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Legal Sea Foods’ new religion: Pescatarianism

It’s not often that commercials on a big television station so clearly spoof religion. This series, compiled in the video below, was produced by Legal Seafoods, a once-reputed restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I used to get my parents to take me to the first restaruant when I was in grad school. and it’s now expanded to a […]

The Onion gets it right on the money

Here’s a short piece that just appeared in The Onion; click on the headline to go to it, but I’ll reproduce it in its entirety:   THE HEAVENS—Saying that the various belief systems had a “good run” over the last few millennia but that it was probably time for humans to get by on their own, […]

A funny email

A reader who will remain unnamed sent me an email that made me chuckle: I’m currently about half way through your Faith vs. Fact and finding it a most pleasurable experience to read something which is at once so authoritative and so totally in accord with everything I already believe about the relationship between science and religion. All the […]

In the name of scientific inquiry: one intrepid man’s journey to the bottom of a vat of Diet Coke

by Grania Mark Twain apparently* once said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”. The man was and always will be correct on that point, but this could not be what he had in mind. Then again, another wise man […]

You had one job

No commentary is required. Hat-tip: Steve Kurtz

A salacious Jesus billboard

This is from reader Guy, who sent this about a religious billboard that went wrong in several ways: I took this a while back on U.S. Interstate 55 near Marion, Arkansas. Let it be a reminder to think through your choice of url thoroughly.

When good squirrels go bad

by Grania Recently we had a story which almost certainly wasn’t about a Sciuridaen nut thief. This time round it appears the feathery-tailed rodent actually is a miscreant. Well, maybe. The Telegraph reports, An “aggressive” squirrel has been arrested by German police officers after a woman complained it was stalking her. Police in North Rhine-Westphalia received the bizarre […]

That’s no dwarf planet…

by Grania Jerry forwarded this on to me doing his best Castiel impression.   For the other three of you out there who, like Jerry, also do not get this reference, it’s a Star Wars thing. Episode IV*, A New Hope for the sake of completeness. * Episode IV was technically Episode I, just so […]

Nut Pilferers Anonymous

by Grania Cops with a sense of humor is a real thing sometimes. I occasionally browse through the Irish police Twitter account An Garda Síochána (I’m not going to try to explain how to pronounce it, just say “The Guards”) because it can be damn funny on an otherwise gloomy morning when you are stuck in traffic. […]

How to do Twitter

by Grania This is an accidental Master Class in how to win at Twitter. As Dire Straits said “That’s the way you do it“. This is a real news story from Germany that Boing Boing decided to be funny about and swap around the words in the headline, for reasons of extra clickitude. (That’s a word. […]


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