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Psychology professor and her two cats write po-mo article on “multispecies inquiry”

This is just for grins: I don’t know whether the journal Qualitative Inquiry, where this travesty was published, is taken seriously (it is, however, a SAGE journal); but I am pretty sure this article is NOT a joke or a hoax. The article is free, and may not even require the legal unpaywall app; click […]

Serbian gets Kim Jong-un haircut

The first version of the video below, in which a talented Serbian barber uses his talents in the WRONG WAY, was taken down from YouTube; but when it was up it had the following explanation: As tensions mount worldwide over North Korean missile tests, one Serbian barber has decided to commemorate this uneasy period in […]

Don’t be cruel, says cockatoo, but his gal won’t listen

by Matthew Cobb Yes, this has been around for a couple of years (nearly 6 million views), but it’s still fun. What’s not resolved is why cockatoos dance.

Headline of the season

This is from Fox News; click on the screenshot to go to the article. It’s true, funny, and the “Jesusnapping” was probably conducted by an atheist. And the story in its entirety: BETHLEHEM, Pa. –  Police say a woman stole baby Jesus from a Nativity scene in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and dropped the figurine off at […]

Non-empirical evidence: technology > religion

by Grania For your amusement only. God bless the Internet.

Panda Act of Love rudely interrupted

Two giant pandas were making the beast with two backs when they were rudely interrupted by an Act of Gravity. How sad! ❤ lol — *GIF*WORLD* (@wordstextings_) October 2, 2016 I bet the zoo, which wants more pandas, was even more upset.

Am I not a lion and a brother?

Reader Barry sent me a screenshot of this tw**t, which is indeed hilarious: I’ve verified that this quote is indeed real: it comes from a Gawker article written last year by Brendan O’Connor.

The FBI and terrorism: a satire

This clip was produced by a group of Israelis who did satirical cabaret, making fun of sacred cows. (The language is Hebrew with English subtitles.) The cow in this short video is the FBI’s attitudes toward Islamic terrorism; the Boston FBI locale and Chechen perpetrators make clear that this is about the Boston Marathon bombing. (The video was […]

Reza Aslan has his fingers in Google Translate


The Holy Spud awes Canadian seniors; CBC said it could be a “sign from above”

Canadians are acting badly again, and here I’m referring to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who should know better. From the CBC, we have a story about a Holy Potato. The text is indented, and the figure captions are from the website. A cook was cutting potatoes at a Quebec seniors’ residence when he decided to slice […]