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Why are “sophisticated” newspapers, websites, and magazines so clueless about atheism?

I’ve been wondering for a while—and I’m not alone—why venues like The New York Times and The New Yorker, the newspaper and magazine that have the highest reputation for quality and sophistication in the U.S., are so wonky about atheism.  They either ignore it (the NYT sporadically gives it a tiny nod), or, when they mention […]

Eugenie Clark dies, NYT gets one fact wrong

Eugenie Clark, a famous marine biologist who was a prolific scholar and popular writer, and my one-time colleague at the University of Maryland, has died of lung cancer at the age of 92. She was a very nice person, though I didn’t know her well as she was frequently absent from campus, giving lectures around the […]

Adam Gopnik: Why we should quiz politicians about their views of evolution

In honor of Darwin Day, writer Adam Gopnik penned a piece at the Nov. 19 Daily Comment site at the New Yorker: “The evolution catechism.” It’s about why politicians should be asked what they think about evolution: that is, whether they accept it or not. Some writers have argued that that question should be off limits, for who cares if […]

In which I defend evolution but claim that denying it is not the same thing as denying gravity or relativity

The Washington Examiner is a conservative website, so when one of its reporters, Eddie Scarry, called me yesterday to talk about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s refusal to give his viewpoint on evolution, I asked if Scarry was himself against evolution. After receiving his assurances that he wasn’t, we then had a long conversation about Walker, and, in […]

David Carr, 1956-2015

by Greg Mayer David Carr’s funeral was held earlier today in New York. He died last week of complications from lung cancer, collapsing and dying in the newsroom of the New York Times, where he had been a media reporter and columnist since 2002. A media columnist for the New York Times might seem a […]

The Chapel Hill murders: C. J. Werleman can’t resist saying that New Atheists have blood on their hands

UPDATE: Several people, including a reader in the comments below, called my attention to Michael Nugent’s characteristically thorough analysis of Hicks’s “motives” after looking at his (Hicks’s) Facebook page. It’s definitely worth a read. ____________ I’ve said my piece on the murders of three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, and I doubt I’ll have anything […]

Newsman Brian Williams was unfairly suspended

NBC News’s evening anchorman, Brian Williams, has been suspended without pay for 6 months. The punishment comes for embroidering his experiences in the Iraq war. I was watching NBC news when he recounted the incident that led to his suspension: he said that he had flown into Iraq in a helicopter that was hit and forced down by a rocket-propelled […]

Andrew Sullivan gives up blogging

Andrew Sullivan and I crossed swords several times, most notably when he became enraged after I argued that the story of Adam and Eve was taken literally for millennia by many theologians and believers—and still is today.  In a statement that still makes me laugh, he argued this: There’s no evidence that the Garden of Eden was […]

White House demotes “Fox News” to simply “Fox”

Here’s a video in which Fox newsman Shephard Smith beefs about attending a White House lunch and getting an insulting placecard: As Reverb Press notes after reporting the outrage of conservative news outlets: The question isn’t whether dropping ‘news’ from the placecards of Fox anchors is ‘childish’ or ‘petty’. The question is: Why are bozos like […]

Oy, another creationist sportscaster!

Perhaps you remember when the ESPN sports commentator and erstwhile famous pitcher Curt Schilling got into an epic Twi**er battle (if such things can be described as “epic”) with his fellow reporter Keith Law. Schilling, a creationist, emitted some remarkably ignorant tw**ts, and was handily refuted by Law, who for his educational efforts was temporarily suspended […]


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