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Recreational marijuana and cannabis products now legal in Illinois; Lieutenant Governor among the first to buy

With all the bad news stretching through the holidays, we have some good news in Illinois: as of January 1, recreational marijuana and its derivatives are legal to buy in our state. Last June, our new Democratic governor, J. B. Pritzker, signed a bill allowing those 21 and older to buy 30 grams of marijuana […]

Wife of U.S. diplomat flees UK after killing British teen in a traffic accident; U.S. refuses to waive diplomatic immunity

Many venues have reported that, on August 27, the wife of an American diplomat in England killed a teenage English citizen riding a motorbike. The woman, Anne Sacoolas (not named in most American reports, but named by Boris Johnson and several British outlets), was apparently driving on the wrong side of the road at the […]

Felicity Huffman given prison sentence (a light one)

Actor Felicity Huffman, who pleaded guilty in the college-admissions scandal, was sentenced today to 14 days in jail beginning October 25, along with a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and one year supervised release. Although this was a compromise between the jail time her own lawyers wanted (none) and what the prosecution requested […]

Why is everyone angry at red-light cameras?

A few years ago, Chicago installed red-light cameras and speeding cameras along the roads, which would automatically record your license plate and a photograph of the violation along with your ticket for about $100.  It’s hard to fight these things, but in both cases I think I did transgress both times, not coming to a […]

Alabama’s odious abortion bill

Most Americans have already heard this, so I’m just giving the news to those who haven’t, complaining about what happened, and offering you a chance to comment. What happened, as the New York Times reports (click on screenshot below), is that the Alabama legislature passed a law that effectively ends all abortions in that state […]

Should we apologize to the Canadian girl who lied about hijab attack?

Canadians have a reputation for being super nice, and for apologizing for everything.  In most cases that’s great, but not this time. That’s because Danielle S. McLaughlin, Director of Education Emerita of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, is now asking all Canadians (I’m presuming this because her piece was on HuffPo Canada) to apologize to the eleven year old […]

Trump’s unwise pardon

Well, Trump has given his first Presidential pardon, and it couldn’t have gone to a worse person than Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff (1993-2016) of Maricopa County, Arizona—a county that includes the state capital of Phoenix. Arpaio was not only a punitive hard-ass towards prisoners, but widely recognized as an anti-Hispanic bigot, which he displayed […]

My prediction, which is mine

I predict that the appeals court that this evening is pondering Trump’s immigration order will continue the stay, so that the order will not be enforced. But this one is destined for the Supreme Court.

Did the FBI lie about the killing of LaVoy Finicum?

Reader Lou Jost has been doing some investigation of the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. As you may recall, Finicum was one of those who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in protest over the arrest of two ranchers for arson on federal land. That protest began in January, and on the 26th of that month […]

Come home Cardinal Pell

by Grania Tim Minchin has published a new song. It’s poignant, catchy and like several of his other songs, deeply controversial. But it shouldn’t be controversial at all. It is simply a protest about a case in Australia which requires Australian Cardinal George Pell to give evidence in the investigation into the horrific child sex abuse scandal […]