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Pence: evolution denialist

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re an American, hear the words of your new Vice President as he disses evolution. The first one is from 2002, with Pence emoting on the floor of the House of Representatives. Pence is making that old argument that evolution is “only a theory,” which is clear when he argues that […]

I get more creationist email

Since I posted a letter from a creationist student last week, as well as other commentary on the faithful, I’ve been inundated with comments telling me that Jesus loves me, and that if I only sought that love, I’d become a convinced Christian. Talk about confirmation bias! You’d think that if Jesus really loved you, he’s […]

I get emails hoping I’ll find Jesus

I got an email this morning from a male student (name omitted) from Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve verified the student’s identity. Hello Mr. Coyne. I am a student at the Academic Magnet High School. My biology teacher has a list of extra credit books to read and I chose yours […]

A new creationist movie

Imagine being an evolutionary biologist in a country where 73% of your fellow citizens are either outright young-Earth creationists (42%) or theistic evolutionist who believe God guided evolution (31%). Fewer than one person in five (19%) accepts evolution as the purely naturalistic process that I teach (and that is supported by evidence). And so the […]

Bad science reporting at WaPo: Reporter gets Ken Ham’s dino “theory” completely wrong

UPDATE:  Ken Ham is steamed that the Washington Post misrepresented the views of his organization, and has issued this tw**t: Hey @washingtonpost we at @ArkEncounter have NEVER said Dinosaurs were wiped out during Flood-get your facts right — Ken Ham (@aigkenham) January 1, 2017 HuffPo has a brief piece on the Twitter fight, which isn’t […]

Prager University: Four “new” arguments for the existence of God

Here we have Frank Pastore, former professional baseball player (and atheist) who, once becoming religious, jumped the rails when he went to the evangelical Biola University. This all explains his video (below) giving four “new” arguments for the existence of God. Pastore died in 2012, but these arguments weren’t new even then; all of them are long-familar […]

Petition to end teaching of evolution in public schools might have been real

A few days ago I called attention to a petition (apparently circulated by “Joe Hannon”) asking future Vice-President Mike Pence (ugh!) to ban the teaching of evolution in American public schools (you can see that petition here). It was pretty much over-the top-creationism, but that stuff is already so close to satire that many people thought the […]

And so it begins: a petition to Mike Pence to ban the teaching of evolution

I swear that the ignorance of Americans sometimes astounds me, not that I think we’re all ignorant. But I have to question the rationality of people who started the petition below (click on screenshot to go to petition, but for god’s sake don’t sign it!). Lots of biologists and scientists were sent this link by a creationist whom I’ll […]

A new criticism of evolution

Well here’s one I hadn’t heard before—if it’s not a joke. And believe me, the criticisms of evolution are often so ludicrous that they seem to be jokes (the classic is “if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?). And why are criticisms of evolution so frequently misspelled? h/t: Barry

Seth Andrews and his colleagues (and I) review “The Atheist Delusion”, Ray Comfort’s new anti-evolution and pro-God movie

I previewed creationist Ray Comfort’s new movie, “The Atheist Delusion“, in July, but didn’t know the contents. Now that it’s out, we see that, like his previous movie (“Evolution versus God“) this one again takes the form of an “atheist-stumper,” in which, like his previous movie, Comfort asks non-scientists scientific questions that they can’t answer, thereby […]