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Is Maggie Haberman worth it?

by Greg Mayer As early as a few years ago, Jerry began worrying about the editorial drift of the New York Times. At the time, I wasn’t concerned. The questionable pieces were op-ed articles—opinion pieces not by the Times or its reporters. Although you could question the choice of writer, it wasn’t the Times‘ writers. […]

CNN settles lawsuit brought by student they maligned

You may remember that on January 28 of last year, a group of boys from the all male Covington Catholic High School in Park, Hills, Kentucky, met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to get their buses home after a class trip to attend an anti-abortion rally. (They’re Catholics, Jake!) Some […]

The 1619 Project: Historians versus the New York Times

There’s no doubt that America has been marked in a big way, with many people still marginalized, by the presence of slavery in our history. I see this every week in Chicago, America’s most segregated city, where (except for Hyde Park, where I live), white and black communities are largely separated, with the latter having […]

An insidious and patronizing trend in journalism

This is a “get off my lawn” post, but indulge me. I first noticed this trend in my journalistic bête noire, HuffPost.  That place has a lot of articles with headlines like “X happened. Why that matters.” Or “I am X. . . here’s why”. Or “So you want to do X? Here’s how.” To […]

Harvard students demonstrate at the Crimson’s building, continuing to protest the newspaper’s asking ICE for a comment

I’ve posted two pieces (here and here) about the recent fracas involving the Crimson, the newspaper published by Harvard students—and probably the most famous college newspaper in the U.S.  As you may recall, on September 12 a campus group called Act on a Dream had a rally at Harard that, among other things, called for the […]

Campus journalism fracas reaches the New York Times

We’ve heard lately about the problems that college students are having with their campus newspapers. In one case, Harvard students criticized their paper, The Crimson, because it asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for a comment after an anti-ICE demonstration.This request, so the critics claimed, endangered undocumented students. It didn’t: none were named. The paper […]

Northwestern student newspaper apologizes for the “harm” it caused students by covering Jeff Sessions’s visit to campus

Recently, two student newspapers from good schools have been involved in fracases about practices of journalism. First, the Harvard Crimson, as I reported earlier, had to defend its coverage of an anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement demonstration after students, making false claims, went after the paper for “outing” students and creating an “unsafe” atmosphere on campus. […]

Harvard’s undergraduate council censures the College newspaper asking ICE for a comment after a demonstration

As I reported in late October, a Harvard group called “Act on a Dream” staged a demonstration on campus calling for the abolition of the U.S. government’s directorates of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), part of the Department of Homeland Security. After the demonstration, reporters for the undergraduate newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, called ICE asking […]

Liberal NY Times writer condemns woke Democrats

Timothy Egan is a liberal op-ed columnist for the New York Times, and has the credentials to prove it, including a share in the Times’s Pulitzer Prize for its series “How Race is Lived in America”. (He also has a National Book Award for nonfiction for his 2009 book The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and […]

Harvard Crimson editors explain to outraged students why the paper asks for comments from attacked people or groups

Because of the curfew in Valparaiso, I can’t go outside after 6 pm, and even during the day the town is dead, with most of the businesses shuttered (perhaps in fear of rioters or because business is slow). In short, I have some time in the evening to post. This will vanish when I board […]