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NYT: Quebec’s new ban on the face veil is Islamophobic

The New York Times continues its move toward the Regressive Left (really, Lindy West as a columnist?) with the op-ed below (click to go to the piece). The author, Martin Patriquin, is a journalist from Montreal who writes for iPolitics. The story is that in mid-October Quebec passed a law banning face coverings (not hijabs […]

Muslim writer wants his “Allahu akbar” back

When I visited Cambridge, I was kvetching to a friend about how mainstream media was losing it over Trump, with many sites becoming both obsessed with Trump and marinated in identity politics.  My friend is one of the more Leftist people I know: not an antifa-ite socialist or communist, but deeply imbued with Leftist values, […]

Sam Harris versus Reza Aslan

Here we have two clips demonstrating the increasing polarization between Sam Harris and Reza Aslan over a year—or rather, the increasing hostility of Aslan. The first clip is undated, though because Harris cites the Pew Poll on the attitudes of Muslims, which was published in 2013, it would seem to be around then, which means […]

The Friendly Atheist goes all HuffPo about Muslim Vikings

By now we’ve all heard of an announcement that a group at Uppsala University in Sweden found a Viking burial in which one dead Viking was wrapped in a cloth that was supposed to depict the word “Allah” in Arabic script (just Google “Viking burial Arabic”; one example is here.)  Although a peer-reviewed publication of […]

The Islamization of Indonesia

Dear Reza Aslan, I believe you’ve said repeatedly that countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia are liberal Muslim societies that are largely free of oppression. That, you claim, shows that the bad things people impute to Islam derive not from religion itself, but from culture. And although others have shown you up for the mushy […]

Why comparative religion courses are untenable in American public schools

 A comment made by reader Matt on my post about the whitewashing of Islam in American public schools proves the point I wanted to make: teaching comparative religion in American public schools won’t work. There are good reasons, of course, to teach comparative religion in secondary schools, the most prominent being that religion has been an important […]

The unconstitutional presentation (and whitewashing) of Islam in American public schools

The Clarion Project, a think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C., states that its mission is “to [educate] the public about the dangers of radical Islam” and “[to deliver] news, expert analysis, videos, and unique perspectives about radical Islam, while giving a platform to moderate Muslims and human rights activists to speak out against extremism.” The Southern Poverty […]

The new Turkish curriculum: more Qur’an and jihad, less evolution and Ataturk

Over the past year I’ve written repeatedly about the terrible things happening in Turkey since Recep Erdoğan took over as the country’s President in 2014.  Once a vibrant and largely secular nation thanks to the vision of Kemal Atatürk, Turkey is being ground down by the heel of its new pro-Islamic government, which clearly intends to […]

Smackdown: He Who Shall Not Be Named equates ex-Muslims with Nazis

I try to not post too many Tweeticles, but couldn’t resist this one, particularly because C. J. W*rl*m*n’s ludicrous tweet of this morning was so effectively countered by Maryam Namazie, head of the Council of ex-Muslims of Britain.  (Note: my posting a tweet by W*rl*m*n does not constitute my writing his name in full, which […]

An ex-Muslim comes out at the Secular Conference

While I’m cooling my heels in the hospital, I have a video for you. My thanks to several readers who found this powerful 10-minute talk by ex-Muslim Mohammad Alkhadra from the recent Secular Conference in London.  It sounds as if this was the first time he showed his face in pubic as an “out” atheist. […]