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My podcast with Left at the Valley

This afternoon I did part of a podcast with Left at the Valley, a Canadian secularist-atheist group in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. The entire podcast is below (they’re fast!), and I’m on between 41:05 and 1:14:00 (ca. 33 minutes). We covered a lot of ground, but the emphasis was on educating people about […]

BBC Live interview with Richard Dawkins

This morning the BBC recorded a live interview with Richard Dawkins on Facebook. It’s about 16 minutes long and it’s free. Click on the screenshot below to see it. It was nominally about his book but is actually wide-ranging, and the BBC doesn’t just throw him softballs. One question, for instance, goes something like: “You’re […]

A great Radiolab show: Robert Sapolsky on why we don’t have free will

As I always say, it’s easier to convince a diehard creationist of the truth of evolution than to convince a diehard atheist of the fact that our behaviors are determined, and that we can’t make alternative choices at a given moment. Yet there are some enlightened folk who not only accept determinism but deny that […]

Glen Loury interviews Bret Weinstein

Two days ago, Glen Loury, a professor of social sciences at Brown University,  had a conversation with Bret Weinstein on Bloggingheads tv, and it’s just appeared on YouTube. Weinstein, you may recall, is the professor of evolutionary biology at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington who refused to leave campus on the Day of Departure […]

Bill Maher interviews Maajid Nawaz

In this 17-minute video, Bill Maher, who’s in bad odor with Lefists for using the n-word, interviews someone who’s even more demonized: Maajid Nawaz. Nawaz is a man I much admire, as he began his adult life as an extreme Islamist but now runs the think tank Quilliam, devoted to tamping down extremism—especially among Muslims. […]

Steve Paikin interviews Lawrence Krauss

If you’re a fan of physicist Lawrence Krauss, here’s a half-hour video in which he’s interviewed by Steve Paikin of the Canadian channel TVO’s show The Agenda. (Paikin is 57: can you believe it?) I was once on his show, and was impressed by Paikin’s preparation and probing questions, as well as his ability to […]

Your host on NPR San Francisco tomorrow; topic is the Science March

Tomorrow I’ll be on KQED, San Francisco’s National Public Radio station, between 9 and 10 a.m. Pacific Time (inclusive, so I’m told), discussing the Science March on the “Forum” show. I’m told that for the first half hour I’ll be conversing with Ken Caldeira (an ecologist and environmental scientist at the Carnegie Institution), one of the organizers of the […]

My interview in Areo magazine

Malhar Mali of Areo Magazine interviewed me last weekend, and the transcript of the interview is now posted; you can find it here. Regulars won’t learn anything new, I think, but maybe newbies will. Thanks to Malhar for both interviewing me and transcribing our Skype talk.

Milo appears on Maher

Last night the controversial Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on Bill Maher’s show, which is like putting a match on gasoline (Maher would be the gasoline). I received that information from several readers, and here are some quotes from their emails (I’ll not give their names): Interesting Bill Maher show with Milo. Really reinforces the idea that […]

France 24 interviews Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie has a “new” book (see below), although it’s actually a year old. And review have been mixed (see this versus this, for example). I haven’t read it, so readers who have should weigh in below.  This interview with France 24’s Marc Perelman is nominally about the book, but really deals with a number […]