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Obama is about to speak

At the U of Chicago, on the Supreme Court stuff. Listen live here.

Obama to speak on Supreme Court; livestreamed at 2:30 Chicago time

At 2:30 Central time (1:30 Eastern time; 8:30 London time), President Obama will be speaking at the University of Chicago Law School about the Supreme Court. We just got a link from the University News office, so if you click on the video below at that time, you’ll get to hear Obama’s talk. He’ll certainly […]

Obama to announce Supreme Court nominee this morning

Get your popcorn: this morning President Obama is going to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia. There are, as announced by both the New York times and CBS News, three nominees on the short list. Among the finalists are the federal appellate judges Sri Srinivasan, Merrick B. Garland and Paul Watford. My money is […]

Hillary Clinton supports the federal death penalty

Here’s a video of the prime Democratic candidate supporting the federal death penalty. Clinton’s answer is in response to a question at Ohio State University from a man unjustly convicted of murder. She says she supports the penalty for “terrorists,” including American terrorists like Timothy McVeigh, “in cases where there have been horrific mass killings.” And yet, at the beginning […]

Bad news for International Women’s Day: murderers of Afghan woman suddenly let off lightly

On March 23 of last year (has it been that long?), I reported a travesty in Afghanistan: a 27-year-old woman named Farakhunda was falsely accused of burning a Qur’an—the charges were cooked up—and then was brutally tortured, stoned, burned and murdered by a mob. Even if she had burned a Qur’an it would be barbaric, but […]

A former law clerk: Antonin Scalia “generally detested science”

Even before the inevitable encomiums about Antonin Scalia poured in after his death, it was already bruited about that he was a fiercely smart man—even if misguided in his originalism and conservatism. But how smart can a man be if he disses science? Can he be both smart and ignorant? For surely Scalia wasn’t “ignorant” in […]

Krauss: Fill Scalia’s Supreme Court vacancy with an atheist

Given the New Yorker’s softness on faith, I’m heartened—and very surprised—to see that the magazine has published Lawrence Krauss’s has third godless column, “Put an atheist on the Supreme Court.” (Krauss was surprised too, emailing that “Maybe there is a god.” Note to religionists: he was joking!). At any rate, go look at it; I’ll give a […]

Charles Lipson: The Supreme Court vacancy in 250 words (in two words: “political theater”)

President Obama announced yesterday, in no uncertain terms, that he would go forward with the process of filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court produced by the death of Antonin Scalia. Here’s the video of Obama’s press conference yesterday, with the Scalia issue beginning at 7:53 and ending at 21:38.  (Note Obama’s hip lack of a […]

Vatican decides it doesn’t “necessarily” have to report clerical child abuse

by Grania When I left religion behind me, I had no intention of ever looking back. I don’t care what the pope’s opinion is on anything, whether I agree or disagree with him or not. But I realised over the years that the institution I had turned away from still had enormous effect on people’s […]

Obama says he will nominate a replacement for Scalia (and a contest)

Well, let the games begin. Today’s New York Times, after reporting on the death of Antonin Scalia yesterday, notes that Obama plans to nominate a successor while he, Obama, is still President: Speaking to reporters from Rancho Mirage, where he is golfing with old friends, Mr. Obama paid tribute to Justice Scalia, who died earlier […]


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