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Hijab news: The Independent becomes HuffPo, touting “modest wear” for Muslims that’s quite alluring; Marine Le Pen refuses to don hijab

If you saw the headline below on a website, you’d think it was from the Huffington Post, right? The combination of fashion news (with Muslim attire called “modest wear”), gratuitous editorializing, and fetishizing of the hijab and body covering are all characteristic of that liberal clickbait site. But if you click on the headline, you’ll see that it […]

Professor of Islamic Studies in U.S. says nonconsensual sex and slavery are okay, but only when practiced by Muslims

Jonathan A. C. Brown is described in Wikipedia like this: Jonathan A.C. Brown (born 1977) is an American scholar of Islamic studies. Since 2012, he has been associate professor at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. In 2014, he was appointed Chair of Islamic Civilization. He is the editor in chief of […]

Sam Harris on Bill Maher

This video, published two days ago, features Sam Harris on Bill Maher’s “Real Time.” The conversation, about Islam and Trump’s orders on immigration, is wide ranging, centering on the need for moderate and ex-Muslims to help effect the taming of invidious Islamic theology. For those who call Sam an “Islamophobe,” this video is required viewing; but […]

Hijab Day is here again

Yesterday was World Hijab Day, a slick piece of public relations that manages to push a religious agenda, including the second-class status of females under Islam, by appealing to liberal sentiments of Westerners. By donning this repressive garment, liberal Western women are said to empower not only themselves, but their Muslim sisters. Of course I […]

Today’s takes on Trump and the “Muslim ban”

Trump has really stepped in it with his executive orders on immigration. As I wrote yesterday, they’re reprehensible and may actually violate the First Amendment’s prohibition against discrimination on religious grounds. Around the U.S., and around the world, people are rising in protest, and I wonder what The Donald and his advisors are thinking now? One […]

HuffPo Arabic pushes anti-Semitism and demonization of gays

It’s not clear that, with the HuffPo, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. In November, the Arabic edition of the site, which appears even more in love with Islam than is the American version, published a blog post (in Arabic here), that was a nasty, anti-Semitic accusation of a Jew poisoning […]

Indonesia goes south as sharia law spreads

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world, and is often seen as more modern than its Middle Eastern counterparts. We would hope, then, that if Islam is to become more moderate, Indonesia would serve as a bellwether for that change. Sadly, it seems to be the opposite. As reported in Thursday’s New […]

Morocco bans sale and importation of burqas, Switzerland rules that Muslim girls must attend mixed-sex swimming classes

The BBC reports that Morocco has banned the sale, import, and production of burqas, the garment that veils the entire body and face. While this may seem odd for a Muslim country, the report adds that burqas aren’t common in that country, and the hijab is seen far more often. The BBC says this: Letters […]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reviews Ali Rizvi’s “The Atheist Muslim” in the NYT (and a new book by Omar Saif Ghobash)

Last November I wrote about Ali Rizvi‘s new book, The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason, and recommended it. I had read it in galleys and provided a cover blurb, which is below: “In this timely and important book, Ali Rizvi deftly weaves together two narratives: the abandonment of his Muslim faith, and a […]

Reza Aslan produces a t.v. series osculating Islam

The unctuous Reza Aslan, who is making a fine living whitewashing Islam while lying about his credentials and the nature of his faith (see at 2:10 in the video below), has made a video promoting a new television series of which he’s co-producer, “The Secret Life of Muslims”. The show was announced on the Vox Facebook Page like […]