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Crazy Sabbath restrictions for Jews leads to death of 7 children

A reader with the pseudonym “Freethinking Jew” sent me the link below, adding this: “When we think of the deaths caused by religion, we probably usually think of terrorism.  But in this case, people who may have otherwise been fine people and good parents, for all we know, may have caused the death of 7 of […]

If science doesn’t make a case for God, what does?

Over at PuffHo Religion, we see a smart rabbi go wrong. The rabbi is Geoffey A. Mitelman, founder of an organization called “Sinai and Synapses,” whose motto is this: To my chagrin, that organization offers programs like “Scientifically grounded Judaism,” which makes sense only if they purge Judaism of everything that’s not scientific. And if […]

Ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper doctors photos of Charlie Hebdo rally to remove women

The Charlie Hebdo affair gave extremist Islam a bad image, and it’s ironic that it also gave rise to something that also erodes the image (which is already pretty bad) of extremist Jews, i.e. the ultra-Orthodox believers.  I’ve discussed recently the extreme misogyny of ultra-Orthodox Jews, which in that case took the ludicrous form of Jews […]

“Yiddish girl” corrects Ami magazine about geocentrism

Wikipedia describes Ami Magazine (“ami” means “my nation” in Hebrew) as “an Orthodox Jewish news magazine published weekly in New York and Israel.”A pseudonymous reader using the monicker “freethinking Jew” sent me a scan of a recent letter to the magazine’s offshoot, AIM, which Ami‘s Facebook page describes as “an educational and entertaining magazine for teens.” […]

Misogynist Jews on a plane

I don’t use the term “misogynist” lightly, because to me it means “someone who hates women,” not simply “a sexist.”  But what else can one call a group of orthodox Jews who won’t sit next to women on planes for fear they’ll be polluted? This has happened three times in the last couple of months. […]

The problem with faith schools

It baffles me why the good citizens of the UK permit children to be educated in government supported “faith schools.” Why do they even exist? What good do they do, except to inculcate fairly tales in children and prevent them from intermingling with those of other backgrounds—something that is desirable in a democracy.  Even the U.S. […]

Rabbi Sacks goes after atheists and Dawkins with the usual religious inanities

Oy vey! As an atheist but also a cultural Jew, I have to say that Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is an embarrassment.  As he was the Commonwealth’s Chief Rabbi for 22 years, a member of the House of Lords, a Ph.D. graduate in philosophy, and now a professor at Yeshiva University and New York University in New York, I […]

Israel arrests suspects in both murders: the Israeli teens and the Palestinian teen

According to today’s Times of Israel, Israel has taken several people into custody for the murder of a Palestinian teenager. It now looks like the Palestinian teenager, Muhammud Abu Khdeir (see photo below) was indeed killed by Israeli terrorists, and in a gruesome way, in reprisal for the murder of the three Israelis. The Times […]

A universe fine-tuned for humans?

A few days ago I put up a video by Keith “Mr. Deity” Dalton, decrying a really insane piece by Jewish apologist Dennis Prager explaining why the story of Noah’s Ark was “one of the most moral stories ever told.” (There was also a funny video of Bill Maher’s take on The Great Flood.) Prager’s piece […]

Jewish school in England removes evolution questions

From the BBC News London, we learn that a Jewish girls’ school in London has removed questions about evolution from exams. A Jewish girls school in Hackney has been redacting questions on evolution on science exam papers because they do not fit in with their beliefs. Fifty-two papers were altered by Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ […]


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