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The craziness of the Orthodox Jewish “hijab”

Pious Muslims and hyper-Orthodox Jews share one tendency: various sects of each faith see men as hand grenades of of lust, ready to undergo a seminal explosion should they see an uncovered ankle, rosy mouth, or stray wisp of hair. Women are to be covered to retain their “modesty,” which means to avoid inciting the ubiquitous […]

Jewish woman sues El Al for making her vacate a seat next to an Orthodox Jewish man

Thanks to several readers, staring with Greg Mayer, for sending me a link to this story from yesterday’s New York Times. It involves, as we’ve seen several times before, an Orthodox Jew refusing to sit next to a woman on an airplane, for that might lead, G*d forbid, to touching, which is forbidden (see the […]

Racism, sexism, and bigotry at historically Jewish fraternity at University of Chicago

Well, much as I’d like it to have been otherwise, students at my own school have engaged in some racist and bigoted behavior, and the culprits, according to BuzzFeed, The Daily News, and many other sources, was a historically Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi. At the University of Chicago, fraternities aren’t formally a part of the […]

Unregulated Jewish faith schools constricting the lives of thousands of London boys

Muslims have their madrassas and Jews have their yeshivas. The problems come when these religious schools—schools that teach only religion—are used as substitutes for the broader education required by most Western countries. Sadly, that is happening with both Jews and Muslims in Britain, according to new articles in East London Lines (ELL), in The Guardian, and in The Independent. These pieces concentrate on the problem […]

Cultural appropriation?

I don’t know much about this except that “Star-K” is an agency that certifies food as kosher. And I’m not sure what’s in that red packet to the right. At any rate, the Japanese should be protesting the hell out of this! h/t: Hempenstein

Bibi puts his foot in it, blames Holocaust on Palestinians

If we’re ever going to have peace between Israel and Palestine, I lay odds that it won’t be engineered by Benjamin Netanyahu. The man is rapidly proving himself the Donald Trump of Israel. First he unconscionably interferes with Congressional votes on the Iran nuclear deal, and now he’s done something equally stupid: blaming the Holocaust on Palestine. Well, […]

Yet another Jew refuses to sit next to a woman

This is getting to be a regular feature of hyper-orthodox Jewish behavior, and it stinks. (I’ve reported on three similar incidents: here, here, and here).  As the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports, Christine Flynn of Halifax, a chef, was on a Porter Airlines flight when an Orthodox Jew was assigned a seat next to her.  Of course […]

Rabbi doubts evolution, “but not because of religion”

The title of the article at issue is a masterpiece of dissimulation, because if you read the piece you’ll find that its author, a rabbi, is skeptical completely because of religion. In fact, I’ve known of only one evolution-denier who didn’t form that opinion on religious grounds (it’s David Berlinski, and I suspect he’s a secret believer), although […]

Now it’s the Jews who ban women from driving

How are Jews like Muslims? Answer: in both cases some sects ban women from driving. We know about that ban in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, but now one group of Jews—British Jews—have done the same thing. According to the Jewish Chronicle, a group of Orthodox Hasidic Jews has issued a Jewish fatwa against women driving. And […]

Jews on a plane: A reader’s take

Today seems to be shaping up as “Readers Weigh In Day,” for I want to post the content of two emails sent to me by readers, emails that I thought might be of more general interest. This one, and one I’ll post later, are reproduced with permission. I’ve posted several times (and had one guest […]


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