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Jews on a plane: A reader’s take

Today seems to be shaping up as “Readers Weigh In Day,” for I want to post the content of two emails sent to me by readers, emails that I thought might be of more general interest. This one, and one I’ll post later, are reproduced with permission. I’ve posted several times (and had one guest […]

Guest post: Why is it okay to discriminate against women for religious reasons?

JAC:  Reader Diane G. and I have had some email exchanges about the bad treatment of women by hyper-Orthodox Jews, including the several incidents I’ve reported when they wouldn’t sit next to women on a plane. These men also have religious strictures against touching or shaking hands with women. I asked Diane if she would […]

Pinker on the Kosher Switch

The Kosher Switch post I put up yesterday, showing how some clever Orthodox Jews can circumvent the regulations not to turn on lights during the Sabbath, got 169 comments—three times more than the much harder-to-write post on the evolution of human altruism. Professor Ceiling Cat wept. Are kosher switches that much more interesting than why […]

The Kosher Switch: is it for real?

As you may know, it’s forbidden for many Orthodox Jews to turn light switches on and off during the Sabbath, as that constitutes work equivalent to lighting a fire. Some resort to “shabbos goys“: non-Jews whom you can hire to do the dirty work for you. Now, however, there’s an IndieGoGo project called KosherSwitch that […]

Sexist ultra-Orthodox Jews continue to make trouble on planes

Well, the New York Times has finally caught up to the prescient reporting of Professor Ceiling Cat, who has reported several times about the bad behavior of ultra-Orthodox Jews on airplanes (see here, for instance).  In their new piece, “Aboard flights, conflicts over seat assignments and religion,” the Times recounts what readers here have long known: in […]

Crazy Sabbath restrictions for Jews leads to death of 7 children

A reader with the pseudonym “Freethinking Jew” sent me the link below, adding this: “When we think of the deaths caused by religion, we probably usually think of terrorism.  But in this case, people who may have otherwise been fine people and good parents, for all we know, may have caused the death of 7 of […]

If science doesn’t make a case for God, what does?

Over at PuffHo Religion, we see a smart rabbi go wrong. The rabbi is Geoffey A. Mitelman, founder of an organization called “Sinai and Synapses,” whose motto is this: To my chagrin, that organization offers programs like “Scientifically grounded Judaism,” which makes sense only if they purge Judaism of everything that’s not scientific. And if […]

Ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper doctors photos of Charlie Hebdo rally to remove women

The Charlie Hebdo affair gave extremist Islam a bad image, and it’s ironic that it also gave rise to something that also erodes the image (which is already pretty bad) of extremist Jews, i.e. the ultra-Orthodox believers.  I’ve discussed recently the extreme misogyny of ultra-Orthodox Jews, which in that case took the ludicrous form of Jews […]

“Yiddish girl” corrects Ami magazine about geocentrism

Wikipedia describes Ami Magazine (“ami” means “my nation” in Hebrew) as “an Orthodox Jewish news magazine published weekly in New York and Israel.”A pseudonymous reader using the monicker “freethinking Jew” sent me a scan of a recent letter to the magazine’s offshoot, AIM, which Ami‘s Facebook page describes as “an educational and entertaining magazine for teens.” […]

Misogynist Jews on a plane

I don’t use the term “misogynist” lightly, because to me it means “someone who hates women,” not simply “a sexist.”  But what else can one call a group of orthodox Jews who won’t sit next to women on planes for fear they’ll be polluted? This has happened three times in the last couple of months. […]


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