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Jazz hands as a substitute for clapping approved at the University of Manchester

A new report from the BBC and the Independent (click on screenshots below) discussed the banning of clapping at certain events by the student union at the University of Manchester, the school where Matthew Cobb teaches: BBC: The Independent:   What the papers report is that the student union at the University of Manchester has […]

College Follies of the Day, Part 1. Michigan State bans smoking in cars on public roads traversing the campus

The Regressive Leftist antics of colleges never cease to amaze me, and we have two today. (“Why do I post these?”, you ask. “To show you what students experience at institutions of higher education,” is my reponse.) Today there are two follies, which I’ll recount briefly in two posts. The first, described by Michigan Capitol […]

Philadelphia’s ridiculous soda tax

In April I noted that a 2¢/ounce soda tax failed to come to a vote in the California state legislature. That’s an exorbitant tax, nearly doubling the price of a twelve-ounce can of soda. Other states are trying to pass such a tax, while Mexico and a few European countries have one already. In the meantime, […]

Nanny-state tax on soda loses in California

I suppose I’m part libertarian, as I really object to governments trying to control the leisure activities of their citizens—always “for the public good.” While I can understand a desire to stop bad habits like smoking by taxing the hell out of cigarettes, I support that only because it raises money that should be (but […]