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North Carolina legislature passes bill allowing drivers to plow through protestors on streets

It’s unbelievable what Republicans try to do when making law. They are overturning Obamacare simply to go after Obama—a move that will lead, foreseeably, to the deaths of thousands of Americans. But now the GOP in North Carolina has passed a bill that’s just as ludicrous and almost as dangerous. What happened, according to multiple […]

Neil Gorsuch’s plagiarism—or is it plagiarism?

Our newest Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch, has been accused of plagiarism in articles in Politico, BuzzFeed, and New York magazine. There are several instances where he simply repeats the words of others in a 2006 book Gorsuch wrote about euthanasia (he’s against it) as well as in his Ph.D. thesis at Oxford and an […]

Senate triggers “nuclear option” to confirm Neil Gorsuch

Such lovely news to awake to in New Zealand: CNN and The New York Times both report that the Senate voted along party lines to break the Democratic filibuster of proposed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, invoking the “nuclear option.” That option allows a filibuster (Democratic, in this case) to be stopped with a mere […]

Gorsuch nomination in danger, and other news

As my CNN news bulletins tell me, Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court justice is in serious danger. Gorsuch needs 60 “yes” votes in the Senate for confirmation, and there are only 52 Republicans. Further, several key Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, have already said they’ll vote no on Gorsuch. So did Bernie Sanders. My view? […]

My prediction, which is mine

I predict that the appeals court that this evening is pondering Trump’s immigration order will continue the stay, so that the order will not be enforced. But this one is destined for the Supreme Court.

Ladies and gentlemen: Your new Supreme Court justice

Assuming that Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch is confirmed (and he really shouldn’t even be up for confirmation since Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland was blocked), here’s what we have in store: An “originalist” like Scalia, who believes that the Constitution should be interpreted as it was at the time it was written A “textualist“, who believes that […]

I get email from people who don’t understand the legal system

After yesterday’s post showing the “thank you” letter I got from Johnnie Cochran for being on the O. J. Simpson defense team, reader “Barffy” decided to call me out by appending this comment to the post. This isn’t questioning your expert witness contribution. I was surprised that you would tout this letter given it is associated […]

A letter

I’m wicked busy today, so have a letter from my past:

Patricia Churchland on the effects of neurobiology on criminal law

Scientific American has a new article, “20 big questions about the future of humanity“, in which twenty well known scientists prognosticate about our collective fate. It’s not clear whether the questions were generated by the scientists themselves or by the magazine, but most of them, and the answers, don’t inspire me much. It’s not that I […]

Mass murderers: mental illness or extreme ideology?

Anders Breivik is the Norwegian white supremacist who killed 77 of his countrymen in 2011: 8 in a car bomb in Oslo, and then 69 later that day in a worker’s camp on an island. Many of the dead were young people. Before the murders he had written manifestos about his opposition to Muslims in his […]