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Thursday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Thursday, July 11, 2019, and it was a hot one in Chicago yesterday, with a high of 95° F (35° C). The ducks survived. It’s National Blueberry Muffin Day: my favorite muffin, but I was shocked to learn that there are 400 calories in a Starbuck’s blueberry muffin (I never buy the overpriced baked […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Saturday, July 6, 2019, and today I head back to Oahu for one day, then to take the redeye back to Chicago. It’s National Fried Chicken Day, too, celebrating one of America’s great contributions to gastronomy (yes, I know that they fry chicken in other lands). Look for fried-chicken promotions in your area. And […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Thursday, July 4, 2019: Independence Day in the U.S., and a national holiday (see below). Appropriately, it’s National Barbecue Day, so go whole hog and dig inunless you’re a vegetarian. If you’re Norwegian, today you’ll be celebrating the birthday of Queen Sonja, a day when the Norwegian State Flag is flown ubiquitously. I’ll be […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Greetings on Wednesday, June 26 2019, the first Hump Day of Summer. It’s National Chocolate Pudding Day, a comestible once endorsed by Bill Cosby,  It’s also International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, World Refrigeration Day, and, in Hamelin, Germany, Ratcatcher’s Day. A lot of stuff happened on June 26, including three advances in gay rights: […]

Monday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Monday, May 27, 2019, and tomorrow I’ll be heading back home tomorrow to resume my work, now including Duck Duties. Posting will be light today as I finish my  R&R. In the U.S. it’s Memorial Day, a national holiday honoring fallen members of the armed forces, but ducks don’t stop eating on holidays. It’s […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Professor Ceiling Cat here, with thanks to Grania for taking over Hili yesterday. It’s Friday, May 24, 2019: the end of another work week. It’s National Escargot Day, (I’ve had snails once and didn’t like them), and National Brothers Day, so fête your brother (I’m one!). Today’s big news is that British Prime Minister Theresa […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Thursday, May 9, 2019, and National Shrimp Day. It’s also Victory Day, celebrating the end of the war in Europe, including the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany (see below). This holiday is celebrated in Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Tuesday, the Cruelest Day: April 16, 2019, and National Eggs Benedict Day, a dish that Anthony Bourdain advised you never to order at brunch, since it’s likely to be cobbled together from leftovers from the week. It’s also World Voice Day, a rather bizarre commemoration of the phenomenon of the human voice. Finally, it’s […]

Monday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

The work week has begun anew as we wend our way slowly toward extinction. It’s Monday, April 15, 2019, and if you’re an American, your tax form is due today.  It’s National Ham Day, from which Jews and Muslims are excluded. It’s also these days, too: Father Damien Day (Hawaii) Hillsborough Disaster Memorial (Liverpool, England) Jackie Robinson […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Sunday, April 7, 2019, and we’ve at least reached National Beer Day (there is NO chance that Google will have a Doodle for this). The reason for the holiday? As Wikipedia explains, it on this day in 1933 that . . .  the Cullen–Harrison Act was enacted after having been signed into law by President Franklin […]