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Cowardly Nathan Lean ducks a question about why he attacks Muslim reformers

We’ve encountered Asra Nomani before: in a post I put up showing her short television debate with Jonathan Alter about whether women should be segregated from men in mosques. Nomani, founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, has no truck with the ingrained misogyny of her faith, and handily won the exchange (video here). I have immense respect […]

“Nice Mangos” eviscerates an ignorant critic of Charlo Hebdo

Reader Hardy sent me a link to a SoundCloud discussion between an ex-Muslim artist/activist and a Charlie Hebdo critic; and I found a better version on YouTube that I’ve embedded below. Hardy noted this: You may be aware of an ex-Muslim artist of Pakistani origin, who goes by the Twitter handle @NiceMangos. [JAC: she also […]

Three cartoons

One on atheism, one on religion + authoritarianism, and one on evolution. I’d say that’s a good haul for today. Given the level of rancor on the Internet about such matters, I feel that I need to say something about the cartoon below, one that’s bound to anger some folks and provoke a chuckle in others. It seems […]

Moderate Muslim Maajid Nawaz vilified by Left for trying to reform Islam

I’ll begin by quoting myself on a post I did about Maajid Nawaz this summer—a post about how the British left has vilified him: “If anyone has the street cred and chops to comment on radical Islam, and on the shameful capitulation of Western liberals to the canard of “Islamophobia,” it’s Maajid Nawaz. Born in England, […]

The humiliation of Ahmed Mohamed

Last Monday’s detention of 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed in Texas—a bright young man who was arrested, cuffed, and taken to police headquarters for bringing a “device” to school, which turned out to be an electronic clock that was a science project—has aroused tremendous discussion throughout the U.S. A lot of this discussion centers on whether […]

At last it happens: a professor blames ISIS’s sex slavery on the West

We’re used to leftist apologists blaming everything done by Islamic terrorists as the fault of the West and not the result of religious beliefs. This is of course a form of apologetics that simultaneously exculpates religion, satisfies the masochistic West-hating of many leftists, and patronizes Muslims: as underdogs, their behavior can’t lie within themselves, but in their […]

Maajid Nawaz decries the hypocrisy of the British Left toward Islam

If anyone has the street cred and chops to comment on radical Islam, and on the shameful capitulation of Western liberals to the canard of “Islamophobia,” it’s Maajid Nawaz. Born in England, Nawaz became a radical Muslim early on, dedicated to establishing a caliphate with nuclear weapons. To this end he traveled in the Middle East to get converts for Hizb […]

Jeffrey Tayler’s Salon Sunday Secular Sermon

by Grania Spingies Don’t miss the weekly S4  homily by Brother Tayler over at Salon. This week he examined the pained and faintly hostile treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Jon Stewart and contrasts it with Stewart’s rather fawning enthusiasm for Reza Aslan revisionist version of reality. You should read it just for the pleasure of […]

Two gunmen killed after attacking Muhammad cartoon exhibit

The news that I got on my CNN feed last night was a bit ambiguous: the two people killed in the attack on the exhibit of Mohammad cartoons in Garland, Texas were actually not attendees, but the attackers themselves. Both were apparently killed by police after opening fire; one policeman was wounded in the leg but has […]

“Have you no sense of decency?”: The Labour Party proposes criminalizing “Islamophobia”; candidates address sex-segregated audience

Oy! We have yet another example of the Left’s shameful capitulation to religion—another victory for the pseudo-oppressed when Enlightenment values conflict with the Left’s historical sympathy for the perceived underdog. But this time it’s not in the US, but in the UK. It’s now widely known that Ed Miliband, the actual leader of the Labour Party and (since Tories […]


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