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Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in jail

This just happened, and, given the fact that Weinstein could have received as little as five years (or as many as 25), the judge clearly felt that Weinstein’s crimes merited a stiff sentence. I can’t say I disagree. Since Weinstein is 67, this means he’ll die in jail, and that’s not even counting the upcoming […]

ACLU joins lawsuit allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports

A few days ago, and previously as well, I discussed the difficult issue of transgender women seeking to compete in women’s sports. The thorny issue of “what do you do with males transitioning to the female gender?” or with those who have completed their transition, is often resolved by many with the simple Diktat: “Transgender […]

ACLU continues defending the right of medically untreated men who claim they’re women to compete in women’s sports

I used to admire the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); I used to donate to the ACLU and was a member of the ACLU; the ACLU took my case when I was drafted illegally, and got me (and several thousand COs) out of our alternative service when the courts ruled unequivocally that the government had […]

Atlantic article criticizes due process as being harmful and full of lies

I came upon this article when someone sent me the tweet below (I don’t know who Cathy Young is). The caption is pretty snarky, but the article in The Atlantic  by Megan Garber, which you can access by clicking on the link or the bottom part of the tweet, justifies the snark. It’s really a […]

Supreme court set to further erode the First-Amendment wall between church and state

In the past few years, federal courts have continued a slow erosion of the church-state wall specified by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, often ruling that religious symbols or monuments can remain on public land, or be flaunted by government agencies, because they’re not really religious but simply part of our “tradition.” Now […]

Recreational marijuana and cannabis products now legal in Illinois; Lieutenant Governor among the first to buy

With all the bad news stretching through the holidays, we have some good news in Illinois: as of January 1, recreational marijuana and its derivatives are legal to buy in our state. Last June, our new Democratic governor, J. B. Pritzker, signed a bill allowing those 21 and older to buy 30 grams of marijuana […]

Federal appeals court ruling endangers First Amendment

A new article in The Atlantic by Garrett Epps, writer and legal scholar (he teaches law at the University of Baltimore), describes what both he and I see as a very legal serious challenge to the First Amendment’s free speech provision. Click on the screenshot to read about it. I can state the facts in […]

Oberlin digs in, appealing Gibson’s Bakery case with high-priced legal team and recasting case as “free speech issue”

I’ve followed the case of Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College from the outset, and because there’s now a Wikipedia article on the case, I needn’t review the whole mishigass here.  The upshot is that after Oberlin’s administrators aided students in an unjustified protest against the claimed racism of the bakery (a racism that proved nonexistent), […]

Wife of U.S. diplomat flees UK after killing British teen in a traffic accident; U.S. refuses to waive diplomatic immunity

Many venues have reported that, on August 27, the wife of an American diplomat in England killed a teenage English citizen riding a motorbike. The woman, Anne Sacoolas (not named in most American reports, but named by Boris Johnson and several British outlets), was apparently driving on the wrong side of the road at the […]

Harvard wins affirmative action case. . . for now

Yesterday’s 130-page decision by federal judge Allison Burroughs (pdf here) puts to rest, probably temporarily, the legal challenge to Harvard’s admission policy on the basis of racial discrimination levied by a group called Students for Fair Admission. The group contended that Harvard systematically discriminated against Asian-American applicants, using “race” as a main factor in admissions […]