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An example of opinion polluting journalism in the NYT

UPDATE: As evidence that the Times knew it was infecting its journalism with opinion, they’ve changed the headline in the last two hours. Here it is now:   ____________________ Opening my New York Times website this morning., I found this article as the banner headline, which isn’t supposed to be opinion but news (click on […]

CNN settles lawsuit brought by student they maligned

You may remember that on January 28 of last year, a group of boys from the all male Covington Catholic High School in Park, Hills, Kentucky, met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to get their buses home after a class trip to attend an anti-abortion rally. (They’re Catholics, Jake!) Some […]

Once more, National Geographic goes for the woo

We’ve all observed National Geographic magazine going down the tubes and going soft on religion (e.g., investigating and affirming the historicity of scripture), and on woo. Apparently this issue, highlighted by fellow skeptic Phil Ferguson on his Facebook page, is about trying to validate woo, or at least about implying that there might be something […]

CNN, Reuters and other media mainstream a “Jesus relic”, taking it for granted that Jesus lived and was born in Bethlehem

I’m back with a pile of exigent tasks, all of which are temporarily effacing the memories I had of my fantastic trip to Antarctica.  I see the Roald Amundsen is again crossing the Drake Passage on the way to the Antarctic Peninsula, so the passengers must have replaced much of their luggage that was stolen. […]

Happy Genocide Day from the NYT

If you don’t already know that virtually every holiday we celebrate has a dark story behind it, the New York Times is happy to remind you about the genocide behind Thanksgiving. But ten to one you already know the story Charles Blow tells in today’s op-ed piece—the first thing you see on the NYT’s web […]

Campus journalism fracas reaches the New York Times

We’ve heard lately about the problems that college students are having with their campus newspapers. In one case, Harvard students criticized their paper, The Crimson, because it asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a comment after an anti-ICE demonstration.This request, so the critics claimed, endangered undocumented students. It didn’t: none were named. The paper […]

Northwestern student newspaper apologizes for the “harm” it caused students by covering Jeff Sessions’s visit to campus

Recently, two student newspapers from good schools have been involved in fracases about practices of journalism. First, the Harvard Crimson, as I reported earlier, had to defend its coverage of an anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement demonstration after students, making false claims, went after the paper for “outing” students and creating an “unsafe” atmosphere on campus. […]

A NYT writer yearning for religion who doesn’t need evidence for God

It always amazes me when someone who seems smart and savvy suddenly evinces a soppy yearning for religion. Then the inevitable path: the ditching of skepticism and, ultimately, the dissing of atheism. Such a person is Timothy Egan of the New York Times, described as “a contributing opinion writer and the author of the forthcoming […]

New York Times revises headline to remove racial designations from a bullying incident found to be a hoax

[See UPDATE below.] On the NBC News last night, I heard the story of a false racially-motivated bullying report, which reminded me of the Tawana Brawley rape hoax publicized in 1987 by Al Sharpton. I’m not posting this to argue that these kinds of allegations are often false. I don’t think they are, but they […]

Andrew Sullivan on the New York Times’s wokeness

I told you! I told you! I told you that the New York Times was becoming woke, and few believed me. Maybe more will now that Andrew Sullivan, in his latest New York Magazine “Interesting Times” piece (click on screenshot below) has decided that the NYT has decided to engage in social engineering more than […]