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Rabbi doubts evolution, “but not because of religion”

The title of the article at issue is a masterpiece of dissimulation, because if you read the piece you’ll find that its author, a rabbi, is skeptical completely because of religion. In fact, I’ve known of only one evolution-denier who didn’t form that opinion on religious grounds (it’s David Berlinski, and I suspect he’s a secret believer), although […]

A d*g denies evolution

This was sent by Dan Dennett, who said that although it’s not great, it has its moments. And it does.

Does Scalia really think that humanity is 5,000 years old?

Here’s a bit of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s commencement address at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic girls school teaching students from kindergarten through 12th grade (age 18). This was his granddaughter’s commencement, which accounts for why he spoke. Scalia is a devout Catholic. I start the video at 2:32, where Scalia remarks that […]

West Virginia lawsuit filed to ban teaching evolution since it’s a “faith”

To paraphrase Clarence Darrow, creationism is always busy and needs feeding, and their lawsuits and incursions into the schools won’t stop until religion is no longer with us. Fortunately, this latest lawsuit, reported by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), is a bull-goose loser. (The short 3-page complaint is here.) The state is West […]

The correlation between rejection of evolution and rejection of environmental regulation: what does it mean?

I was sent the following Washington Post tw**t, which refers to an article by Chris Mooney, an accommodationist who now works for that paper. Of course I was intrigued, so I went to both Mooney’s article and the source of that graph, an analysis of Pew-poll data and a post by Josh Rosenau, another accommodationist who works for […]

A new form of Intelligent Design: geological period-specific!

Well, this is from The Onion, and of course it’s a spoof (a great one, by the way), but it’s clearly written by someone familiar not only with evolution, but with the fatuous “non-continuity” arguments for intelligent design (ID). One of them, for instance, is Michael Behe’s self-contradictory claim that he has no problem with the common ancestry […]

More nuttery from Alabama: Governor signs “student religious liberties act”

Just four days ago I wrote about how a Republican state legislator in Alabama introduced a “critical thinking” bill designed to sneak creationism into the classroom. These bills, which I’ve heard come straight from the Discovery Institute, are the last-gasp effort of creationists to get their failed “science” taught in schools after it’s been repeatedly thrown out […]

More creationist legislation from Dixie

It’s in Alabama (of course), and in a bill introduced by a Republican (of course). To quote Pete Seeger, “When will they ever learn?” Well, the tactic of passing bills urging “critical examination of science”, a euphemism for “being able to give creationist alternatives to evolution,” has worked, at least in Louisiana and Tennessee, which […]

Lying and/or ignorant Republican candidates still refuse to accept evolution

Last February I tallied up every potential Republican candidate for President and showed that none of them fully accepted evolution and denied creationism.  The “wafflers” included those who wouldn’t take a stand, saying that creationism should be taught alongside evolution (Jeb Bush), as well as those who claimed they weren’t scientists and so lacked expertise […]

The Argument from Embryology: Discovery Institute flacks say that development proves God

Here’s Discovery Institute Fellow Paul Nelson—who lives in Chicago and sometimes creeps me out by depositing Intelligent Design propaganda in my departmental mailbox—using a novel (but stupid) argument for Intelligent Design, aka God’s Handiwork. It’s based on embryology and teleology. Have a look at this 9.5-minute video on nematode development, which distorts the cool developmental biology of […]


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