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My interview with John Larson

John Larson is a student at Portland State who’s just started a radio podcast called “Upstream.” The first guest was Asra Nomani (see below), and I was the second—interviewed just yesterday. You can hear the hour by clicking below. As always, I can’t bear to hear myself, but I know we discussed free will, the […]

Sam Harris drains the intellectual cesspool of Salon

Over the years, Salon has proven itself an organ of the Regressive Left, vilifying atheists at every turn, constantly flaunting the canard of Islamophobia, and coddling religion. With the exception of Jeff Tayler’s “strident” antitheistic Sunday Secular Sermons (see his most recent piece on the soppy, faith-osculating David Brooks), it’s a pretty vile place for those who adhere to Enlightenment […]

My interview on the Phil Ferguson show

This is an hourlong podcast interview with Phil Ferguson, which I did yesterday (on top of my two-hour yakfest on the Milt Rosenberg show). It deals with both WEIT and FvF, and matters evolutionary. As always, I can’t bear to listen to it, but you can–by clicking on the screenshot below. It starts at 18:40, and […]

This week’s book-related interviews

I’ll be doing three radio interviews this week (actually four, but one will be broadcast later), and I’ve put the information below if you’re interested in listening. All are streamed lived on the internet. Monday, August 10, 8-9 a.m. Central (Chicago) time: The Joy Cardin show on Wisconsin Public Radio (listen live at this site; programs archived here). Tuesday, August 11, […]

My interview with Matt Dillahunty in Austin

When I visited Matt Dillahunty in Austin, he suggested that we do a one-on-one interview not only about Faith versus Fact, but also about science in general and evolution in particular. This video was one of his productions for his Patreon contributors (you can find it here), but is also posted on YouTube, and I […]

Publicity: I espouse nonbelief in National Geographic, and a podcast with Godless Spellchecker

The round of books and articles connected with Faith versus Fact continues, and I’ll highlight some reviews later as they come in. I recognize that readers may not want to look at all this book-related stuff, as some of it is repetitive, but I’m putting the links here for those who wish to know what is […]

My podcast on Freethought Radio with Annie Laurie and Dan

It’s always a great pleasure to chat with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, co-Presidents of an organization I much admire: the Freedom From Religion Foundation. About ten days ago I did an interview with them on Freethought Radio about my new book, an interview described here: Faith vs. Fact Jerry Coyne On the first half of the […]

My Five Books interview: recommendations for books dealing with the incompatibility of science and religion

When WEIT came out, I was interviewed by Sophie Roell of the “Five Books” section of The Browser.  Then was asked to choose five “popular” books about evolution that people could read if they wanted to learn about my branch of science. That interview (a transcription of a phone conversation, so the language is informal) is […]

Oliver Sacks’s last interview

The latest RadioLab on National Public Radio features a taped interview with Oliver Sacks, “Dr. Sacks looks back,” which is probably the last time we’ll hear from him. As you probably know, Sacks has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer (see here and here), and decided not to give further interviews. But Robert Krulwich, armed with a tape […]

Jon Stewart interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali (obtusely); Hirsi Ali has a new book

Well, if there’s anything that this interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Monday’s Daily Show proves, it’s that Jon Stewart is no Bill Maher. As you’ll see from the 20-minute interview (click on the screenshot below to see the video), Stewart basically does everything he can to argue that Islam is no different in principle from any other […]


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