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Creationism bill introduced in Arkansas—again!

You’d think the state of Arkansas would have learned its lesson in the case of McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education, a case decided in 1982 by the late U.S. District Court Judge William Overton. Ruling on Arkansas Act 590, the “Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act”, which actually required the teaching of so-called […]

Good news: South Dakota’s “teach the controversy” bill fails

On January 28 I reported that the South Dakota state Senate had approved one of those “teach all sides” bills used by creationists to sneak divinity into the science classroom, and to oppose evolution and global warming. The bill read like this: FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to protect the teaching of certain scientific information. BE […]

Discovery Institute: Materialist evolution = no love

If you can stomach the Discovery Institute’s “Evolution News and Views” site, you’ll see David Klinghoffer’s lastest post, “What Darwinists don’t tell you: Valentine’s Day edition,” making a religiously motivated and badly misguided criticism of evolution. First, though, if you’ve followed the Intelligent Design (ID) issue, you’ll know that the founding manifesto for ID, the infamous “Wedge Document,” had as […]

Damn! I didn’t win Censor of the Year again

Three years ago the “Center for Science and Culture”(CSC) of the creationist no-think tank Discovery Institute (DI) named me “Censor of the Year,” an award they now confer every Darwin Day, but which started with me. And I was so happy to get it! The reason for my award? I helped stop the teaching of Intelligent […]

The fox in the henhouse: Creationist leads Trump’s education task force

I’m a few days late with this news, and needn’t say much about how ridiculous this is, but last Thursday, Liberty University, a fundamentalist Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia, announced that its President, Jerry Falwell, Jr. would head up an “education task force” for President Tr*mp. (Fallwell, Jr. is the son of the notorious Jerry […]

Texas Board of Education decides to leave soft-on-creationism language in state standards

On January 31, I noted that the Texas Board of Education was considering changing the state standards for teaching science, in particular the “teach the controversy” language that would enable teachers to drag tired old creationist and intelligent-design (ID) arguments into the biology classroom. Those earlier standards also used ID language to ask students to […]

Texas: Creationist camels still trying to stick their noses into the school tent

The Texas Tribune, as well as my pro-evolution correspondents on the ground in Texas, report that the State Board of Education, which has historically tried to insert creationist language into Texas public-school biology standards, will have a public hearing today about the 2009 standards that are up for revision. Those standards were hard-fought by both […]

South Dakota Senate approves anti-evolution bill

Fighting creationism is a never-ending battle in the U.S., and it won’t be over until religion’s gone. Not that all believers reject evolution, of course, but I know of only one creationist (or IDer) who isn’t clearly motivated by religion: David Berlinski (and I have my doubts about him). Every attempt to have creationism legally […]

Pence: evolution denialist

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re an American, hear the words of your new Vice President as he disses evolution. The first one is from 2002, with Pence emoting on the floor of the House of Representatives. Pence is making that old argument that evolution is “only a theory,” which is clear when he argues that […]

I get more creationist email

Since I posted a letter from a creationist student last week, as well as other commentary on the faithful, I’ve been inundated with comments telling me that Jesus loves me, and that if I only sought that love, I’d become a convinced Christian. Talk about confirmation bias! You’d think that if Jesus really loved you, he’s […]