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Bill Maher interviews Maajid Nawaz

In this 17-minute video, Bill Maher, who’s in bad odor with Lefists for using the n-word, interviews someone who’s even more demonized: Maajid Nawaz. Nawaz is a man I much admire, as he began his adult life as an extreme Islamist but now runs the think tank Quilliam, devoted to tamping down extremism—especially among Muslims. […]

“Show some damn respect for people’s religous beliefs”: Piers Morgan and the osculation of Islam

UPDATE: Gad Saad made a 5-minute video on the Morgan-Robinson fight: “Piers Morgan is an enemy of reason and an affront to human dignity.” ___________________ Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, born 1982) is a shady character and almost certainly a bigot, though his rhetoric has tamed since he used to incite the masses against […]

Maajid Nawaz on extremists of all stripes

When you read Maajid Nawaz’s new piece at at the Quilliam website (reprinted from the Times), “Islamists and anti-Muslim bigots are two sides of the same coin,” remember that this is the same man who’s been labeled an “anti-Muslim bigot” by the increasingly irrelevant Southern Poverty Law Center. For what Nawaz is criticizing is extremism […]

Black is White Department

From PuffHo (click screenshot to see a necessity made into a virtue): Saying “I am a hijabi feminist” is like saying “I’m a Confederate-flag-waving anti-racist” or “I’m a ball-and-chain toting, striped-suit-wearing free man.” Three quotes from Sidra Binte Islam’s piece: When in reality, the hijab/burqa stands for freedom. The freedom to practice one’s religion, symbolic […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Aisha

According to the hadith (the traditional sayings of Muhammad, not the Qur’an), Muhammad was betrothed to a six-year-old girl, Aisha, but didn’t consummate the marriage until she was the ripe old age of NINE. That much is agreed on by many Islamic scholars, though a few apologists argue that she was older, finding the claim of child […]

Zubin Madon has the perfect response to the Islamophilic truth haters

I’ve written this headline exactly as PuffHo would have written it—if they had any rationality. In fact, by some twist of fate the subject of my post, an article by Zubin Madon, an engineer and humanist living in Bombay, India, did appear in the April 2016 PuffHo, and undercuts everything they have written denying the […]

Iran’s odious morality police

The Gasht-e-Ershad, or Iranian “morality police”, have wide latitude to arrest women for inappropriate dress or behavior (covering themselves insufficiently, showing too much hair, being with a boyfriend on the street, and so on). As The Observers France 24 reported in May, a lot of women get arrested: Part of the regular police force, its […]

The hijab as a Confederate flag

Ali Rizvi gave an excellent talk yesterday at the Imagine No Religion meeting, a talk about how radical Islam has cowed Leftists by using the ambiguous but nasty term “Islamophobe”, which terrifies Leftists almost as much as the word “racist”.  That’s why criticism of Islam by the Left is much more muted than criticism of […]

Daily reading: the Manchester attacks and ISIS

Well here’s a surprise: The Independent, a Leftist newspaper, has managed to transcend the hypocrisy of sites like the Guardian to publish the following op-ed piece (click on the screenshot to read). Sadly, the Independent ceased on-paper publication in March of last year, and is now found only online. I used to read it when I […]

“You’re an embarrassment to this religion”: Muslim Maajid Nawaz rips apart a Muslim who thinks women should be stoned for adultery

From LBC Radio (“Leading Britain’s Conversation”), we have a two-minute segment of Maajid Nawaz taking apart a coreligionist who can’t bring himself to consider whether stoning a woman to death for adultery might be, well, a wee bit harsh. The site’s notes: The LBC presenter, himself a Muslim, insisted that elements of the Quran are […]