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Misleading, duplicitous, and cowardly reporting by the Guardian of ISIS’s statement on the Paris attacks

In a comment on my post about the Parisian terrorist murders, Reader Arslan noted a discrepancy between ISIS’s statement claiming responsibility for those murders, and what the Guardian said about ISIS’s statements. Now perhaps this is just an error by the Guardian: maybe they left out a sentence by mistake. But given the sentence that was […]

Palestinians kill and terrorize Israelis, world studiously ignores it

My travels have prevented me from following the situation in the Middle East very closely, but what I have seen lately has amazed me.  People are, for instance, bemoaning the death of Palestinian youths (and adults) killed by Israelis. What they fail to note is that these killings occurred after the Palestinians (often teenaged boys) were […]

NYT on ISIS: a disgrace to “true fundamentalism”

Every time I read a new column in the New York Times’s “Opinionator” section, I marvel at how obtuse and dumb it is, and always think that it can’t possibly get worse. But it always does. This week’s piece, by Slavoj Zizek, described as “a Slovenian philosopher, psychoanalyst and social theorist at the Birkbeck School of […]