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University of Chicago newspaper tars college President by finding that he voted in the last Republican primary

Our student newspaper, the Chicago Maroon, had as its big headline the results of its diligent investigation: a trawl through public voting records. And what they found is revealed below (click on screenshot): Make no mistake about it: this is meant to tar the President—who’s done a pretty damn good job—by implying that he’s a […]

The Women’s March, Inc. tries to protect itself by unethically strong-arming journalists

Four days ago I reported on a Tablet article that investigated the Women’s March (WM) in detail, exposing the pervasive anti-Semitism of some of the leaders and their possible financial ties to the Nation of Islam (which accounts for three of the leaders cozying up to the racist, homophobic, and sexist bigot Louis Farakkhan). The […]

More insanity from the White House: Acosta’s White House access suspended, Jeff Sessions out

UPDATE: Apparently the video showing Acosta touching the aide was DOCTORED by the White House to make it look as if he gave the woman a hand chop. Here are the data; judge for yourself: This video is doctored. It's slowed down and then sped up at the moment Acosta's hand comes down to make […]

The Harvard Crimson appears to decry affirmative action for Americans from rural areas

I say “appears” in the title because this editorial, from the Harvard Crimson of all places (that’s the student newspaper), is so poorly written that I’m not 100% sure about what it says. Since it’s a short editorial of 5 paragraphs, I’m asking readers to see if my interpretation is correct. You can read it […]

Jamal Khashoggi’s final column

The Saudi Arabian columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who wrote critical pieces about his country for the Washington Post, disappeared on October 2 when he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get permission to divorce his first wife so he could marry his fiancée. He was apparently killed, almost certainly on the orders of, or with […]

My interview in Croatia(n)

The Croatian journalist Nenad Jarić Dauenhauer, who I’m told is the premier science journalist in the country, interviewed me on Skype about ten days ago, and we had a nice 1.5-hour talk about matters diverse. Nenad, a nonbeliever, asked some good questions, and I really enjoyed the interview. He wrote it up and it was published […]

More anti-Semitic lies from Palestinian media

The Palestine Observer (PO) is both a Twitter site and a Facebook page, but I’m not sure who runs it, or whether it has anything to do with the government of Palestine. Its motto is “Keeping our audience updated about the situation in Palestine.” But what they post is typical of the anti-Semitic propaganda that gets […]

Malcolm Gladwell criticizes his own editor’s de-platforming of Bannon

Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty! Malcolm Gladwell, whom I’ve never much admired, has just done something truly admirable. After the invertebrate New Yorker editor David Remnick, following a barrage of social-media criticism, disinvited Steve Bannon from their upcoming one-on-one conversation at the New Yorker Festival, and after other New Yorker staffers […]

After pressure from social media and colleagues, craven New Yorker editor David Remnick disinvites Bannon from the New Yorker festival

As you know, a faculty member has invited Steve Bannon to speak at the university of Chicago this fall. Despite students, alumni, and faculty raising objections to this, and asking Bannon to be banned (see here and here), President Robert Zimmer, adhering to the University of Chicago’s “Statement of Principles of Free Expression,” affirmed that […]

John Sununu schools Alisyn Camerota of CNN

Here we have John H. Sununu, who must pose a dilemma for the Control-Left: he’s a conservative who was George W. Bush’s chief of staff (remember?), a Republican who’s taken some dreadful stands on stuff like the environment, and yet he’s also a Palestinian-Lebanese-American who was born in Cuba. I would guess that his ideology […]