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Readers’ beefs

The creationists have been making their egress from the woodwork over the last few weeks. Here are four of their comments that didn’t make prime time. From reader William, commenting on my post BioLogos tells “The Big Story”, becomes less scientific and more evangelical“: God did not use evolution for exactly the reasons you have pointed out, Jerry […]

BioLogos tells “The Big Story”, becomes less scientific and more evangelical

I haven’t been to the BioLogos site in a while, but I hied myself over there yesterday, and was appalled—but not surprised—to see that the site has become yet more evangelical while moving even farther away from scientific evolution. (Remember that the organization was founded by Francis Collins and Karl Giberson, both of whom have left it, to try to […]

The New Adventures of Angry Cat Man

Learning that I had been called “Angry Cat Man” by faculty at the Lab School because of what I write on my website, reader Pliny the in Between produced an appropriate cartoon, whose title is given in the header. Recognize my Evil Minion? Did you notice that the CatSuit has the coloration of a feline familiar to […]

Damn—missed it again!

Sadly, I didn’t become the first two-time recipient of the Discovery Institute’s (DI’s) “Censor of the Year Award.” That’s the bad news. The good news is that the recipient was a religious organization: the United Methodist Church. Why on earth did a church get it. Well, as the DI announced a while back, the Methodists […]

Social media excoriates British teacher for claiming there’s more evidence for the truth of the Bible than of evolution

This incident was reported on January 26 by the Godless Spellchecker: the head teacher of a British faith school, one Christina Wilkinson of St. Andrews Church of England School in Lancashire, pushed back against another teacher (Tom Sherrington), who had earlier posted his support of evolution. Below is Wilkinson’s tw**t that caused all the trouble (note that her handle […]

Three cartoons

One on atheism, one on religion + authoritarianism, and one on evolution. I’d say that’s a good haul for today. Given the level of rancor on the Internet about such matters, I feel that I need to say something about the cartoon below, one that’s bound to anger some folks and provoke a chuckle in others. It seems […]

Is the Discovery Institute falling apart?

Since the DI reads this site, they’ll undoubtedly not only reassure us that they’re fine, but go after me in the process. Too bad: they’re a bunch of creationist mushbrains, and they know they’ve lost the war. What prompts me to ask the question above is their Big Announcement yesterday that Attack Gerbil Casey Luskin is […]

Kent Hovind and other theologians justify Biblical genocide

If you’ve read the Old Testament, a grueling task that I actually accomplished, you’ll know about the many genocides ordered by Yahweh. Many were the tribes slain by the Israelits on God’s command, including, besides the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites. Theologians have spent a lot of […]

Ben Carson’s shameful and willful scientific ignorance

Ben Carson, former neurosurgeon, Seventh-Day Adventist, and overall ignoramus about science, is now the front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. I’m hoping he wins that nomination because he’s a born loser, and Hillary (or whoever) would defeat him handily. But I doubt he’ll be the candidate, for although my opinion of Americans’ political acumen is pretty low, I […]

Is Ben Carson still a creationist?

Well, all the headlines from the past several days say “yes,” but every story online appears to be a reprint of a piece by Dave Boucher in The Tennessean, “Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech.” (Don’t papers do their own reporting any more?). At any rate, the Tennessean doesn’t really show that Carson is still a creationist—at least not […]


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