admittedly hilarious.     Consider yourselves duly cautioned.   Hat-tip: Barry Lyons

Here Be Dragons

by Grania April Fool’s Day is drawing to a close, and it was a surprise to see the noble publication of Nature get in on the act with a paper on dragons by Andrew J. Hamilton, Robert M. May & Edward K. Waters claiming that “that anthropogenic effects on the world’s climate may inadvertently be paving the […]

Ancient question finally settled: the right way to hang toilet paper

This afternoon I got an email from a reader, along with a link to a PuffHo article called “This 124-year-old patent reveals the right way to use toilet paper.” A screenshot of the email’s contents: Matt was, of course, referring to reader Diana MacPherson, who is obsessed with installing “wrong way” toilet rolls, in which the paper […]

Pictures of the day

I’ll close today’s posts with three unrelated photos. First, Randy Schenck from Iowa has taken pity on the cold squirrels, and build a double feeder in his Iowa home. Squirrels readily nom corn on the cob (dried, I think), and if you fasten the cobs vertically, as shown below, you get a cool feeder. (They also […]

Beware of bears!

by Matthew Cobb In November 2010, Leanne Zackowski posted a brief YouTube video consisting of  photos of a black bear getting into a bird feeder. Earlier today Andrew Hendry (@EcoEvoEvoEco) tw**ted those images today, and Professor Ceiling Cat insisted they were posted. The final photo is of a park sign in British Columbia. Read it […]

In D*g We Trust!

Another elebenty gazillion readers sent me links to this story, which just begs to be told. As both CNN and the BBC report, there was a big error made when a Florida sheriff ordered carpeting for his office. From CNN: A Florida sheriff’s office is sending back some official rugs after an embarrassing typo in […]


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