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Teaching evolution in Kentucky—with accommodationism

When I first gave a talk at the University of Kentucky in 2010 (could it really have been five years ago?), I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Krupa, a biologist and natural historian with wide interests, and with a reputation as an excellent teacher (see here for my visit to his lab). Krupa has now written […]

Flood geology

This cartoon was contributed by reader Bruce, who found it on his Facebook page but can’t track down the artist.

Ken Ham vs. Dawkins: On the nature of science and physical law

Ken Ham, head of the evangelistic organization Answers in Genesis and the force behind the Creation Museum and the Ark Park, is a low-hanging fruit. Indeed, it might be said that he’s a strawberry, a fruit that hangs so low that it’s almost on the ground. I shan’t spend much time on him, but thought that, for the […]

Israeli politicians’ views on evolution: more waffling and denialism

Haaretz is the New York Times of Israel, a paper aimed at the intellectual elite on the left. Yesterday it reported the results of a questionnaire sent to all the heads of political parties that are likely to enter the Knesset (the Israeli legislature). There were four questions: 1. What is your position on teaching evolution in […]

Surprise! ISIS bans teaching evolution in schools

This post is like telling people that Christians now worship Jesus. But I put it down for the record, for, after all, many Muslims accept evolution. It’s taught, for example, in Iranian public schools. Nearly all devout Muslims, however, are human exceptionalists with respect to evolution: while they may accept other species of plants and […]

I didn’t make Censor of the Year :-(

I was so pleased last year to be named the Discovery Institute’s “Censor of the Year” for 2013, recognizing my activities in deep-sixing the teaching of intelligent design at Ball State University. And I hoped I could make it two in a row; after all, we did get the principal of Lebanon High School to stop […]

Does creationism matter more because it’s connected with misogyny and homophobia?

It’s never a pleasure to criticize the views of someone I admire, especially if they’ve been active in the fight against creationism, like Jonny Scaramanga.  He started calling out creationism in the Guardian and Salon (and creationism’s vehicle, “Accelerated Christian Education”) when he was a student at London University; I’ve posted favorably about his activities several times before; and […]

PuffHo excoriates Scott Walker for ducking questions about evolution

. . .and with help from Professor Ceiling Cat! Yesterday I had a long chat (while sitting in the Atlanta airport) with Jonathan Cohn, formerly with The New Republic and now with PuffHo. He wanted to know, vis-à-vis Republican governor’s Scott Walker’s ducking of questions about evolution, about what the theory of evolution really said […]

Teacher recommends lying to to get Christians and Muslim students to accept evolution

Reader Diane G. called my attention to a new (and badly misguided) article in The Humanist, the publication of the American Humanist Society. Written by Susan Corbett, who has taught science all over the world, it’s called “How to teach evolution to Christians and Muslims.” Sadly, Corbett’s way of teaching evolution is not only an affront to real […]

Ben Carson for President??

Although I’ve posted several times about Ben Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, and a practicing Seventh-Day Adventist and looney creationist (see here, here, and here), I’ve tried not to write much about him over the last few years. That’s because he’s shown political aspirations (as a Republican, of course), but I always thought those were futile.  After all, he’s an extreme […]


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