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More nuttery from Alabama: Governor signs “student religious liberties act”

Just four days ago I wrote about how a Republican state legislator in Alabama introduced a “critical thinking” bill designed to sneak creationism into the classroom. These bills, which I’ve heard come straight from the Discovery Institute, are the last-gasp effort of creationists to get their failed “science” taught in schools after it’s been repeatedly thrown out […]

More creationist legislation from Dixie

It’s in Alabama (of course), and in a bill introduced by a Republican (of course). To quote Pete Seeger, “When will they ever learn?” Well, the tactic of passing bills urging “critical examination of science”, a euphemism for “being able to give creationist alternatives to evolution,” has worked, at least in Louisiana and Tennessee, which […]

Lying and/or ignorant Republican candidates still refuse to accept evolution

Last February I tallied up every potential Republican candidate for President and showed that none of them fully accepted evolution and denied creationism.  The “wafflers” included those who wouldn’t take a stand, saying that creationism should be taught alongside evolution (Jeb Bush), as well as those who claimed they weren’t scientists and so lacked expertise […]

The Argument from Embryology: Discovery Institute flacks say that development proves God

Here’s Discovery Institute Fellow Paul Nelson—who lives in Chicago and sometimes creeps me out by depositing Intelligent Design propaganda in my departmental mailbox—using a novel (but stupid) argument for Intelligent Design, aka God’s Handiwork. It’s based on embryology and teleology. Have a look at this 9.5-minute video on nematode development, which distorts the cool developmental biology of […]

Teaching evolution in Kentucky—with accommodationism

When I first gave a talk at the University of Kentucky in 2010 (could it really have been five years ago?), I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Krupa, a biologist and natural historian with wide interests, and with a reputation as an excellent teacher (see here for my visit to his lab). Krupa has now written […]

Flood geology

This cartoon was contributed by reader Bruce, who found it on his Facebook page but can’t track down the artist.

Ken Ham vs. Dawkins: On the nature of science and physical law

Ken Ham, head of the evangelistic organization Answers in Genesis and the force behind the Creation Museum and the Ark Park, is a low-hanging fruit. Indeed, it might be said that he’s a strawberry, a fruit that hangs so low that it’s almost on the ground. I shan’t spend much time on him, but thought that, for the […]

Israeli politicians’ views on evolution: more waffling and denialism

Haaretz is the New York Times of Israel, a paper aimed at the intellectual elite on the left. Yesterday it reported the results of a questionnaire sent to all the heads of political parties that are likely to enter the Knesset (the Israeli legislature). There were four questions: 1. What is your position on teaching evolution in […]

Surprise! ISIS bans teaching evolution in schools

This post is like telling people that Christians now worship Jesus. But I put it down for the record, for, after all, many Muslims accept evolution. It’s taught, for example, in Iranian public schools. Nearly all devout Muslims, however, are human exceptionalists with respect to evolution: while they may accept other species of plants and […]

I didn’t make Censor of the Year :-(

I was so pleased last year to be named the Discovery Institute’s “Censor of the Year” for 2013, recognizing my activities in deep-sixing the teaching of intelligent design at Ball State University. And I hoped I could make it two in a row; after all, we did get the principal of Lebanon High School to stop […]


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