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Wil Wheaton rebuffs the odious and stingy HuffPo

Wil Wheaton, who became famous for his teen-star appearance on Star Trek, and who now appears regularly on The Big Bang Theory (a show I’ve never watched), was asked by PuffHo if they could re-post one of Wheaton’s own website posts, “Seven things I did to reboot my life.” Here they are, if you’re interested: Drink […]

Palestinians kill and terrorize Israelis, world studiously ignores it

My travels have prevented me from following the situation in the Middle East very closely, but what I have seen lately has amazed me.  People are, for instance, bemoaning the death of Palestinian youths (and adults) killed by Israelis. What they fail to note is that these killings occurred after the Palestinians (often teenaged boys) were […]

Ruben Bolling mox Fox taking over National Geographic

I had no idea that Rupert Murdoch’s organization 21st Century Fox had taken over National Geographic, and even the magazine’s contributors are worried about how that will change the content.  Well, the best disinfectant is satire; and here, courtesy of reader Jim, is a cartoon about what the new magazine might look like with its right-wing […]

Ariana Huffington asked for free help from a seasoned journalist. You won’t believe what happened next!

Well, yes you will; this is predictable, and I’m just mocking PuffHo’s clickbait. All of us who think that writing skills should be remunerated despise the Huffington Post, for it pays nothing to most of its bloggers, counting on their desire for “air time” and name exposure. HuffPo gets the advertising money, and it doesn’t give […]

The tenacity of belief in belief

The recent Pew Report on “America’s changing religious landscape” showed, over the last 7 years, a sharp decline in adherents to mainline Protestantism and Catholicism in the U.S., and a corresponding increase in the numbers of religiously “unaffiliated” (the latter went from 16.1% in 2007 to 22.8% last year).  Now, not all of the “unaffiliated” are nonbelievers: […]

Circling the drain, the New York Times labels the Texas cartoon exhibit “hate speech”

It’s a sad day when the New York Times, a bastion of free speech during Watergate and the publication of the Pentagon Papers , tarnishes its image by sort-of-excusing the Muslim attack on Pamela Geller’s exhibit of Muslim cartoons in Texas. And that sad day was yesterday. In their Thursday op-ed, “Free speech vs. hate […]

Charlie Hebdo was neither racist nor Islamophobic

When I first heard about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and saw some of the cartoons that, claimed the apologists, were racist and Islamophobic and thus “provoked” the murders, I did some research. I read about the magazine, looked at the cartoons in context, and, most important, consulted French-speaking friends (I read it okay, but preferred greater expertise) […]

Offended PEN members refuse to participate in annual gala because Charlie Hebdo got an award

Jebus! Here’s the Roll of Shame: six writers who took a misguided stand against Charlie Hebdo, apparently not understanding what the magazine was all about: Peter Carey Michael Ondaatje Francine Prose Teju Cole Rachel Kushner Taiye Selasi What did they do? According to an article in yesterday’s New York Times, these writers “[withdrew] as literary hosts at the group’s […]

Why are “sophisticated” newspapers, websites, and magazines so clueless about atheism?

I’ve been wondering for a while—and I’m not alone—why venues like The New York Times and The New Yorker, the newspaper and magazine that have the highest reputation for quality and sophistication in the U.S., are so wonky about atheism.  They either ignore it (the NYT sporadically gives it a tiny nod), or, when they mention […]

Eugenie Clark dies, NYT gets one fact wrong

Eugenie Clark, a famous marine biologist who was a prolific scholar and popular writer, and my one-time colleague at the University of Maryland, has died of lung cancer at the age of 92. She was a very nice person, though I didn’t know her well as she was frequently absent from campus, giving lectures around the […]


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