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Trump advisor Monica Crowley accused of extensive plagiarism

It’s a slow news day, and that might be good since it’s been at least one day without somebody shooting up a bunch of people or running them over with a truck. (Whoops—I spoke too soon. I just learned that a Palestinian apparently drove a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem this morning, […]

National Geographic publishes “gender” issue, still doesn’t satisfy SJWs

I don’t see any problem discussing the issues of gender roles, transgender people, and their activism, nor do I think we should discriminate against trans or “other-gendered” folk. Like gays, I think they feel a biological compulsion for their behavior and emotions, and we should respect that—and call them what they wish. But I’m not […]

Journalism sinks to new low as Julia Ioffe accuses Trump of incest

Twitchy (here and here), as well as many other outlets, reported that journalist Julia Ioffe made a rather substantial gaffe on Twitter. Ioffe was the Russian correspondent for the New Yorker, then a senior editor for The New Republic, and most recently wrote for Politico. I’ve previously taken apart one of her religion-coddling pieces that was published […]

Charlie Hebdo starts a German edition

Today the much-maligned, sometimes tasteless, but always brave (and Leftist) magazine Charlie Hebdo started publishing an edition auf Deutsch. As the Guardian reports, The initial 16-page edition – with a print run of 200,000 – features a sober four-page graphic travel reportage by cartoonist and publisher Laurent Sourisseau, better known by his artist’s name Riss, which […]

Did “Anonymous” troll the Guardian with a fake op-ed?

Yesterday I posted about a very bizarre column in the Guardian in which a supposed Regressive Leftist, who didn’t give his name, groveled and apologized after he was nearly sucked into the malestrom of “racism”—i.e., criticism of Islam—by reading “alt-right” people like Sam Harris. It was an over-the-top piece, and you can read it by […]

HuffPo continues its dubious journalism

Don’t get me wrong; I’m as depressed as anyone else about the outcome of the election, and Trump’s selections for his transition team, including the editor of Breitbart, are infinitely depressing. Tomorrow I’m returning to a country that I don’t know any more, and one I don’t understand. And seriously, Trump is still tweeting?  The man […]

The death of journalism: Slate becomes HuffPo

A friend referred me to a video on Slate about Trump, ISIS, and Islamophobia (you can watch it right below the “white undershirt” post on Slate’s front page reproduced below), but when I went to that page —for the first time in a long time—I was shocked.  Half of the page is in the screenshot below. It […]

The Godless Spellchecker finds false memes about Israel and Sam Harris

Stephen Knight, aka “The Godless Spellchecker”, is punctilious in checking his and other people’s sources, which has resulted in his calling out prominent figures for misquotation, or, in the case of C. J. W*rl*m*n, putting the kibosh on his career because of rampant plagiarism. In a new article on his site, “A lesson in ‘journalism’ with Ansar and […]

College orientation as described by the New York Times: good, questionable, and bad

Increasingly I see, in the New York Times as well as other major media, articles taking a Regressive Left point of view, or at least reporting uncritically on that ideology without criticizing it elsewhere to provide some journalistic “balance”. An example of a problematic article was one by Stephanie Saul in the Times two days […]

NPR broadcasts listener pushback on their pieces about Tom Wolfe’s book and Mother Teresa

Tomorrow Mother Teresa becomes Saint Teresa, and therefore receives that Hotline to God that allows believers faster access to the deity if they go through her (just think of her as the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary as God). And all over the media there’s a big Mother Teresa LoveFest going on, with almost no journalists pointing out the darker […]