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There is no monolithic “Twitter” that makes pronouncements

This is happening not just at the much reviled (and, I suspect, cash bleeding) HuffPo, but on many other pop news sites as well. “Twitter does this” or “Twitter says that”, the sites proclaim. Here’s one example from the site I love to hate (click on screenshot to see it):Some points: 1.) There is no […]

Jake Tapper versus Emily Lindin: Should we worry about men falsely accused of sexual misconduct?

AJC News, an Atlanta, Georgia news site, reports on a kerfuffle that occurred when Emily Lindin, an author and columnist for Teen Vogue, emitted a series of tweets this week asserting that she couldn’t be bothered about men damaged by false accusations about sexual harassment and assault since the benefit of making allegations public clearly […]

National Geographic touts Jesus again

I’ve often complained about National Geographic‘s recent trend towards osculating religion, extolling the virtues and verities of faiths without questioning them in the least (see here. here, here and here, for instance). This is clearly an editorial decision, perhaps exacerbated after the magazine was purchased by Rupert Murdoch. What bothers me about all this is […]

HuffPo still won’t report on its own organization’s covering up of sexual harassment

Senator Al Franken is the latest person to be accused of groping (there’s even a photo), but HuffPo, which reported on that, still won’t report that its own organization, under Arianna, covered up sexual harassment by transferring the harasser to a new post in India. (They even have a sexual harassment page.) As I predicted, […]

Muslim writer wants his “Allahu akbar” back

When I visited Cambridge, I was kvetching to a friend about how mainstream media was losing it over Trump, with many sites becoming both obsessed with Trump and marinated in identity politics.  My friend is one of the more Leftist people I know: not an antifa-ite socialist or communist, but deeply imbued with Leftist values, […]

AP stylebook tweaks language in a political direction

There’s an article at The Hill (a nonpartisan site) by Rachel Alexander (a conservative writer) about the increasing politicization of language in an influential writing guide: “How the AP Stylebook censors ‘pro-life’ and other conservative words.” Her thesis is that the Stylebook is subtly changing its guidelines for journalists so as to favor a liberal […]

An article in Mother Jones smears Dave Rubin; he fights back

Here’s Dave Rubin describing how he was characterized by a piece in Mother Jones magazine as being “alt-right”, and how he pushed back against that. The piece was “Cashing in on the rise of the Alt-Right” by Josh Harkinson  (see his other articles here). Harkinson appears to be on the Control Left (“Ctrl-Left”), a great […]

The New Republic goes down the rabbit hole: argues that Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani as “worst possible ‘experts’ on Islam”

I used to write a lot for The New Republic (TNR), and enjoyed it. Then they changed ownership (with most of its staff resigning), reduced the frequency of the paper edition, and became, well, boring. . . just another political site (granted, a left-wing one), lacking the cultural and literary pieces that help give it its […]

CNN cancels Reza Aslan’s t.v. documentary, “Believer”, but for bad reasons

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Reza Aslan. I dislike his apologetics for and whitewashing of Islam, his osculation of all faiths and false claim that, at bottom, they’re all the same, and his flaunting of his  bogus credentials that he’s a “religious scholar.” His CNN show about religion, “Believer,” which I’ve […]

We need a word

The contest is in the last paragraph. An increasing number of articles on websites, even respectable ones, seem to consist largely of a collection of people’s tweets. Here’s an example from a non-respectable site. (Click on screenshot to go to articles. The tweets given in the piece go on beyond the screenshot; nearly the whole piece is tweets!) […]