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Jeffrey Tayler’s Salon Sunday Secular Sermon

by Grania Spingies Don’t miss the weekly S4  homily by Brother Tayler over at Salon. This week he examined the pained and faintly hostile treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Jon Stewart and contrasts it with Stewart’s rather fawning enthusiasm for Reza Aslan revisionist version of reality. You should read it just for the pleasure of […]

Two gunmen killed after attacking Muhammad cartoon exhibit

The news that I got on my CNN feed last night was a bit ambiguous: the two people killed in the attack on the exhibit of Mohammad cartoons in Garland, Texas were actually not attendees, but the attackers themselves. Both were apparently killed by police after opening fire; one policeman was wounded in the leg but has […]

“Have you no sense of decency?”: The Labour Party proposes criminalizing “Islamophobia”; candidates address sex-segregated audience

Oy! We have yet another example of the Left’s shameful capitulation to religion—another victory for the pseudo-oppressed when Enlightenment values conflict with the Left’s historical sympathy for the perceived underdog. But this time it’s not in the US, but in the UK. It’s now widely known that Ed Miliband, the actual leader of the Labour Party and (since Tories […]

Charlie Hebdo was neither racist nor Islamophobic

When I first heard about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and saw some of the cartoons that, claimed the apologists, were racist and Islamophobic and thus “provoked” the murders, I did some research. I read about the magazine, looked at the cartoons in context, and, most important, consulted French-speaking friends (I read it okay, but preferred greater expertise) […]

Charlie Hebdo gets “Islamophobe of the Year” award; awards endorsed by Rowan Williams

I find it deeply ironic that an award for “Islamophobe of the Year” in 2015 went to an organization that was attacked, and had many of its members slaughtered, by Islamic terrorists. But let’s look at the background. The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is a British-based organization that professes a commitment to human rights, regardless […]

The Paris murders: Catholic League’s Bill Donoghue gets it wrong; New Yorker’s George Packer gets it right

Bill Donohue is the Muslim of Catholicism. What I mean by that is that he thrives on offense, and though he doesn’t kill anybody when he’s offended, he’s made a career out of raging at those who insult the Pope, the Church, preachers and nuns, or anything associated with the Vatican Mafia. So far Catholics have […]

Islamophobia in three panels

From Happy Jar by Tom Fonder: This is indeed how many atheists are acting these days. Fonder was so worried about how this would appear that he wrote a long (and totally unnecessary) explanation on the site. Here’s about a third of his explanation. . . : Islamophobia is also not the same as being critical of […]

Andrew Brown: If you hate the belief, you hate the believer

I suppose there’s a good case to be made for ignoring the Guardian’s Official Clickbait Troll, Andrew Brown. After all, his views are completely predictable, and his commenters usually give him the good hiding he deserves. But occasionally he goes so far beyond the pale that even Professor Ceiling Cat must give him a few […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s talk at Yale: no “hate speech” in evidence

Well, Ayaan Hirsi spoke at Yale two days ago, and the Apocalypse didn’t happen. Here’s an account of what she said from the Yale Daily News: The talk was attended by over 300 individuals, with lines to enter the auditorium stretching more than a block. While the MSA [Muslim Students’ Association] did not organize any formal demonstration during […]

David Gelernter schools the free-speech cowards at Yale

From the National Review online—why must I always cite conservative sites in defense of free speech?—we have an angry but also humorous letter from Professor David Gelernter at Yale, addressed to the cowards who signed the letter protesting the appearance and “hate speech” of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You’ve probably heard of Gelernter: he’s a polymath who does […]


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