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Supreme court approves execution with a substantial likelihood of causing agony (vote, naturally, was 5-4)

This is what we’re in for the foreseeable future: a Supreme Court whose conservative majority, while concerned with preserving the life of every fetus, sends criminals to their deaths with impunity, even when those deaths are horribly painful. As the article below in The Atlantic relates (click on the screenshot), Justice Neil Gorsuch, who heretofore […]

In the case of Trump v. Roberts, Trump is right

John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, has been serving for 13 years, and is a judicial conservative nominated to be Chief Justice by George W. Bush. This week Roberts pushed back against a comment that President Trump made; the story is reported in the New York Times article below (click on […]

Some last thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh

Well, it’s a certainty that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed today as a Supreme Court Justice, and the only thing more depressing is the thought that Donald Trump might be reelected in 2020. But let’s not dwell on that. Today is supposedly my day off, so posting will be light; I call your attention instead […]

Did the Kavanaugh hearings help Trump?

As I’ve written before, my feeling, based on what I know and the testimony I heard, is that Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of sexual assault or malfeasance. Now I think he’s guilty not just of lying about that, but lying about many things, and that is perjury and disqualifies him from the Supreme Court. But […]

Kavanaugh is toast

Even without the accusations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, I would of course have called for a vote against him, as he’s a far right-wing  %)((*&^@ who will tilt the Supreme Court in the wrong direction for decades to come. But after hearing the testimony of Christine Ford and much of the testimony from […]

Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault comes forward

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice would be a disaster for many years to come, ensuring a firmly conservative court for the future—perhaps even the overturning of decisions like Roe v. Wade. But then again, this would be the case for any of Trump’s nominees. I, for one, would prefer more of a […]

Alabama embarrasses itself again: Chief Justice says First Amendment applies only to Christians

Just when I think Southern legislators and judges can’t make themselves look any more stupid, someone comes along to prove me wrong. In this case it’s the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore.  You probably remember that a judge refused to remove the Ten Commandments from his courtroom wall and also had a […]

The Supreme Court screws up again

Count on it: when you see a 5-4 decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, it means—except for rare exceptions like the “Obamacare” vote—very bad news for liberals. And it happened again yesterday, with the court voting to eliminate the cap on the total amount of money individuals could contribute to all federal candidates in an […]