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Jon Stewart interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali (obtusely); Hirsi Ali has a new book

Well, if there’s anything that this interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Monday’s Daily Show proves, it’s that Jon Stewart is no Bill Maher. As you’ll see from the 20-minute interview (click on the screenshot below to see the video), Stewart basically does everything he can to argue that Islam is no different in principle from any other […]

A new and previously unreleased interview with Christopher Hitchens

Reader Michael sent me this previously unseen interview of Christopher Hitchens by Italian journalist and author  Christian Rocca, filmed at Hitchens’s apartment in the Wyoming. (As of 7 a.m. Mississippi time, there are only 280 views.) The date was Decrember 1, 2005—five years before Hitchens died. Sadly, the questions are in Italian, but Hitch’s answers are in […]

Stephen Fry on Irish television: full interview

If you click on the screenshot below, you’ll go to the page where you can hear Stephen Fry’s full 39-minute interview with Gay Byrne, host of the “Meaning of Life” show on the Irish station RTÉ (I’ve already posted a two-minute snippet on Fry’s view of God).  It’s quite frank and personal, with Fry talking about […]

E. O. Wilson: “I’m not an atheist—I’m a scientist” (and ant lagniappe)

The January 27th issue of New Scientist contains an interview with Ed Wilson that has a few interesting tidbits. The tile, “E. O. Wilson: Religous faith is dragging us down,” makes you think it’s going to be about the problems of faith, but it’s mostly about the loss of biodiversity and about his new book, The Meaning […]

My “Road to Reason” interview

If you missed it and want to see it, here’s the YouTube version of my Skype interview last Sunday with Rob Penczak and Larry Mendoza, hosts of Fairfax County’s cable-access t.v. program “Road to Reason.” After some announcements and news, the interview begins at 12:30. I can’t bear to watch these things (Rob gave me […]

Professor Ceiling Cat on video this afternoon

I’m supposed to appear today on the streamed podcast (vodcast?) Road to Reason: A Skeptic’s Guide to the 21st Century, an hourlong show broadcast on Fairfax County Public Television, streamed live on the Internet, and subsequently archived. (I’ll be Skyping in.) The live broadcast is at 3-4 pm EST in the US (2-3 pm Chicago time, 8-9 […]

My interview for Skeptical Briefs

Skeptical Briefs is a newsletter that goes, four times yearly, to the Associate Members of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, which also publishes the well known periodical Skeptical Inquirer. In the latest issue I have a two-page interview conducted by Brazilian writer Felipe Nogueira, who was clearly well read about my stuff before me interviewed me.  Anyway, […]

Sam Harris talks with Cenk Uygur

Due to lack of time, I’ve seen only the first two hours of this three-hour (!) video of Sam Harris talking to Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks show, but it was pretty absorbing. Give it a try and see if you can last the whole three hours. Cenk, who previously had both Reza Aslan and C. […]

My interview with the Polish Rationalists

When I was chilling in Poland a while back, I was interviewed by two members of the Polish Rationalist Society (PSR). Kaja Bryx, who helped organized my “lecture tour” a year ago, did the interviewing, while the filming was done by her partner Jacek Tabisz, the president of the PSR. It’s an 18.5-minute interview, and in […]

Gary Gutting interviews Michael Ruse and asks him why he coddles religion

Gary Gutting is a philosophy professor at the University of Notre Dame, and has been interviewing various academics about religion at his website The Stone at The New York Times. Interviewees have included Alvin “I Haz True Beliefs” Plantinga and my friend the philosopher Philip Kitcher. This week Gutting’s subject is the philosopher of science Michael Ruse, now at […]


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