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Uncle Karl Giberson sinks Ken Ham’s Ark

Uncle Karl Giberson earned his avuncular title by being civil and reasonable, especially for an evangelical Christian. But then sometimes he turned mean and lost his “Uncle” monicker. I’m restoring it today, at least temporarily, on the basis of a nice piece he wrote for Beacon Broadside, a website run by Beacon Press. The title tells […]

Heather Hastie on the Ark Encounter Park

UPDATE: If you haven’t read this lovely, carefully researched, and funny piece on the logistical problems with Noah’s Ark, go read “The Impossible Voyage of Noah’s Ark” at the NCSE website. You won’t be sorry! _____________ There’s no need for me to write about Answers in Genesis‘s Ark Park, which, according to some accounts, is raking […]

The truth about creationism vs. evolution

This “meme” came from reader Barry, and I don’t know where he got it. I hadn’t seen it before, either, but it’s so true. Which gets me wondering: if Intelligent Design is agnostic about the nature of the Designer, why are they always defending traditional religion, and attacking people like me who criticize Christianity and Judaism?

Top 10 evolution books: three are about creationism

It must have been ten years or more since advocates of Intelligent Design promised us that peer-reviewed evidence for a “Designer” (aka the Christian God) was right around the corner, but they’ve come up with. . . .bupkes.  Because they have no evidence, the ID websites, like those of the Discovery Institute (DI)m involve sniping at […]

Big Fail: Ken Ham denigrates the Reason Rally

Oy did über-creationist Ken Ham show his hand this time! Here’s his tw**t about the upcoming Reason Rally (h/t John W.): I needn’t say anything, as the commenters tore him a new one. Here are just the latest comments.

Lewis Black on evolution, creationism, and the Bible

Lewis Black’s ranty comedic style isn’t always to my taste, but in these two clips about evolution, religion, and creationism, he’s funny and on the money. In the first clip, stay with it, for he returns to evolution at the end. Here he in on Jon Stewart’s show: h/t: Dr. Drift

ID advocate Eric Hedin gets tenure at Ball State

You may remember Eric Hedin, the Ball State University physics professor who, as I discovered in 2013, was teaching Intelligent Design (ID) in a student seminar. Since Ball State is a state university, that was a violation of the First Amendment, which, as the Supreme Court has ruled, prohibits teaching creationism in public (government) schools, […]

Don McLeroy responds to the evidence for whale evolution

The other day I put up a post showing a video by Jon Peters about the evidence for the evolution of whales. That’s one of the great stories of evolution, and is copiously documented with evidence from many areas: the fossil record, genetics, embryology, vestigial organs, and so on. (The reptile—>mammal transition is equally well […]

The ignoramus’s view of evolution

Reader Barry spotted this on Twi**er via reddit. This “Atheist Test” proves only how mushbrained the creator was: It always amazes me that some people answer “c”: scientists have an ulterior motivation for denying the obvious fact that life didn’t evolve, but was created by God. What ulterior motive could we have for that? The […]

God vs. physics: Krauss debates Meyer and Lamoureaux

I haven’t yet watched yesterday’s Religion and Society debate at Wycliffe College in Toronto: “What’s behind it all? God, science, and the universe,” whose description is this: Has a scientific explanation of the universe replaced the need for God as cause of its origins? Could life on our planet exist apart from divine intervention? Is […]


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